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Discussion in 'Warlock' started by ARCHIVED-irk2000, Feb 3, 2010.

  1. ARCHIVED-irk2000 Guest

    I saw this level 10 Warlock running through The Caves aggroing like 6-8 mobs at the same time, (even did the lvl 12 heroic snake boss) and was plowing through them like they were butter.
    Only I cant figure out how he was doing that at level 10. Is there something I am missing cause I can barely take on 1 yellow mob at a time at level 10 let along 6-8..
  2. ARCHIVED-Ragnaphore Guest

    My guess is that he was a high level (auto)mentoring to lvl 10.
    Another - less likely - possibility is he's locked at lvl 10 and has a ton of AAs.
  3. ARCHIVED-treebouncer Guest

    Locked at level 10 with a bunch of AA's and mastered suffocating cloud or whatever there blue PBAE at that level is can level tons of mobs.

    I did it on my warlock.
  4. ARCHIVED-Captain Apple Darkberry Guest

    Must have been a Ratonga...I've heard they are overpowered.
    ...or, most likely, they have enough AA's to have 10 points in the Magi's Shielding ward...and upgraded spells...and good gear.
  5. ARCHIVED-Selpone Guest

    It wasn't me! I swear!
  6. ARCHIVED-thajoka Guest

    Mentored. If I mentor to 10 on my wizard I pretty much can 1 shot red mobs 15 level over me, granted I don't get a resist. Its pretty sick.
  7. ARCHIVED-hansomepete Guest

    Has to be mentored. Even with an alt all done up with mastercrafted gear and expert spells, I don't think you could do it. I did a two mob 82 ^ heroic at level 84 with mage shielding at 9. My mit is at 40.8 It was close but I did manage to get them. My crit chance still sucks at 48.8%

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