Genesis is Recruiting.. (Crushbone)

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    Genesis is a level 90 guild on the Crushbone server.

    We raid Sun through Tues and Thurs, 6-9pm PST (9p-12a EST). Currently working HM Vallons/PoW progression. (Our progress is more accurate on
    Also, I can't believe I have to say this but, we are not a raiding alliance, so yes, you have to leave your guild to join ours. C'mon, really guys?

    We are looking for committed, solid players that WANT to raid. Please do not waste our time and yours.
    We like to have fun while killing things. That means NO drama.
    If you are a negative person and like to whine, do NOT app.

    We are currently recruiting the following class(es):
    This is negotiable as our members have alts. Contact us. We can talk k?

    Back-up/PT of any class welcome to app as well.
    Contact an officer or recruiter in game with any questions:
    • Kyndall/Blinki/Kendra<-- Your best bet. Everyone else will send you to her anyway.
    • Anask
    • Yekan/Xiudu
    • Gabrielle
    You must be level 92 with at least 320 AAs (this is negotiable, talk to an officer about why you are not maxed AA's), must have adorned gear, and be at least fully Adept III'd .(Although it takes nothing to be mastered at this point, don't be lazy and cheap.) Don't apply if you can't attend 100% of raids on time, and have a problem maintaining focus until raid is called. Ventrilo is a must, as well as a working mic. Loot is decided by leadership. If you lack a sense of humor, or are easily offended, we're not the guild for you.

    Register on our site, and drop an application. You may also just contact an officer in game, either way you have to app. You know how this works by now.

    Most boring website in the world goes to:
    Genesis Forums