Frostfell 2012 - Feedback and bugs

Discussion in 'Test Server Forum' started by Kaitheel, Dec 6, 2012.

  1. Absyntheea Well-Known Member

    Yay! Thank you, Kaitheel, for cheaper mounts and earlier spawning candies!

    Now if the race could just have sound.. ;-) (not to be a pest.. but games are supposed to make noise.. otherwise, we'd all play cards or chess)
  2. Mophia Active Member

    Ok, just started testing Frostfell, I have a BL fae, it's her first Frostfell, so decided to start with her.

    Doing ok on the Qeynos side, except unable to collect the Qeynos item for the fanatic quest. The gathering bar comes up, but the actual update does not occur.

    Glad that I don't want the antlers, as 5 runs of gibblegibbers work is a few too many even without the antlers.

    Haven't seen the other new rewards as I haven't got the the village yet.

    And pls I'm a long standing tester, can I get updated back to tester flag again!!!!
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  3. Mophia Active Member

    Ok, Feelin' Gifty in Qeynos appears to be broken this year, I think it was Freeport broken last year.

    I gave all the gifts to the right people, even checked it on Zam, but got told I had given the wrong gifts to the npcs.

    Can you check it pls, Kaitheel. And check the other cities as well. It could just be due to the revamp.
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  4. Cuora Member

    Love the Merry Mischief quest! My 5 year old son loved Crumbles and was disappointed when he did not follow me out of the instance. I then had to use the activator to show him that Crumbles was still with me "in spirit". :). He was happy about the new Gingerbread man reward for Saving Frostfell quest. Now I have to do that to get a gngerbread man for all of my toons ;). The only issues I had as of last night were not being able to pick up items for the Frostfell Fanatic quest- figgy pudding in FF wonderland, snowglobe in Saving Frostfell. I was able to pick up the 3 tiered cake in Merry Mischief. I have not gotten any further and hope to do more today. I did the Merry Mischief quest with my 81 Fae Fury and she did fine, just was careful to try to only pull one group at a time. I actually did kill all of the gingerdread/gingerbread men and gumdrops and it was very doable for me. Crumbles was a good helper and stuck by my side the whole time. Maybe next year he can be a cosmetic pet. Kudos to whoever designed the gingerbread men, very nicely done. I hated attacking them.
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  5. Talladega Jones New Member

    Just checked with an alt and Feelin' Gifty in Qeynos worked fine for me.
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  6. Talladega Jones New Member

    In the Merry Mischief quest, mobs will completely ignore Crumbles even when Crumbles is whaling away at them. ;)
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  7. Mophia Active Member

    OK doing Frostfell Favour, and my badger warder and ghost are now in the room with the npcs, instead of being in corridor with the gigglegibber.

    In fact my badger is so big it is squashing the table, which will be difficult to do the quest.

    I assume this change is not intentional, so can it be looked at.
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  8. Mophia Active Member

    OK if the fanatic items are glowing blue, they can't be gathered, but the sack of coal in Frostfell Favour didn't have the glow, and could be gathered, so it looks like a glow problem.
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  9. Talladega Jones New Member

    NPC LuAnne Greyton from Windstalker Village in "The Giftgiver's Dilema" quest has become embedded in the floor. You can still hail her using the /target command.
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  10. Niami DenMother Well-Known Member

    I just had a level 90 icy cube in the Gifty Storehouse drop Advanced Adornments Volume 8 - if it has a chance to drop crafting books, it should be dropping tier-appropriate ones (Advanced Adornments Volume 10, for example). I suspect this is a larger loot table issue than just Frostfell, though. (I remember in this expansion's beta that this specific book was dropping in place of the T10 version as well, for quite a while, and it may have gotten forgotten as a placeholder)
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  11. Cloudrat Well-Known Member

    I am a bit surprised that " I don't have the time to do what you want is considered an appropriate answer."
    The game has changed and grown by leaps and bounds. While space management has been a psychologically pleasing time sink in the past it is becoming more frustrating than fun. I love spending a day just cleaning banks.
    I don't love looking at a bunch of empty spaces when I am trying to make hundreds of gingerbread pieces to build houses and get things done before the season ends and the machines go away. (another major soapbox issue)
    There is another challenge to this tradeskilling is short lived. Decorating houses is now a huge part of the game and anything that makes it more difficult to stock up items for year round decorating is an annoyance.
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  12. Kaitheel Developer

    Time is a completely relevant point (notice it was not my only point). When there are only a limited number hours in a day, and things have to go through approval processes, and testing (by other teams) time is most definitely a limiting factor. That's IF live events were my only responsibility - which they are not. There are priorities that have to be taken into account too, and not just my own, or this team's.

    I'm glad many people appreciated my answer.

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  13. Kaitheel Developer

    I've got a few more changes headed to the Test and Beta servers:
    • G'shugahplum Gigglegibber now offers "Feelin' Gifty in __!" to players that have completed any of the level 95 versions of "A Gigglegibber's work is never done".
    • Lost Frostfell Gifts - This guide quest is now listed under the Journal Category: World Event.
    • Frostfell Candy Grab - Gathering Frostfell candies now has a sound associated with it!
    They should be included in the update notes when they have made it to the servers. I am just not sure when that will be.

    Thank you again for all of the help! It's definitely making an improvement!

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  14. Dragan Active Member

    BTW I can confirm the issue on Live when I was in my Provie's Alt's House "Pride of Luclin Buffet" (Medium Homes-Oasis Server) I have heard but not confirmed that it was part of the recent fix on Test
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  15. Niami DenMother Well-Known Member

    I can now confirm that the Frostfell Fanatic! quest can now be completed since the first patch today! Thanks, sir! :D
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  16. Kattt Active Member

    I am not sure where else to ask this, so figured I would try here, since it has to do with frostfell.
    I think it might be a typo or mistake, but the in-game calendar indicates Frostfell starts at 12:01pm pst on the 13th.
    (Which would be noon.) And typically events start at 12:01AM pst on the date.
    I thought I would bring this to your attention just in case it IS a mistake and can be fixed. Is that time correct?
    Thank you =)
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  17. Niami DenMother Well-Known Member

    Unlike most world events, Frostfell needs a patch in order to be turned on, and another to be turned off. While it definitely won't be a midnight on/off because of that, I'm guessing the patch may be a bit earlier than noon, but Kaitheel can tell us more when he surfaces for air. :D
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  18. Calthine Well-Known Member

    I didn't think he was allowed to breathe before Frostfell :)
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  19. Kaitheel Developer

    It is indeed correct - noon on 12/13/12.

    As my original post stated, "This event content is currently set to run 12/13/12 at noon PAC time until 1/10/13 at 7AM PAC time on the live servers. (Unlike most other holiday events this one has to be coordinated with a server update, hence the odd times.)"

    I knew there would be confusion, but unfortunately it cannot be avoided with this event.

    **Be sure to read my update on this!!

  20. Kaitheel Developer

    Nope. There's no time for that!

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