How do I load UI from another toon?

Discussion in 'Look and Feel' started by ARCHIVED-MrCanoehead, Feb 25, 2007.

  1. ARCHIVED-MrCanoehead Guest

    I left the game for a few months and the old command /loadui doesn't seem to give you the option anymore.
  2. ARCHIVED-HetheMan Guest

    IIRC it's /loadui_settings or /load_uisettings

    Actually, I believe it's /loadui. And this doesn't allow you to load ui settings from another toon, but just load any UI (i.e. Profit, Fetish, etc) that you have installed on your machine. What I usually do to load ui settings from another toon is to go into my EQ2 folder and find the ini file for that toons ui settings(servername_charactername_eq2_uisettings) and delete it. When you load up EQ2 you should get a window with all your other characters ui settings. Hope this helps:)
  4. ARCHIVED-Jalek Guest

    Its /load_uisettings as said above. then choose from a list which characters to load.
  5. ARCHIVED-MrCanoehead Guest

    [p]Thanks for the replies.[/p][p] /loadui (allows you to switch between UI's including the default)[/p][p]/load_uisettings (allows you to transfer Ui settings from another toon)[/p]

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