Ideas for new xpac tinkering gadgets

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    So everyone feel free to some nifty cool tinkerer gadgets you'd like to see get added to PoP

    • Auto Loot Bot/Monkey: runs around and loots chests and corpses of dead npcs in a aoe fashion would only roll group settings on chests and corpses if in group. Could maybe add as a new marketplace feature or as a merc thingy where you have to pay x coin or items to keep em going
    • Ascended Akhevan Harvester: A charm or gadget where you slot it into your cloak and it is a backpack of a metal glowy thingy that has spirit arms coming out of it which allows you to harvest several nodes one after another or all at once in a AOE fashion or could even make it where it boosts bountiful harvest and auto harvests a node for the full 3 times
    • Dimension Depot: A depot you could put in your broker bag slot or somewhere where any craft materials put into it could auto deposit it into a set harvest box or guild harvest depot
    • Illusion Depot: a depot for putting in all your nice illusion clickies into so you dont have to waste bag space on em
    • Donation Box: A box a player can put in their house so other players can put coin into could add membership perks for unlimited amount of coin or maybe make it have a cap of some kind. Just a nice way to have like a roleplay way of having a museum or library or something
    • Personal Banker Bot(P.B.B): A lil NPC you can set in your house so you can access your bank from your house/s instead of having to make multiple trips if you forgot something or ran out of bag space
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