How do I backup UI settings, hotbar settings, etc?

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  1. ARCHIVED-Alax Guest

    Does anyone know the name of the file that EQ2 saves all this information in?

    So that if I were to do a fresh install of EQ2 I could use this file to have all my ui settings, hotbar/window settings, etc all saved?

    I would like to make a backup copy of this file but I am unsure what the file name is that contains all of this information.

    Any help is appreciated.

    Thank you
  2. ARCHIVED-Taubin2 Guest

    I believe it's an ini file in the following format: <server>_<character name>_eq2_uisettings.ini located in the EQ2 directory (c:\program files\sony\everquest II) by default
  3. ARCHIVED-Seagoat Guest

    Yep, that's the one. :)
  4. ARCHIVED-Skywarrior Guest

    I find that my windows get messed up sometimes after a raid when I've changed my graphics settings for better performance, especially the bank/bag windows. So what I do is make a copy of my settings file once it is exactly correct and rename the copy to something like standardsettings_EQ2_uisettings.ini (you don't need the server name for this to work). Then, if my windows get hosed for any reason, all I have to do is type /load_uisettings <enter>, and select my standard settings file from the list. I know that isn't what you meant by "backing up" but it sort of works like a backup for your live settings file during normal play.
  5. ARCHIVED-TniEradani Guest

    On a related note, if you have several different hotbar setups, like for adventuring and tradeskilling, and want to swap back and forth in-game:
    /savehotkeys <filename>
    /loadhotkeys <filename>

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