heallppp? I truly don't get it with the disarm curses on the dozekar adds

Discussion in 'Zones and Population' started by ARCHIVED-bluedego, Jun 3, 2012.

  1. ARCHIVED-bluedego Guest

    I tanked the dozekar fight on my sk, which i normally tank flawlessly on my monk.
    But i noticed some things. By disarming you, you lose alot of your crit chance.. as crit chance resides on those pieces.
    Making it so you can't even crit a taunt.
    so, your supposed to get agro with a huge cast speed debuff, and with less stats as they took your weapon and shield off. making an ae and group taunt have to be timed and cast while adds are half way to you. And mind you they only do 1/4 of their norm. Sk - yes the cast speed hurts.
    And last thing i noticed was once the curse went away it wasn't putting my shield back on. Now if tanking skill somehow requires me to check to see if im still wearing my shield throughout the fight .. i think i'll pass and just play diablo.

    Are we just doing the fight wrong? IS the tank supposed to be the golem? LIke i said its cake on my monk and have 8 toons dozekar head geared. But on my sk, this fight truly is rough.

    My 2 cents. And are you guys seeing the same?
  2. ARCHIVED-Slowin Guest

    Ha.. I have just the opposite problem as you. I've tried tanking this fight on my monk before and he just splats.
    I'm definitely better and more comfortable playing my SK than my monk. Zealous Smite is awesome for this fight.. it has a long range and allows you to hit the adds on incoming before you get disarmed or cursed. Aggro will be established with that aoe + taunt.. then you can hit them with your plethora of other blue aoe's to keep em on you.
    As for the curse -- just make sure your healers are curing it off you as soon as they can.
    I've never noticed the disarm making anything more difficult on this fight nor that my shield was ever missing (longer than the disarm would last).
    I've never been the golem on this fight (as a tank).. so the only thing i can think that you're doing wrong is having worse gear than your monk or just not being as good at your SK as you are on your Monk (which is why i suspect i struggled when playing a monk for this fight)
  3. ARCHIVED-Luhai Guest

    I've been tanking the Dozekar adds with my SK at least 20 times now but I don't remember my shield staying disarmed after the curse has worn off (many healers don't seem to bother with curse cures since SOE started using them inflationary in GU63).
    I'm pretty sure I would have noticed if I had found my shield in my inventory after this fight.
  4. ARCHIVED-Gaarysal Guest

    The curse doesn't hit until a few sec after they are in melee range so I usually bow them (100% ae auto) then zealous and can usually get off chaos before disarm then just slow cast my other aes and aggro is fine. When chaos isn't up aggro might be a lil harder but just warn your group to go a lil easy when it is down. For reference my sk is in all heroic SS gear with 2% hategain and troub dehate for the group, we 1 pull it everytime flawlessly. Also never noticed the shield staying off bug.

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