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    I am wondering how you make money in this game. I'm now lvl 42 with almost 160 quests under my belt. The only thing I spend money on are Handcrafted tier gear (can't afford Mastercrafted) and necessary provisions. That's it. Yet I still don't even have 1 P to show for it. At this rate, will hardly afford a mount at level 80. I sell some stuff to the broker as well, but that only goes so far. What am I doing wrong?
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    Well while I have high level tradeskilling characters I do not use them to make money, so I'll ignore that part of the game (if you know what you are doing you can make 1+ plat per a sale for high end items, although you are talking about costs of several plat for components).
    But like you I started the game a couple of years ago with no high level helpers, basically as you have seen the costs of buying mastercrafted gear are just not worth it, since you outlevel it very fast at level 10-20 ish, and in between you are looking at paying 2-3 platinum per an armour peice say for level 62 MC armour on my server. At level 72 though it is worth buying the armour (and you will get a lot of use out of it) as due to the quirk of the economics the supply of rare T8 components is quite cheap (my server had them as ~20g each, so a full armour set was 140g). Getting MC armour at lower levels is possible but you need to spend an age harvesting realistically, and only really worth it if you intend to keep it for appearance reasons in my opinion.
    When I hit level 60 or so I had about 6-7 plat on each character, after a couple of months the alts were upto 20-30 plat without much effort and the main character earns masses of money even just questing, the best places to make money I found without much effort were
    1) Shineys, if you find the rare shiney out of a collection its often worth a lot, even up to several platinum for level 30-40 collections, an awesome source of money.
    2) Rares, when harvesting rares especially the metal ores needed to create mastercrafted platemail armour, as mentioned above high level characters have the money to out spend new players for these. That's the downside when we want to buy MC quality armour, on the plus side cobalt ore sells for 1-2 platinum a peice, sometimes high level characters might even just want the armour for appearance purposes.
    3) Lore and Legends, if you find a L&L part you can start a quest to learn how to kill that sort of creature more effectively, once you are on the quest the drop rate is sort of finite in that the more of those creatures you kill the better the chance of a L&L item you need dropping. Sometimes you will find a duplicate part in which case if its a rare one its always good to sell, Skeletons, Gnolls, etc have a lot of worthless common parts that drop and only a few expensive ones, but other races have almost all L&L parts worth 1+ platinum on the broker, and rich players are happy to pay these prices to acquire what they need.
    4) Selling status items on the broker, the items that say "this item can be sold to a guild for status" or something along the lines sells for a few gold, since you find a few these can be sold for a tidy sum of gold.
    5) Just selling random items, a bit hit and miss myself, I now tend to sacrifice items to my diety for favour with him, but you can use the broker to see what something sells for and make a decision whether its worthwhile.
    6) Harvest materials, some like food never seem to be worth anything, but others like ores or roots can sell for 7-20s each, 200 of those makes for a nice sum of money.
    All the suggestions above involved the broker and its going to be key to any money making plans, make sure you have two large boxes (if you have a basic house you have only 2 slots on the broker you can put boxes in, a newbie mistake is to just put two items in there I did that for the first week ).
    Once you have two large boxes of items for sale, you can click on an item too and check out the price others are asking for it (for many items you will want to undercut others, for status items I find just selling at the average price others do is fine).
    One last thing, I'm guessing you want to buy a mount so you will want to earn status somewhere, doing the above and this is the main challenge, although if you tradeskill then running rush orders (and being part of a guild to use their supply bin for materials) will earn you a couple of million before you hit level 80 if you level solely with rush orders, these days I'd hit Mara though at level 50+ as its so nice there with the items you can get (the Unicorn really is a beautiful mount).

    Edit : I see you are from Norway, my experience is from playing on Runnyeye so should be quite accurate even if you are on a UK based server. I'm not sure how much different the economy is on a high population server like AB, my guess would be the items in demand are even more in demand but it really does depend on the balance of high level vs low level characters.
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    lol I thought I fell back in time a week when I saw this thread.... Please review what has been said here..
    making platinum
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    I'm sorry, I didn't see that thread. I've read through it and see there are loads of good advice - including the ones in this thread as well. Thanks, guys!
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    No one has mentioned the gigglegibber gamblin goblin?

    All it takes is 10s and you can be rich:)
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    Roboto@Antonia Bayle wrote:
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    that thing makes me want to cry irl....
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    There is a monetary gap between old expansions and newer ones ;)
    At 56ish you can start to do the Froglok food quests in TT. From there the gold is comming in more and more.
    Then, when ONLY doing RoK and Moors solo quest lines you will have like 60 platin. Just form the quests. This should be a good start to get a mount ;)

    Everything else just like it was said. Collect anything and sell it. At high tier like lvl 70+ do some harvesting to save plat on upgrades.
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    On one server I got 1p for help creating a guild. Was a bit surprised yea. The adept books used to sell fine and some treasured sells quick. I found harvesting rares a good way but time consuming.

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