How to change servers?

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  1. YolindaSwagins New Member

    The title says it all! I'm completely new to EQ2, but have been playing various MMOs for an eternity, and so I was wondering if it is actually possible to change servers in this game? I have an F2P account and 2 level 11 characters, if that makes any difference? Currently on Spiltpaw, which has a "low" population that seems to be quite sparse, even at high levels. D:

    Thanks for any help!
  2. Dulcenia Well-Known Member

  3. YolindaSwagins New Member

    Is there any way of starting on a different server? On my character creation screen it only shows Spiltpaw, and I don't particularly like the sound of levelling to cap and having to pay to transfer to somewhere with a high population.
  4. Dinwiz Active Member

    in the launcher top left corner click on EU English then select US English and that will let you go on the us servers

    ps dont expect to find much more activity for lower lvls even at us servers .. if your'e planning on raiding and such id say stay in splitpaw
  5. YolindaSwagins New Member

    I'm just put off by the "low" server status. I don't mind not seeing a soul for hours, especially at lower levels, but I actually want to be able to group and experience content at higher levels. I'll stick to Splitpaw for now. :D

    Thanks for the help!
  6. flameweaver Well-Known Member

    Antonia Bayle and Freeport are the high pop servers for the US region, also don't forget if you based in the EU you are at least 5 hours ahead of US East Coast and 8 hours ahead of US West Coast, so those "LOW" settings will change as the day progresses. ;)

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