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  1. Satyr Well-Known Member

    Thread to compile all post-DoF issues.
  2. Redlight Well-Known Member

    Half of the DoF items "require KoS" expansion. Even items that are definitely DoF and not KoS (or higher).
    Heroic mobs have far too much HP without blue stats atm.
  3. Satyr Well-Known Member

    - Mystic and defiler wards have no PVP templates and do not scale
    - Guardian reinforcements doesn't work in PVP (should be force taunt)
    - Berserker insolence doesn't work in PVP (should be force taunt)
    - Assassin and Ranger CC (cheap shot, hilt strike) should be doubled in duration
    - Guardian hold the line doesn't work in PVP (please add passive taunt like on beta)
    - Warrior unyielding will doesn't see to be proccing in PVP
  4. Satyr Well-Known Member

    HP pools are a bit too deep but I don't think it's completely off to buff the given how fast contested would drop otherwise.
  5. Fanatical Member

    - Both Gibe and Reinforcements do nothing in PvP. On original Nagafen and on deathtoll both of those spells were integral to Berserker's and Guardian's kits.
    I have not confirmed it but some players have reported that Paladin's Sigil does work in pvp. The crusader meta is already stale, please allow warriors to bring their own flair to group pvp.
  6. J4TheLegend New Member

    -feel free to readd threat in the pvp template for Innoruuk's Caress as well.
    -PVP Mitigation is still too high
    -Look into to brawler damage values because they are basically useless
  7. ALiav New Member

    What's the ETA on these Kingdom of Sky tags getting removed from gear? This kind of stuff needs to be hot fixed. If we have to wait 1/4 the duration of the entire expansion to be able to equip some of this gear it would be really annoying.

    What is QC?
  8. Satyr Well-Known Member

    It's been mentioned before, but generally the classes who have been hit hardest by the global CC change are the weakest in PVP, so it's been a bit of a double hit. Not expecting adjustments at the micro level but if I had to put out a wish list it would look something like:

    Stunning Roar - Casting 2 to 0.5
    Demolish - Duration 2 to 6

    Silent Palm - Duration 2 to 6
    Instill Panic - Duration 2.5 to 4

    Instill Panic - Duration 2.5 to 4

    Winds of Velious - Duration 0.8 to 10 (0.8 second snare is a little silly)

    Velium Winds - Duration 3.3 to 10
    Spirits - Duration 1.7 to 4

    Bria's Entrancing Sonnet - Duration 9 to 4 cast time 2.25 to 4 (A 9 second charm with a 30 second recast is just obnoxious)

    Wasn't able to get direct feedback from a defiler, inquisitor or templar but I also know the durations and cast times for ancient terror and terror chant (defiler), awestruck and harmony (templar) and incarcerate, disorientation and tormenting conversion (inquisitor) are an issue.

    Ancient terror, tormenting conversion and terror chant would be fair at a duration of 4. Awestruck should be at PVE cast time and have a duration of about 4. Incarcerate should be at about 6. Harmony should be aligned to the other emergencies (4 seconds).

    As mentioned above, both hilt strike and cheap shot should be increased in PVP too to allow for classes like assassins to execute positionals properly.
  9. Jarvan New Member

    Also would consider buffing paladin damage please. You've put their heals in the dirt, and now its next to impossible to survive long enough to kill anyone.
  10. Satyr Well-Known Member

    Item balance way off. Lack of stats makes everything completely vanilla. Possible to add blue stats to fabled/legendary to differentiate from treasured? Healing is a bit overboard for summoners, dirges and druids - dirges and summoners heal like healers!.
  11. Dexina New Member

    Coercer mob pets are bugged they drop to 1 hp when charmed since the launch of DOF
  12. Adoninilol Well-Known Member

    Hmm where to start.

    The poster to get bounties that the NPC gives you, it would be great if it was just like the old system and allow you to pick up the daily without having to run back to the npc, so you can get it anywhere without having to go back to town. Also being able to trade the tokens and get a crossbow in one day is kinda silly. I just had like eight people kill a target, had them trade me the tokens and I had the crossbow without ever really having to try to get it. The reward is also pretty busted, 10% Reuse on a server with zero other bluestats is absolutely insane.

    Regarding pvp rewards in general, it would be nice if the tokens either got a new reward, or you allowed us to purchase masters or other rewards with the tokens. Right now once players have the crossbow, which most do given people are just making 10-12 accounts and killing their main toons after the disco xp cheese fiasco.

    Proc Gear:
    You guys nerfed player CC down to a point where it's almost useless, I find myself stunning someone for less than a random piece of proc gear which is extremely infuriating as I'm playing an illusionist. Don't get me wrong player CC is doing something, but when you can attack someone with every piece and then get feared for eight seconds, then stunned by another piece of gear right after; it's ruining the game. I already find proc gear to be silly as it doesn't create an even playing field in PVP combat. You will have a very hard time defeating a group with full proc gear versus a group without, when pvp should be enabling skill; not gear with insane procs. Example below.

    Basically impossible to pvp without one right now, the heal output they are doing isn't relative to how much damage we are doing. It's a serious hinder to really any group right now to bother bringing a cleric/shaman as a solo healer compared to a druid. I can spike down a cleric/shaman with ease compared to a druid. This argument is as old as pvp that druids are insane healers, but they are really insane right now. An entire group looking at ACT with one healer, and no tank was pushing 1200dps, and the druid was healing for 1k hps. If we had another healer and a tank it would be near impossible to burn a healer.

    Your bot put items at level 51/52 stronger than really anything else in tier, looking at raid helmets; a mob that I can solo in Living Tombs is dropping a better hat than raid hats. In general everything just feels boring, you offer nothing but spell skills when I'm not getting resisted at all, the only other part of that is a small bit to the low end of my spells, but it comes at such an insanely large curve that getting another 2-3 spell skills is something I genuinely don't care about. You also added a crossbow which uses offensive skills instead of focus, so I now have to decide between my auto hitting or getting a small increase to the low end of my spells. In general itemization also fails to really reward players in this tier, we killed barakah and the best item we got was a 32 stat charm item, no slayer gear, one master, and a few charms that were equivalent to Poets Palace gear, I don't know if you plan on people just not raiding, but it feels pointless past getting healer offhand, DMP loot, and peacock updates. The Int bonus is fairly negligible as i'm breaking 65% right now and have no chance of going over the soft cap to continue, maybe if I had ring/pris 2/flash/potm up, even then it's such a small increase it's not enticing. Here is an example:
    Mob Tuning:
    Seems fine in DoF, but when you guys launched this expansion it now takes longer to kill things in the T5 content than it does to clear content in DoF which is confusing. I'd take a look at what happened, and adjust accordingly. In general it seems like things have a bit of HP on this server, seeing as how it's a month long, i'd like for raids to be a good 3 hours to clear everything once, that way if someone wants to double clear and raid the extra day they can. With that I would consider adding double loot for raids given the timeframe.

    Mental Breach seems to be overtuned right now, a group with a few poison users can absolutely just demolish someones power right now, it makes fighting without a rogue/predator a serious handicap especially considering...

    Prismatic 2 Weapons:
    The tank weapon is overtuned right now, it can hit all six targets in a group and stack like curse of darkness, which means it's going to do around 7k damage to a group if it lands on one target, per user of the sword; if a swash was to aoe and land the proc on every member of the group it would just multiply like curse, menaing 7k is now 7k x6, I haven't gotten the sword to test if it was broken on this server, but it was working that way on Fallen Gate. This means if I was to just stack a tank, bard, rogue, druid, and have four sword I could easily burn an entire group and have 40-50% of our groupwide damage coming from the sword alone. The sword was pushing 2-3k dps on Fallen Gate on encounter fights, pushing troubs into the warlock tier of encounter damage. Just proccing it on one person it would do 6,840 damage before resists to the group cumulatively. If it's anything like prismatic shard was before it was balanced; it's gonna be a problem.

    It would be nice if the drop rate on these things could be increased given how players are only using the spells that they currently possess for a month or two given the spell tier. I think I should be able to master out a toon with relative ease because I only have a month before 20 of my spells become outdated.

    I'm sure I missed a few things but this is the things that I find of most importance on the server currently.
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  13. Gankednshanked Active Member

    When is Caith getting fired? That dude’s fingers must be bigger than King Kong’s.

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