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  1. Everquest 2 New Member

    Hi all

    Im just starting out in Everquest 2 and I haven't really played the game much before. Last time was over 10 years ago and I didn't get very far.

    I am wondering with all these classes there, what will be a good choice ? I'm not much into playing a pure spellcaster or tank so I'm leaning towards scout classes or priest classes for certain. When I look at all these classes within those archetypes of which I prefer I really haven't got a clue which ones are good.

    I think I got to level 33 on a druid once back in the days when WoW was still a baby. So I thought alot of trying that class again but I am very interested in trying a class like the Ranger too. I just don't want to start all over when I get half way through. Druid or Ranger or some other Scout/Priest class and good enough for groups maybe a raid ?

    The last question is also what kind of server is good since I reside in the EU? Thurgadin would be a good choice, but I think I was seeing someone mentioning that it is very low populated at most times. How few players is that really ?
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  2. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    You can try Kaladim, its heavily populated with people at all level ranges and DoF which is the first expansion just unlocked on 09 July so the level cap is only at 60 right now.

    If you want a regular live server, Maj'Dul is your most heavily populated, if you are looking for RP its AB, but you will need to join RPLFG to find the RP as its all in private venues and homes now, but as you stated, Thurgadin is your EU server. It all depends on what you are looking for.

    I play a troubie on AB, that is my preference. On Kaladim, my main is a Ranger, I also have two alts one is a troubie and one is a brigand, I like both of those as well. My preferred class is always a scout and out of my 100+ characters on AB alone, I only have one baby necro, 5 channelers, 2 templars, 2 furies, 2 tanks, and the rest are scouts.

    If you decide to try Kaladim and want to try a guild that will help you out, look for members of Court of the Blood Rose, they have EU players in the membership as well.

    Good luck, enjoy your journey, and play a character you like and play it the way you like to play it.
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  3. Everquest 2 New Member

    Ok thanks.

    I think I'll be playing a ranger on Kaladim since the level cap is only 60 and DoF seems to be a good expansion to start with.
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  4. Dilon Member

    Hi, Thurgadin has a good population but like all live servers it is almost entirely at the level cap. You will find it a bit lonely while leveling up. Old content is soloable, especially so with a merc. If you decide to join Thurgadin I recommend joining a guild so you can have some interaction with others while you quest and level up.

    As far as class, I think ranger would be a good fit for you.

    As the other poster mentioned, you can also try Kaladim, where there will be a lot more action at lower levels. Ultimately it depends on what kind of flavor you're looking for - jump into level 110 and lots of mechanics or a more vanilla playstyle.
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  5. Seefar Well-Known Member

    Welcome back to Norrath!

    If you happen to find yourself on the Halls of Fate server, look me up -- especially if you're looking to join a casual, friendly guild.
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