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Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Loresinger, Apr 29, 2018.

  1. Loresinger Member

    Helix Redux is a guild with a focus on progression based raiding, looking to explore all the content the game has to offer from the very beginning! We are only a few weeks into raiding, plenty of time to join up and get your prismatic! ;)
    We are currently clearing lvl 50 raids.

    Although we focus on progression locked raiding, we do welcome characters of all levels, and do not require you to raid with us! You are welcome to join our higher level characters on group nights, or keep a level locked character who focus more on questing and group content. We have a nicely stocked guild hall for those who enjoy crafting. We’re happy to help players who are new to the game, and of course long-time players are also welcome!

    We currently raid every Thursday and Saturday, from 9-12pm EST. (We also raid Wednesday night, as needed.) Right now we could use a bit more DPS and a troub/coercer for raids, but we welcome any class you’d like to play.

    Raid Rules:
    -Must be able to listen to chat on Discord
    -During raids we use handcrafted gear, with the exception of rewards from heritage quests and signature raid lines. This keeps the raids challenging, while allowing folks to use some quest rewards that are often overlooked!
    -We unlock AA as progression allows. You may get and use AA outside of raids, just keep a special profile for raiding.
    -You must stick to our adventure level cap (currently 50) if you plan to raid. We do not allow higher level mentors on raids, as it trivializes the content. Likewise, there are no mercenaries allows on raids.

    I'm happy to answer any questions - or feel free to look up a recruiter in game!
  2. ConcealFate Active Member

    UPDATE : We are still recruiting and have made some changes......

    - Progression is now locked at level 60

    - Gear restrictions have been lifted and only agnostic CANNOT be used on raids

    - Raids are now Monday and Thursday nights

    We are still accepting all classes and levels. We also welcome you to roll an alt, get it to level 60 and join us on Monday and Thursday nights for some fun on raids! ;)
  3. ConcealFate Active Member

    moving up to 70 soon, roll an alt and join us! :)
  4. Warsteiner New Member

    Sounds like fun. Any classes in need?
  5. ConcealFate Active Member

    Could use DPS and another tank atm
  6. ConcealFate Active Member

  7. ConcealFate Active Member

    Bump for tank and general dps
  8. ConcealFate Active Member

    We have bumped up to level 70.

    This is a great time to roll an alt and join us! ;)

    - Coercer
    - Conjuror
    - Swashbuckler
    - Illusionist
  9. ConcealFate Active Member

    Updated class needs to round out our raid force.....

    - Dirge
    - Coercer
    - Channeler
    - Leather Heals
    - Plate Tank

    - Progression is now locked at level 70

    - Raids are Monday and Thursday nights starting at 9:00 EST

    - Very casual and only a few light rules.

    - Friendly people who enjoy grouping outside of raids.

    We are still accepting all classes and levels, but, your raid toon must be locked at 70. Come experience the old zones again with us. We will be moving up to level 80 before you know it, so now is a great time to join!
  10. ConcealFate Active Member

    bump for level 80....mythic time! ;)
  11. Ghostouls Member

  12. ConcealFate Active Member

    We have bumped up to level 80 and expect to be there for while. Now is a great time to join us!

    Current class needs are as follows...


  13. Ghostouls Member

  14. ConcealFate Active Member

    At level 80 and getting Myths :). We are recruiting new members and would love to have you. Priority list below, but still accepting all classes.

    Recruiting priority...

    Support Classes



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