Give Time Warp back to Dance of Metal

Discussion in 'Swashbuckler' started by ARCHIVED-Klaymour, Jul 16, 2011.

  1. ARCHIVED-Klaymour Guest

    I mean really, why do we have to suffer from our AA ability not gaining the benefit of Time Warp!! If it would make us to OP, then take the effect away from ALL AA abilities, and have it ONLY affect class CAs and Spells. I know Conjies would hate it if their Elemental Blast would only hit normally and Wizards Manaburn not doing OMG destruction, and Rangers not quad hitting with Sniper Shot. But, lets have it be fair across the board shall we.

  2. ARCHIVED-tatercake Guest

    I second this, DoM should be able to do 800,000 damage every 70ish seconds. While at it, give us 100% AoE auto too so I can drop that annoying PQ rune for something else.
    But yea, I do agree it should at least not work on the final KoS endline AA Abilities, the issue with swash though was that it was effectively starting a new trigger line every hit, and 8 triggers quickly became 30. It was fun while it lasted.
  3. ARCHIVED-OutcastBlade Guest

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