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  1. Dexella Content & Social Media Manager


    The Guild Hall depot system has been improved and expanded! In addition to the Guild Harvest Depot that was previously in game, there are now 7 additional new specialized depots!

    What are depots? Depots are storage containers that guilds can use to organize and store materials. Depots can be accessed through the Guild Hall’s “Amenities” tab.


    Here are the seven new depots:
    • Ammo Depot – holds all types of throwing ammunition and arrows (Capacity: 100 stacks; 99,999 items per stack)
    • Collectible Depot – holds all “shinies” (Capacity: 5,000 stacks; 99,999 items per stack)
    • Food & Drink Depot – holds crafted and store-bought food and drink (Capacity: 200 stacks; 99,999 items per stack)
    • Fuel Depot – holds fuel for crafting (Capacity: 100 stacks; 99,999 items per stack)
    • Lore & Legend Depot – holds creature mastery items(Capacity: 200 stacks; 99,999 items per stack)
    • Poison, Potion, & Totem Depot – holds crafted poisons, potions, and totems (Capacity: 200 stacks; 99,999 items per stack)
    • White Adornment Depot – holds white adornments (Capacity: 500 stacks; 99,999 items per stack)

    The Harvest Depot has also been improved. It will now hold up to 1,000 stacks with 99,999 items per stack. There are a few additional improvements made to the system as a whole:


    • Deposit All – This allows you to deposit all applicable items in your inventory into the depot! If you want to add only common harvests or superior adornments (as an example), you can make that adjustment via the rarity dropdown menu!
    • Search Feature Updates – There is now a search box and the ability to sort by quantity.
    • Improved Access Controls – You can restrict your depot access to visitor, friend, or trustee in the Guild Hall Amenities menu. Combined with guild rank permission settings, this provides guild leaders control over who can withdraw from each of the depots.

    Let us know what your guild thinks of the new depots!
  2. Absyntheea Well-Known Member

    LOVE IT! Now, to grind a few more levels to get some new depots!
  3. Raisie Member

    I love the depots but as a guild leader I have an issue with the harvesting depot. While we do only allow true members to craft, the access has been changed so that anyone allowed to craft can withdrawal every last mat out of there. The was no withdrawals allowed at all for the harvest depot so this is a huge unwelcome change. Not only that but I would have no record of who did it. While I trust our guildies, there maybe a time where we get someone that isn't as honest and takes it all for their own depot. I tried to put it as trustee but then the members couldn't craft using it. I really wish there was a way to prevent withdrawals of the harvest depot from anyone other then trustee while still allowing others to craft from it.
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  4. Azregoth New Member

    I think this is fantastic, just need to get to 50 (almost there - Night and Day guild) so we can pick up one or two of those. Actually Raisie, unless I misunderstand your statement, we've always been able to withdraw from the Harvest Depot. I do it all the time. So, actually, there's no change involved my friend. I hear what your saying about trusting your guildies. I've always wanted to be able to see who has used or withdrawn what mat...similar to the way we can view the bank log. That's the only improvement on the depot concept that I would like to see implemented. I like to be organized and keep accurate records about my guild.
    ***SOE, please add the ability for the guild leader and officers to view a log of what is used/taken from the various depots. I did note the ability for guild leaders to restrict access by rank. That's a help.
    VERY happy with these changes SOE, two thumbs up for u guys!!!!!! :D
  5. Pijotre Member

    Sorry Azregoth, but Raisie is absolutly correct there was indeed an aweful change. Before you could set the access on who can craft from the depot, but withdrawing was fixed to Trustee only. Now withdrawing and using for crafting use the same changable access level, thus allowing everyone you allow crafting to rob your depot empty. As always SOE has been warned not to push this live with these settings and to at least revert that back to the former access structure, if a more elaborate system is taking to much time and as always they ignored this.
  6. din ohtar Member

    I'll also agree that there should be a limit on who can take materials, and who can use materials.

    I also notice there is no mention about the home depot - thats the one that took 3 or 4 rares, is limited to 100 items, and is lore so you can only have one per house. How about showing more loving its way
  7. Shaynae New Member

    The guild depots are awesome and a very welcome change. Two questions. Are you changing the personal harvest depot to accommodate more items? And are we likely to see some personal depots? I have multiple accounts and it would be wonderful to be able to share things like food, lore & legends, etc. across the accounts. I know this would also be beneficial for families or even just groups of friends.
  8. Avianna Well-Known Member

    LOVE THEM! They are AWESOME! Our guild got the collections, ammo, totem, and L&L depots. We Love them! Thank you! We would get the fuel one too but that is more geared toward a home rather than a guild. Please make the fuel one work in a house or give us a version of it for our house please please please please please and thank you.
  9. Mermut Well-Known Member

    Before the change, only trustees could withdraw from the depot. The access level set on the guild door was for who was allowed to craft out of the depot.
  10. Pijotre Member

    This and most other questions have been answered here and I'd strongly recommend everyone in this thread to use the other thread as to not split the devs attention, something Dexella should have done straight away...
    New Guild Depots - Feedback
    The answer of Omougi was:
    A Personal variant of the fuel depot is something we considered, but we want to see the effects of this current batch of depots before we add any more, especially personal ones. :)
  11. Azregoth New Member

    I stand corrected gentlemen. All of my toons are ranked high so I've just never thought about those of lower rink. Or, if I did, my aging brain lost that neuron. Can't wait to get em!!!!
  12. Dexella Content & Social Media Manager

    Pijotre makes a good point. Since there already is an official feedback thread, please leave your comments there! Please make sure, though, that you're using the link below -- the other one is for "In Testing"; now that these are live, the discussion should be in the main forums. :) I'll go ahead and lock this thread down so we can keep the conversation in one place. Thanks! ~Dex

    The new Guild Depot boxes
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