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  1. Shankette New Member

    How so i access anohter characters house if i'm a different alignment. I'm a trustee of the house and i don't (at the moment) have access to use the guild portal option.

    I could have sworn i should be able to get in directly from outside (4 Bayle court in Qeynos - so not a presteige home where i could have a portal set up).

    I've just got a total blank on this.
  2. Taled Well-Known Member

    If it isn't on TLE, ask for a guild you can use the portal from.

    Otherwise, yes - you just visit via the front door as if it was any other players home. The only difference is you have higher rights inside the home.
  3. Dude Well-Known Member

    If you're at the door, you should be able to enter with no problem.
  4. Chikkin Well-Known Member

    You come to the door, right click it, click Visit, enter owner's name if it does not magically appear or the list is long. you should see your access as Trustee, you then click enter.

    If you are asking how to get to 4 Bayle if you're evil or exiled - use sewers and then sneak around back alleys or however you need to to pass aggro guards if that's a problem.
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  5. Shankette New Member

    Thanks for responses.... this has to be a good / evil thing as it works for my good aligned characters; just not my assassin.
    Visiting on the assassin just brings me directly into an empty home the same way touring does. I'll work around it for now.

    Here's the thing through (and what made me think it SHOULD work). Access to prestige homes is that clicky right outside 4 Bayle Court (At least in Qeynos). I presume there's a similar clicky in Freeport somewhere. My assassin, when leaving his mistmore estate pops out by the clicky in QEYNOS.
  6. Dude Well-Known Member

    The portal in Freeport is at -110, -18, 267, according to wiki.
  7. Cusashorn Well-Known Member

    You exit out to the city where the house was first established. If you had bought the mistmoore estate in Freeport, it would take you outside to Freeport.
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