Gnaked Gnomish Gnight! BB Server - All Welcome

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  1. Mayia Dirgylicious Member

    Grab your cogs! Bring your clockwerk! The

    Gnaked Gnomish Run

    is here!

    This Sunday (the last Sunday before the expansion!) Celestial Mischief on the Butcherblock Server will be hosting a Gnaked Gnomish Run!


    You must be 18 years of age or older and a resident of Norrath to view the picture ^^^

    What in Fitzpizzle's Name is this?

    It's a Gnaked Gnomish Race, silly. It is Amazing Race for Gnomes. Grab (or create) your level 1 Gnome to race like the Whipdickens through old world zones to find the hidden gnome. First person to hail the gnome - wins that leg.

    Cogzwhizzle's Caveats:

    You need a level 1 Gnome character.
    Leave the mount, speed buffs/potions/totems and gear with the dorf's. You are coming as fresh as a Tinkerbot’s Bottom in Brell's glorious creation.
    The fun is open to anygnome on any server.

    Where in Innovation do we meet and When?

    We will meet at the lighthouse by the Antonican docks on Sunday, November 9th at 8:00 pm est. Sign up at the CM forums or send Coffeegrinder/Tamith/Darknys; Xaiveir/Xanthes; Mayia a tell. We’ll get you set up.

    Popcockin’s Prizes:

    Pipstickin’ plat to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place gnaked gnomish racers! gnomish racers from other servers will still receive the platz

    Sign up below if you are interested! All are welcome.
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  2. Squeecha Senior Guide

    Oh noes.. not nekkid Gnomies!
  3. Mayia Dirgylicious Member

    Tonight's the night folks!

    Grab onto your tinkered bits as we race through the old world zones!

    Send a tell to Coffeegrinder / Tamith / Darknys

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