Illusionist Casting Rotation

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  1. Mylakka New Member

    So I've gone through Wayback Machine EQ2 flames, looked at the discord and various videos and searches...

    And for the life of me I cannot find anything accurate and up to date in regards to the Illy rotation I should be using. I can likely cobble together, but I'm hoping there are people that have done the math--specifically in regards to Kaladim--that know what I should be doing for the most optimal DPS?

    Any useful advice welcome.
  2. Adoninilol Well-Known Member

    Precast prismatic chaos on two targets, gotta time it right so you can get those extra swings. Press it each time it's up. Duration/Recast are both 15 seconds, with how easy you can get casting speed with the agility line right now prioritize reuse in every situation. Once you reach like 40% reuse (not too hard) you can have a small 5 second window prefight to make sure both are up to get 6 swings at the start instead of 3.

    Then cast nightmares, theorems, chromatic shower, beam, the rest of the buttons just press based on damage divided by cast speed.

    In aoe assuming you have a warlock save shower/storm for curse of darkness (should be cast at the start of the fight in theory), bewilderment, barrier of intellect also proc ice lash/curse so you can cheese that damage really hard. Manatap also works for this but it's a long cast.

    Run signet of intellect and four synergisms. (The int doesn't stack with tyrant's pact, or teachings from necro, but it gives 5 fervor now so you have to run it, have the wizard not run Tyrant's)

    Precast Chaos x2
    Precast Flash of Brilliance
    Chronomancing AA
    Chromatic Shower
    Chromatic Storm
    Rinse repeat top to bottom.
    Let Brainburst tick out if you can.
    Cast Primsatic Chaos/Theorems/Shower every time they are up, this is pretty much top priority, only have nightmares at the very start so you can get the debuff/wait for others to slap on theirs so theorems hits a lot harder. Press beam every time it's up if Chaos/Theorems/Shower aren't up. Where I have Paranoia/Anuerysm/Speechless these buttons are pretty much filler junk, low damage, long recast, long cast time; just cast them when Chaos/Theorems/Shower/Beam/Nightmares (not ticking out)/Brainburst (not tickingout) aren't up.

    Dismay is a cool little debuff, doesn't stack between two illies so pick one to press the button, or if you have two mobs have each illy cast one on each mob.

    Precast Chaos x2
    Precast Flash of Brilliance
    Chromatic Shower
    Chromatic Storm
    (If Ice lash/Curse):
    Press Bewilderment
    Press Barrier of Intellect
    Then repeat single and prioritize shower/storm

    Precasting Manaflow is pretty cool also, at this point you can also just press Savante whenever you see people dip to around 80% power so it's up sooner the next time people dip on power.

    Warlock's Dark Siphon is one of the best power feeds in game atm, small range (7.5meters) make sure you stand by the warlock and have your group do the same so you all get the feed.

    I think that's about all there is to the class at the moment, remember you can cast mez on the run, and that your top priority should always be mana flowing every time it's up.

    Aspect of Genius's +power to the group doesn't stack with other mages. So if you have a necro just make the necro run it, the resists however stack; so if you're in a situation you need the arcane resists run it.
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  3. Kalika Well-Known Member

    Nice post, my illy was more or less doing that, but she omited nightmare which does not parse but apparently it is a mistake because it has a nice debuf.

    Who is getting credit for primatic chaos ? on ACT and agro wise.
  4. Mountbatten Well-Known Member

    The illusionist casting it gets credit. It comes up as something like Prismatic Shock on ACT.
  5. Somedude Active Member

    Great post, however the class changes that just happened require some adjustments to the above.
  6. Cataclysm Active Member

    Which are?
  7. Somedude Active Member

    Beam needs to go to the top of the list now that it hits twice.
  8. Adoninilol Well-Known Member

    I'd still cast theorems at the front of the fight over beam.
  9. Somedude Active Member

    Depending on the content, I would concur. As fast as chain pulling heroics go, I still go beam.

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