<Harbingers of Thule> TLE raid guild LF members

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    TLE guild on Varsoon

    We are a guild forming for the new TLE server coming out with a group of people who have been discussing this for the past year. We are looking for members with exceptional ability to play and those who are willing to learn and coachable. We plan on raiding content with the highest of ability and progression and looking for slots of be filled.

    Our leadership comes from a past of 15+ years experience within eq2 alone and many more years leading and raiding in other MMORPGS.

    We are currently looking to build a solid core raiding community from the start, we are a helpful community and assist in quests that required a force. We also assist the community at times with completing of said quests. With this Free Loot server, we plan on creating a split system so we see a high likelihood of Kronos being within that split system for items sold.

    We are currently looking for :
    We will also consider other EXCEPTIONAL players within our ranks so not hesitate to apply.

    Contact: Discord Ubah/Seven#1865 or Seven on Varsoon for more info!

    Raid times are as follows:
    Tues/Wed (Optional Friday) 7:30-10pm EST