Here's why EQ2 is hemorrhaging players

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  1. Ketzerei84 New Member

    Call out the dev team for not enforcing their rules, get an immediate discord ban.
    Ask why botting is being ignored, get an immediate discord ban.
    Post video evidence of the botting which is being ignored, get an immediate account ban.

    Hold yourselves accountable instead of trying to silence the community that pays your salary.
  2. Bludd Well-Known Member

    not much of a tactician then
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  3. HoldYourselvesAccountable New Member

    Perhaps it's all been logged and it's all part of a plan to catch DPG in violation of their own rules, since EULA constitutes a contract between two parties, breaking it on their side constitutes breach of contract and allows for the chargeback of every cent ever paid to the company since the launch of the game.
  4. Bentenn Active Member

    lol.. this is not why EQ2 is hemorrhaging players.. its losing players because bugs, because incomplete raid mobs, because gear you get from PQ's (celestial stuff) is best in slot over the hardest content in the game.. if you're really worried about botting i would ask what they did to you lol.. steal a mob.. got something you didnt', etc...

    No the real reason people are leaving is not because of botting, probably that is actually keeping EQ2 afloat, because those people spend money for those accounts if u look at the gear they wear.. the real reason is because Caith has destroyed itemization throughout this expansion and even last. Things that make absolutely no sense are in places they shouldn't be. If we're going to give a great reason why EQ2 is failing.. its not because of botters lol.. its because the wrong stuff is in the wrong places...
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