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    These are layout editor video and picture tutorials, to help demystify the different features of the layout editor. I will add more as I find the time to write them. You can also find this page on my blog. The blog version will always be the most up-to-date version.

    I have listed the picture tutorials in the order I believe they should be read. Each builds on the next, so it's a good idea to read them as they're listed unless otherwise noted.

    Currently, the video tutorials are not listed in any particular order (although I highly suggest watching the Diff video or reading the Diff picture tutorial before you do anything else).

    You can download the latest version of the editor here (Thank you Jesdyr!)

    Picture Tutorials:

    How To: Use the Diff Button Updated June 7, 2012 for layout editor version
    If you've ever wanted to learn to use the Diff button to isolate items in your home, this is the tutorial for you. I highly advise reading this tutorial before reading any of my other tutorials. Most of them assume you've read this one, and work off that assumption. (Also includes a video tutorial.)
    How To: Use the Duplicate Feature Updated June 7, 2012 for layout editor version
    This tutorial will teach you how to duplicate item setups without fear that the layout editor will steal items from elsewhere in your home. This is a very useful, flexible feature, and I use it a lot! While relatively simple, it can be used to do a lot of very complex things. (Also includes a video tutorial.)
    How To: Rotate Items Around A Point Updated June 7, 2012 for layout editor version
    Built something on the wrong wall of a room, and need to move it? Want to create an awesomely complex dome, but don't want to mess with the circle tool? Do you have an item setup facing the wrong way? This feature can fix/do all of this and more! (Also includes a video tutorial.)
    How To: Create Spiral Staircases Written June 21, 2012 for layout editor version
    Ever needed to build a staircase to another floor, but weren't sure how to do it with the layout editor? Did you want to use the space saving spiral staircase, but just couldn't get the editor to cooperate? Now you'll know how! (Also includes a video tutorial.)

    Video Tutorials:

    How To: Use The Diff Button
    This is the tutorial I suggest everyone watch first, if you do not already know how to use the Layout Editor's Diff button. Either this video or the picture tutorial (or both!) will walk you through it.
    The Diff button allows you to isolate an item (or group of items) from all others in the layout, so that you can work with only the items you need. Almost all other tutorials use this feature, so learn it!
    How To: Use The Layout Editor to Pack Many Items Into the Moving Crate
    Your build is going great. You're on a roll. Suddenly, you realize you've used up all of your sumac tiles, and you need 200 more! The thought of trying to individually pack each tile into your moving crate is making you want to give up on decorating, because that's hundreds of mouse clicks. Never fear, the Layout Editor is here! You can easily pack as many items into the moving crate as you need, all at once with this tutorial.
    How To: Use The Replace Feature
    Sometimes you create a build, and then suddenly realize you used the wrong item. Or perhaps you found a better item. When "the wrong item" is a lot of your build, it's easier to use the Replace function to replace the existing items with the new items. This video teaches you how. (Really great for swapping out floors, ceilings, walls, any building block, or any other item you use a lot of in a build!) (Here's another video of the replace feature, if the first one wasn't enough.)
    How To: Duplicate Item Setups
    No, the editor won't allow you to magically make more items. However, it will allow you to duplicate the setup of items that already exist. If you ever wanted to duplicate a feature of your home, here's how!
    How To: Build Arches
    By request, this tutorial covers how to use the layout editor to create perfect arches (or arched openings--this tutorial does not actually show freestanding arches, but the same theory can be used to create them).
    How To: Create Spiral Staircases
    By popular demand, a video tutorial of how to create perfect spiral staircases, to compliment my picture tutorial on the same subject.
    How To: Build Straight Staircases
    By popular request, this video tutorial covers how to build a straight staircase using the Layout Editor. Surprise! It uses the circle tool to do it!
    How To: Use Tiles To Create Divider Trim
    Requested by Chrissdae of Crushbone, this tutorial covers one method of using tiles to create a narrow band of trim within a divider.
    How To: Use Tiles to Wallpaper Curved Walls
    Requested by Chrissdae of Crushbone, this tutorial explains how to wallpaper curved walls in Everquest II. Note that this tutorial is a mix of layout editor and hand placement, unlike most other tutorials on this list. The editor is used mostly to tweak the items once they've been placed (and to flip the tiles upright to act as wallpaper).
    How To: Rotate A Group Around A Point
    If you've ever built something facing one direction, then realized later that it should have been built facing a different direction, this is the tutorial that explains how to fix that problem.

    Upcoming Tutorials:
    Video: Point to Point Move
    Video: Tiling Tool
    Video: Creating Ceilings
    Video: Mirror Tool
    Video: Duplicating Layouts in Different House Zones

    Picture: Point to Point Move
    Picture: Duplicating Layouts in Different House Zones
    Picture: Tiling Tool
    Picture: Creating Ceilings
    Picture: Mirror Tool
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    Bump for the person who was looking for this.
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    Woot! Thanks for bringing these back, Jazabelle.
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  5. Kisy Active Member

    I've always use New from Diff, but not really done to much else other than that. So these are great!
  6. decator666 Member

    Hi there...I was trying to figure this editor out with my friend who wanted to achieve 45 degree angles and such on his house items...but after messing with this for a while it seems quite complex as all of the moving occurs outside of the game so you can't see what you are doing in game...Are we missing something here? We are not really into computer programming so we were just wondering if it adds something in game you can do rather than doing it all outside of the game...
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    Unfortunately, there isn't anything you can do in-game aside from loading the layout once you've changed the numbers. Doing something in-game would actually qualify as some sort of script, I believe, and would technically be against SoE's terms of service.

    I am not a computer programmer either. I admit the learning curve on the layout editor is pretty steep, but once you get the hang of it, it's actually quite simple. The easiest thing to do is to take just one item and place it in a house, and practice using the layout editor on it.

    The thing to keep in mind with tilting things at an angle is that you'll want to be looking at the "roll" or "pitch" columns. Try changing one of those columns to 45. Save the layout, then load the layout in-game and see what happens to your item. If it isn't what you want, change the column you had at 45 back to 0, and change the other column to 45. Repeat the save-and-load.

    Eventually I'll have a beginner's picture tutorial for the layout editor. I'll also offer layout editor lessons, but that's not set up yet.

    In the meantime, I hope this helps!
  8. decator666 Member

    Thanks so much for the info. Well honestly my friend is very very impatient to things that are not easy. I have had to fight tooth and nail just to get him to do some of his own crafting (because i have to make 500 items a night for him haha)...

    I wonder why they haven't made some changes in game so that you can move things around...we just keep thinking, You could do it in Ultima...Oh well.

    Thanks so much for your help on this. I will mess around with it a bit to see if I can learn enough to help him out.
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    Either Jaz or Jesdyr... Is it possible to get a "How To" for the Text editor? I looked at it.. and well I don't know if I was just too tired... or what... but I really messed something up in my house. :(

    /hangs her wings in shame.

    Also... is there a way to use something other than book spines? Say like scrolls?
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  10. Jazabelle Well-Known Member

    Apologies for the long silence. I've been battling a migraine.

    There isn't a "How To" for the text editor just yet because it's still an alpha tool. The text editor was included in its current slightly buggy form as a favor to a few of us who use books as signs often.

    The choice to use books as the text was because they are easy to obtain many copies of, and the books chosen to act as text don't count against the item count. If you catch me online, I'll walk you through the text editor.
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    Sorry for my long delay in answering.. Holidays, Frostfell, Double XP, working on lvling Kisy on AB, ya long list of excuses.... cuz there is also life.. but anways, I digress.

    I was actually able to figure it out ( with a bunch of mistakes, you know silly things like making sure you have right right wall direction for the text cuz you can't just rotate that stuff, but hey thats how you learn right? ), and now have WAY too much fun with it. :)
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  12. Jazabelle Well-Known Member

    Actually, you can rotate a group around a point to get the text onto the correct wall. :)

    Glad you figured out the text editor on your own!
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  13. seneth Active Member

    Ok, I am having a fit of a time getting my tiles to lay level with each other. How can I fix this?
    I have tried everything I can think of and yes I have the latest version of editor.
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  14. Jazabelle Well-Known Member

    To level tiles with each other, make sure their z(Up/Dn) coordinates are identical.
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  15. Darkzypher Well-Known Member

    This is just pure and utter gold Jaz. Thank you again for all the help you have given me over the years. Is there anyway to request a certain type of tutorial from you? like a requests box?
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  16. Jazabelle Well-Known Member

    Currently there isn't. The easiest thing to do would be to simply poke/mail me in-game, PM me on these forums, on Facebook, or via jazabelle dot wraeth at gmail dot com (my gaming email address). Facebook or my email are a better bet than in-game, since they go to my phone and tablet, which I carry with me everywhere. The game is a roll of the dice, depending on how I'm feeling (sick, migraine, etc), and whether my mailbox is full or not on a given day. I do try to keep it somewhat empty, but I also get a lot of mail. PMing me isn't bad, but currently the email address associated with my SoE account is drowned in spam every day, so I may miss it (working on changing that, but it's slow going).

    It may take me anywhere from weeks to months to get to any one tutorial. They're time intensive and I need to keep my stress levels down. Simpler tutorials can be done in a few hours, but the more complex the tool, the longer it takes to write the tutorial.

    Although honestly, the "simpler" steps of teaching the basics are the hardest tutorials I'm writing, since you have to cover every little thing (from the fact that the game world is a grid in three dimensions, to more positive numbers sending things west, south, and up respectively, and more negative numbers sending things east, north, and down, etc). There's just so much information you have to get out there, step by step!

    Anyway, I've drifted off topic. No, there's no button, but yes, you can reach me. Just message me on Facebook or by email.

    Oh yes, and a link to my facebook can be found in my signature.
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    I've been toiling away and getting frustrated and finally posted to the forums where Jesdyr and Gracey both helped me out.
    With googling for information I rediscovered this page and how I wish it were a stickied one!!
    Thank you Jazzabelle for posting this. With the number of places where people have gone to so much trouble explaining things - we really need a stickied and consolidated list. I now have a word document with links to every little morsel of information I can lay my hands on.
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  19. Bregdania Active Member

    Thanks Cheribomb. I had to go out shortly after finding this link and I guess if I'd had more time to follow up I may have eventually realised. /sigh

    Thanks for pointing me in the right direction again.
  20. Jazabelle Well-Known Member

    Updated this thread to include the video tutorials.
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