I don't know of a single happy player on Nagafen.

Discussion in 'PvP TLE Discussion' started by ALiav, Apr 23, 2019.

  1. ALiav New Member

    If there were a vocal minority of people complaining about some niche things, I wouldn't care. The reality is that just about everyone still logging onto this awful server is doing so because of how painful it is to be forced to let go of EQ2 PvP yet again (Nagafen, Deathtoll, and now) over issues that should be fairly simple to fix.

    I really don't understand why it is that EQ TLEs have a perfected formula that gets regurgitated annually and draws thousands, while EQ2 TLE (not just PvP, but PvE as well) is consistently flawed in extreme ways that make the entire experience terrible.

    This server didn't even succeed as a pure cash grab. There are vitality potions on the blood coin merchant that went unpurchased by literally everyone because of overpowered discovery/quest xp making them irrelevant. Numerous cosmetic sets that people would've gladly paid $10-20 for simply don't exist.

    It took an entire month to get race changes, a fundamental service offered on every other server with an even greater incentive to use on a PvP server with unbalanced racials. Not only that, but the extreme pre-launch arrogance that prevented players from rolling any class on any faction is a decision that was evidently reversed anyway.

    I have no idea what's happening at DBG, but it's clear that whoever is in charge of what happens with EQ2's TLE servers is clueless.

    This isn't beyond fixing. If you made the server legitimately playable by the time KoS rolls out, players will come back. If the current trend continues, this server will cease to exist before KoS.

    The choice is yours. The silence is inexcusable, however.
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  2. Avithax Well-Known Member

    The 20 dollar adventure pack made me happy, great sales crate and bag! EQ2 pvp is kind of like chewing on a hot pepper, it hurts and you have no clue why you're doing it but in the end there's a strange satisfaction to it all.
  3. Pantherist Member

    Yeah, but sooner or later you are sitting on the toilet wondering why you did it.
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  4. Prasecisqo New Member

    No one has idea why a dev cant sit for a few hours and tune up some balance between classes in pvp (and races too). Just modify some CC durations, casting durations, and spell damage to make some classes actually playable... Maybe make items worth again, coz having only 2 stat have any impact is lame...
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  5. Prasecisqo New Member

    also nerf evac and tracking and "bell hugging" HARD, and wonder or not THAT IT! All pvp issues /fixed
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