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Discussion in 'Ranger' started by ARCHIVED-Caltros, Oct 9, 2010.

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    Level 42 Ranger, is there a site/thread that shows every 10 levels or so what your rotations should be, I forgot everything and need to get some dpsing done.
    My server is dead (at leaset where I was runing around, was in Q) so is there anywhere I can solo at this level...Everfrost?
    Logged on last night and was a little overwhelmed .
    Can paying customers transfer to the EQIIX server for more activity?
    I did look for some of these answers and did not find a thread/site that answered me.
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    Caltros wrote:
    Hope this helps.
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    I would also recommend Everfrost. The level range is right and I like the quest progression better there than Steamfont.
    If you are soloing, I wouldn't focus on DPS as much as on survivability. Your goal being to have the mob dead before it reaches you or root/stun it when it does reach you and back off for more arrow goodness.
    At 44 you will get Snaring Shot which is great for this and at 52 you get thorny trap which is great for groups of mobs, but until then i would use something like this:
    1. Short Duration Buff First - Killing Instinct, Hone Reflexes or Focus Aim (pick one, not all generally)
    2. Hidden Shot/Rear Shot/Natural Selection (rear shot preferred if it's up and you can use it because it snares)
    3. Auto Attack
    4. Snaring Shot once you get it (unless you lead off with rear shot in which case you can put this in the rotation later)
    5. Triple Shot
    6. Searing Shot
    7. By this time the mob is probably close to you so either:Imobilizing Lunge, Ensnare, Cheap Shot or Hilt Attack
    8. Bloody Reminder
    9. Back Up - switch to Ranged Auto Attack manually
    10. whatever Ranged CA's are Up
    11. Repeat as Necessary from step 6 could have to switch to melee CAs if you can't stun, root or snare
    I would also highly recommend using the snaring poison (whatever it's called). You get a lot of the best Ranger Combat Arts in the 50's so you will need to adjust as you get them. You get two AOEs, sniper shot (great for named mobs) and thorny trap.
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    Thanks guys, will be 44 tonight so that snare will be nice!
  5. ARCHIVED-Caltros Guest

    That was me forgot to swap personas.

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