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    I have recently returned to the game from a 5 year break to take advantage of the level 85 heroic and try my hand at playing an Illusionist. I have noticed many many changes since i last played and since this is a totally new class to what i used to play i am looking for any info on a casting order for solo to help level up. Missing all the lower levels is never helpful in learning a class i just couldn't pass up the free level 85 :) All i have found is old outdated casting orders pre-2011 and would love a good hotbar setup for a current level 85 illusionist.

    Thanks a bunch
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    Hallo, Illy main here. Now I have my own playstyle and this may not suit everyone but here goes.

    First off I am currently spec'd for ranged, so my order will be different than the link up there, no Counterblade though I could fit that in here very easily. You can take a peek at how I'm set up here:

    This is listed by efficiency, really (I used a mathematical equation for this but I can't find where I put it... gah). The Illy is kinda easy in that way. I'll indicate if the spells aren't 85.

    Chromatic Illusion (Prestige - not 85)
    Psychic Trauma (Heroic Tree - not 85)
    Arcane Bewilderment
    Prismatic Chaos (Targeted on myself)
    Chromatic Shower
    Master Strike
    Ultraviolet Beam

    Then for Time Warps it's this for now, I'm always messing with it. I've got Master Strike in there because I've got [Gangel's Toothy Necklace] so you can replace that with something else if you like. For Spellbind you can sub in something else that has about the same cast time, you just want Time Warp to hit towards the end of Chromatic Shower.

    Time Warp
    Piece of Mind
    Flash of Brilliance
    Spellbind (Dragon Tree - not 85)
    Chromatic Shower
    Chromatic Illusion (Prestige - not 85)
    Prismatic Chaos
    Master's Strike
    Arcane Bewilderment

    All that still needs work I feel, but that's should give you a start. Happy to try and answer questions.