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Discussion in 'Monk' started by ARCHIVED-Inuki1, Jun 11, 2010.

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    So I'm about to return to the game after a short break, and am wanting to start a new class that I haven't played much before, if at all. I was thinking Monk, but I've heard good things about the Inquisitor's solo ability.
    I wanted to experience New Halas, and obviously I can't if I make an Inquis, so that makes me lean to Monk...
    But I solo 99% of the time due to my schedule, and really like to solo heroics/dungeon crawling.
    Can Monks do this? How well do Inquis do it? I'm posing this question to both forums.
    Thoughts? Thanks
  2. ARCHIVED-Aull Guest

    I would say that monks at first will solo better than the inquiz just do to the fact that a monk's offense will be stronger and their avoidance for everyday norrath mobs will shine. Once you have enough aa's though an inquiz can have a great mixture of dps and great survival.
    In the beginning the inquiz will be very slow because they lack the offense needed to move through content quickly if you are solo.
    I have both and I enjoy them. I will say that inquizies are underrated to most players as being strong soloers, but with time and patience they are beasts for soloing.

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