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  1. 00Dave New Member

    Hi all, old time player looking to return. Started around 2004(ish) and got a lvl 90 berserker and a handful of other toons.
    I’m from the U.K. and wondering what’s the best server to join these days. Not played since about 2010(ish).
    Should I start from scratch, or crack on with my zerk. I’ve missed out on so much content and dungeons so maybe looking to start again.
    Any help advice welcome.
    Also missed on so many nerds etc so what is a viable DPS class these days ?
  2. Balcerak Well-Known Member

    Hi 00Dave,
    I'm thinking Thurgadin is the European Server. Not that other servers would mind your presence :) It depends on the time you have to play. If it has been 10 years since you played you could certainly toy with trying a new class. The DPS classes tend to change from expansion to expansion so you might not want to just concentrate on a particular one. Some mages and some scouts tend to be highly rated. Zerkers are fine if you would like to continue on that character and hope to group at high levels, but the many additions to the game may be a bit overwhelming. I guess I'd start a new toon, raise it up at a pace you are comfortable with and during that time learn all about the AAs and Ascensions and infusing and mercenaries (for soloing) and who knows what all (it really can be confusing to just get dropped into the game at a high level). All of that knowledge could be applied to your Zerker in the end.
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  3. 00Dave New Member

    Hi Balcerak and thanks for the quick reply. Yes Thurgadin is where I’m at currently. With Covid and lockdown play times are pretty open but once back to work that’ll change to late evenings and weekends U.K. times.
    You’re right it will be a little overwhelming and I need to re learn the classes. My zerk has merc, flying mount and sorted AAs but I think il be useless ina group.
    I’ve made a monk to restart with to run up to lvl 20 and I will make a few more and do the same to see what feels right for me. I was actually surprised to see a couple of very low lvl characters running around the starting island.
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  4. Raff Well-Known Member

    Hi Dave. We are not on Thurgadin, but if you like playing EU daytime as opposed to'd be welcome to come play with us on AB. Lava Forged is quite active in EU afternoons. That said, we aren't really playing low levels. But you could get a lot of help in understanding the changes the game has taken since you last played.

    You can check us out here.
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  5. 00Dave New Member

    Hi staff thank you reply. It’s on daytimes while Covid has locked us down. I’m not 100% sure what hours il be doing once this has ended. I might check out server pops over the next 4 or 5 days and see what’s looking busy.
    I may well end up taking you up in that offer Raff
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