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Discussion in 'Dirge' started by ARCHIVED-Surk, Nov 13, 2004.

  1. ARCHIVED-Surk Guest

    Where and who can I find the NPC to start the level 20 dirge quest?
  2. ARCHIVED-Surk Guest

    Hehe, nevermind, found it
  3. ARCHIVED-Tinkersparky Guest

  4. ARCHIVED-Griz Guest

    pages 81-82 in the manual, and it also gives you the name of the NPC in the hallmark quest entry at level 19.
  5. ARCHIVED-Chroniss83 Guest

    It also tells you when you level to 19, a quest info thing comes up in the top right that informs you who you must visit.
  6. ARCHIVED-Chroniss83 Guest

    I need some help with the evil sub-class quest... I talked to Dranok and entered the instanced camp, it tells me to sing the song to distract them, but I tried over and over getting closer and closer until the entire camp aggroed and almost killed me.

    They are all red and KOS, what am I doing wrong here?
  7. ARCHIVED-bcguitar33 Guest

    If you go through the houses, I believe you will find a group of 5 orcs who are red but not KOS. You must approach them and play them the song, and they'll very visibly mourn by pounding the ground and such.
  8. ARCHIVED-Avocet Guest

    Target the orcs around the camp. You're looking for a group with mourn in their name. They're the only ones that con indifferent to you. The first time I did this I didn't know that Dranok had handed me a song to play and I couldn't figure out what to play. I played Bria's for them, and they attacked and killed me. Once I figured out how to read and scribed the song he gave me, I stood in front of them and spammed the zek song, and they all cry and beat their fists on the ground. You have to keep them doing this while Dranok stalks the camp killing things. Once he's done you don't even have to bother finding him to take you back to Commonlands, you can just use Call of the Overlord to go back to Freeport and save yourself the walking.

    FYI. I had a hell of a time finding Dranok, dispite the pretty detailed instructions in the quest. I wandered up and down the south wall 3 times, tracking the entire length of it before I figured out you have to walk down the empty T shaped alcove (furthest west) and he'll spawn. No wonder I couldn't track him.
  9. ARCHIVED-Tinkersparky Guest

    Fantastic info...I'm still only at 15, but soon...sooooooooon...the world will hear my mournful wailing! Or something like that.
  10. ARCHIVED-Thelor Guest

    I loved that quest and took loads of screenshots.
    Looks absolutely amazing when me as a Troll Dirge stands singing infront of mourning orcs and the evil **ZOMG** orc walk by in the background to do his dirtywork!

    I really hope there are plenty of quests such as these in the game.
  11. ARCHIVED-Leuna Guest

    Thanks for the heads up guys. I'm going to come back to read all this stuff when I'm at the right level. (soon)

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