Freeport...What have you done?!?!?!?

Discussion in 'Zones and Population' started by ARCHIVED-Chips, Jul 18, 2012.

  1. ARCHIVED-Chips Guest

    I have been out of the game since 09' and just got back into it a few weeks ago, and I am overwhelmed with the sheer tonage of changes, but what you all did to Freeport is horrid, making all one zone would be fine if it didn't cause a system crash every 20 min. This does not happen in Qeynos.
    The city has lost it's sense of desolation and grim oppression, it now looks like something you might see in WoW , or some comic book.
    I don't know?...I liked the old style FP with zones and brownish rust color.I hope Qeynos doesn't cause crashes once that is redone.
  2. ARCHIVED-General_Info Guest

    i'd suggest turning down your graphics settings even i have to turn mine down on occassion to prevent my graphics card from being overloaded (like solusek's eye)
  3. ARCHIVED-feldon30 Guest

    Apsu@Butcherblock wrote:
    Freeport used to look like a landfill. How long would you follow an evil leader that leaves the whole place looking broken down and looking like the town dump?
    I do think the choice of color scheme was too Gorowynish and cheerful. But the idea of being a totalitarian palace where perfection is expected and the populus is out there polishing the ground with toothbrushes is just as evil as having Freeport look like it hasn't been cleaned in 20 years.
    As for Freeport Qeynos, it's being done as two zones so hopefully less crashes.
  4. ARCHIVED-Trinral Guest

    feldon30 wrote:

    You mean, Qeynos is being done in 2 zones? Or did I miss SOE announcing plans to revamp the revamped Freeport?
  5. ARCHIVED-Mermut Guest

    The visual changes to qeynos can be summed up as
    1) removing all the burbs except for solo-only questlines
    2) pasting qeynos harbor and eldar grove into one zone
    3) pasting north and south qeynos into another zone
    4) making a new castle
    5) adding a little bit of decoration to the outer wall of the city.
    That's it.. they didn't update any of the textures anywhere else and where the newly textured exterior walls meet with the older textures, the difference in quality is a bit jarring. I find it a bit odd that they completely redid Freeport and for qeynos they didn't even throw up a new coat of paint on most of the city.
  6. ARCHIVED-Meta-Shadow Guest

    It's obvious why the Qeynos revamp isn't as significant as the Freeport one. Freeport had an actual reason to become entirely new. Qeynos really doesn't, in fact, I like that they aren't changing the entire city in the same way they did Freeport.
    I actually like the new Freeport, but I find it funny that many people express their dislike for the new freeport and it's entire change, and at the same time, express dismay that Qeynos isn't getting entirely changed... Sounds a bit off to me heh.
  7. ARCHIVED-Mermut Guest

    I'm not upset that they aren't completely changing Qeynos.. but I would have liked a new coat of paint on the whole city, not just the exterior walls and the castle. I -still- don't understand why they're taking out the burbs (qeynos or freeport) but I know it's been a done deal for over a year now, so *shrug*.
  8. ARCHIVED-Chips Guest

    I am crashing in Qeynos like I was in FP....pi$$ing me off.I will lower my graphics to mimic Pong. we will see if that helps.

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