harvesting tools and getting that kaborite cluster :) help needed!

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  1. ARCHIVED-JackBurtonBTLC Guest

    Is there anything I can do to "increase" my chance at getting a rare. Been harvesting for 3 days now trying to get kaborite clusters (they are expensive on the broker). and no luck....
    Whats the best pick one can use?
  2. ARCHIVED-Raenerys Guest

    There are a few things you can get to increase your harvesting, which in turn should increase your return with rares:
    Crafted stuff from ZAM
    • Woodworker made - Compact Sumac Harvesting Kit - require adventure or crafting level of 80 or higher
    • Woodworker made - Redwood tools - require adventure or crafting level of 70 or higher.
    • Tinkerer made - Overclocked tools - require crafting level of 66 or higher.
    Quested Stuff:
    Cloak of the Harvester
    Reinforced Dwarven Workboots (upgraded from Dwarven Work Boots)

    Faction Stuff:
    Far Seas Supply Faction Merchant items - Allows for purchase of +harvesting mount once 40k faction is attained.

    Addtnl Links found in previous posts:
    Does the gear really help discussion:
  3. ARCHIVED-JackBurtonBTLC Guest

    Excellent reply :)
    does the tinkered overclocked automated pickaxe stack with say the rosewood pickaxe, or compact sumac harvesting kit?
  4. ARCHIVED-Raenerys Guest

    From a previous post response from Kaisha:

    The Tinkered and the Woodworker Harvesting helpers do not stack.
    Nor do the lower level of [either] stack with each other.
    The Tinkered Crafting Helpers do stack with The Fallen Dynasty reward Helper.
    The Tinkered Crafting Helpers do not stack with each other.
  5. ARCHIVED-Valdaglerion Guest

    The reply tells you how to increase your harvesting abilities with +Ability tools HOWEVER, this does not translate to an increased chance at rares.
    There are 2 harvesting tables. The % of skill you have over the requirement increases your ability to harvest from the second table more often. This results in more multiple harvest, more 5-5-5 than 1-1-1 but the % increase in rares for current tier is about .05% with all modifiers available.
    You will notice an increase in rares at lower tiers because you severely trivialize them but Kaborites being in current tier will not be noticeable.
    There have been some good discussions and explanations of these mechanics previously. A search through the archives might net you some further detail if you are interested.
  6. ARCHIVED-Raenerys Guest

    /agree - the last link I provided has that discussion.
  7. ARCHIVED-kdmorse Guest

    As a side note, the absolute best thing you can do to increase your rare rate, is to increase your harvesting rate. At worst, a little harvesting gear gives you +0%. With lots of harvesting gear, someone else calculated the benefit as less than 1%. If you could max out the bonus table (which you can't with the gear available) - it might be as high as a "few percent".
    On the other hand, by finding better places to harvest, more nodes, hitting them faster, getting into a groove running in circles, you can easilly increase you node pulls per hour rate by 10%, 20%, maybe even much, much more. Adding to your chance per pull is good, but you can do much better by focusing on making more pulls.
    I throw that in there, largely because no rares in 3 days strongly implies that you've not hit that many nodes. Sure, the RNG may just be in a foul mood - but I suspect it's more a case of a low harvest rate.
  8. ARCHIVED-GussJr Guest

    if you have the time to devote to the quest, i would suggest a combination of the "Cloak of the Harvester" and maxing out the double harvest in your shadows tree. I have double harvested rares on several occasions. But, granted, I harvest for extended periods of time.
  9. ARCHIVED-Rijacki Guest

    One of the things I find that boosts my ability to get a particular rare is needing/wanting another rare far far more, such as wanting/needing Diamonds or Brellium in T9 and so I get more Karborites *rolls her eyes*
    (RNG sucks *laugh*)
  10. ARCHIVED-Tylia Guest

    Ynnek@Kithicor wrote:
    ^^^ This exactly. Get a "route" figured out that you can repeatedly run to harvest the nodes and get them to respawn as fast as you can. The more times you can harvest the nodes and respawn them, the more chance you will have of pulling a rare. Granted, some days the RNG is especially stingy, but when it's in a giving mood the rares appear quite often. Figure out a "route" that is big enough to allow the nodes at the start of your circle to respawn by the time you get back to them, but not so big that they are sitting there for an extended period. Remember, the faster you can pull them and get them to respawn, the better your chances. :)
  11. ARCHIVED-Dalannae Guest

    Tylia@Kithicor wrote:
    and try to figure out a time when there isnt' anyone esle harvesting in that area.
  12. ARCHIVED-Nink Guest

    One thing I would add to the excellent suggestions above is when you stop harvesting/tradeskilling remember to put your adventuring gear back on. My primary harvester (because he has the most luck with rares) is a tank and trying to kill a mob when you have a rolling pin and spoon equiped is rather hard.
    I have mainly casters and scouts so wanted a load of ulteran diamonds but got loads of karborite clusters. It is worth asking if someone else is harvesting if they are after something special as sometimes you can swap.
  13. ARCHIVED-Raenerys Guest

    I'm kind of a macro nut- I make a macro for the harving gear, and I've got a macro for my raid gear or pet gear or mana gear... see what I'm saying? :)
    I am quite the propenent of macro'ing your gear as well as wearing something of appearance that triggers within your mind that you are wearing your 'pretty pretty princess harving' gear versus your 'kill all mobs everywhere' gear
  14. ARCHIVED-celestina936 Guest

    There is also the Deckhand Labor Boots from the Moor's "Soko-What?" series starting with NPC Fip Marrsquire in Firmroot.
  15. ARCHIVED-Brook Guest

    Swordfish@Kithicor wrote:
    The other replies have given some good advice and speed of harvesting is probably the biggest factor.
    Here is something else to try.
    During daylight hours always stand where your shadow will cover the node and position yourself where the pick will hit as close to the center of the node as possible. If you are harvesting at night where you cant see your shadow always face the closest zoneline and make sure your pick is still hitting as close to the center of the node as possible (very important), it doesn't seem to make any difference I can tell if you are facing the zoneline during the day. There is a 50/50 chance this will help, if you havent noticed an improvement over the same 3 day period you have been using as a baseline you should file a petition and explain the problem you are having and let them know that you were standing in the correct position for harvesting kaborite. See if they can help you.
  16. ARCHIVED-Raenerys Guest

    Brook wrote:
    Do you have to stand on one leg or have the frost kitty pet positioned to the East?
  17. ARCHIVED-Brook Guest

    Never tried it with the frost kitty and doubt that it would make any difference, standing on one leg may improve the odds but I havent tried it.
  18. ARCHIVED-TaleraRis Guest

    Ah see, you guys are forgetting the "during an eclipse of the moon" requirement.
  19. ARCHIVED-Brook Guest

    Gwyneth@Najena wrote:
    Did not forget that, it was covered on the part about seeing your shadow," if you cant see your shadow then face the closest zone line".
  20. ARCHIVED-Valdaglerion Guest

    Ynnek@Kithicor wrote:
    Not what people want to hear but he absolute most correct solution I have seen posted.

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