Game down this late

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by pplnotsointelligent, Jun 17, 2021.

  1. pplnotsointelligent Active Member

    Can't log in hmm wish y'all would stop messing up the game
  2. Frenzywolf New Member

    Apparently an emergency maintenance. Wonder how long it will be down as this is my main playing time haha
  3. Rose Active Member

    Anyone know what the emergency maintenance is about or how long it will take? Just got booted from game with no warning, checked server status = locked. Forum notice at top of page =
    "Status: 6/17/2021 22:38 PDT - The game is currently down for emergency maintenance."
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  4. Frenzywolf New Member

    No idea and didn't see an announcement on it either.... boom booted!
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  5. pplnotsointelligent Active Member

    It's crazy how they don't even give us a warning before doing this crap, every maintenance it seems to bring and more lag afterwards
  6. Rose Active Member

    It would be nice to have a little more information, other than just Emergency Maintenance in red at the top of the Forum Page. Anyone know what's going on?
  7. Frenzywolf New Member

    Nope I wish I did! This is my main time to play!
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  8. Llieam Well-Known Member

    Emergency....pretty much means what it says. I think we would have more info, if it was a planned downtime. LOL.

    15 mins and the world is ending already. They responded pretty quick saying they will let us know when they have info.

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  9. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    A critical issue forced us to bring the game down. We will be back up as soon as possible, but we need to patch before we do that. This is likely not a short downtime.
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  10. Frenzywolf New Member

    Thank you Mepps. Would have been nice to have more notice but but hey it is what it is. I was in the middle of something and would not have started it had I known lol
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  11. Rose Active Member

    Thank you for the update Mepps. :)
  12. Kattt Active Member

    Things happen, and I don't mind so much. They can't control everything, and the world is full of uncertainties and craziness. What would be good, is if we could know if the event will be extended in proportion to the time down, so we all can finish up what we were doing when it was up. =) Then I can patiently go on my way doing other things until its back up.
    Please let us know guys. But otherwise, good luck! Hope it gets fixed without too much aggravation, and I know its late there. Wish I could bring you all coffee and sandwiches. :)
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  13. Baodam New Member

    Speaking from a software developer stand point, Emergency unplanned downtime does not have an ETA and it's very hard to give updates. I would expect them to at least change the server status page but I would not expect any updates until they have done triage on the issue.

    On a different note....It's be about 12 years since I've posted on the forums. But I'm marked as a new member? Really?
  14. The Martian Member

    Thanks Mepps I can hear the whips cracking from here..... (J/K)

    It is appreciated someone getting back to us. (Gotta feed us addicts)..

    Good Luck with what you guys needed to do... Unfortunate (1st time today I could really get going... Was on for just a few minutes before it went down)..

    But as said before It is what it is....

    At least they are working on it... instead of letting it be down until the morning crew gets there.

    The Martian
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  15. Kattt Active Member

    You guys should see what discord looks like. I feel bad for these guys. =( People are VERY bored, posting MANY gifs and images, and being so pestery. Man someone needs to send them huge bottle of Tums. Talk about working under pressure.
  16. Zyxia Active Member

    hope nobody was swimming :( or even worse, raiding :eek:
    Mepps, thanks for letting us know that it will take some time. I can get some chores down LOL.
    Hope you guys don't have to stay up too late fixing the problem :oops: .
  17. Ghostouls Active Member

    If you want to know why this happened, log into Discord and go down to the Tarinax Server, and scroll back up to about 8pm 9pm time slot and start reading. it will become quite apparent.
  18. Accendo Community Manager

    Latest update is work on a fix is still very much ongoing and progressing well, and the investigation into the cause is making some incredible headway even given the hour. Still no ETA at this point, but progress is absolutely being made. Again, thank you all for your patience!
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  19. Zyxia Active Member

    Thanky you so much for the update Accendo :)
    awwww you guys are working so late, I hope you get well rewarded for helping us like this.
  20. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    You too? :(

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