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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Vulkus, Apr 5, 2013.

  1. Vulkus New Member

    Okay I recently bought the Freeblood race and rolled up a new toon. I get started playing my toon and notice that he attacks with his hands, not the equipped weapon he supposed to, and as matter of fact, the weapon doesn't even appear at all. When I use my bow to do a ranged attacks, I can see the bow just fine. I've searched around the web to see wtf the deal is and all I keep seeing is all this talk about new hand to hand animations. I didn't purchase the Freeblood extras so are the new H2H animations now included by default? Is there a way to disable this animation and allow my toon to show his properly wielded weapon? I have to say, if not, then this was a huge waste of money and items I've already invested into this toon. I sure as heck don't want to spend more money in the SC store (which I had planned to do) on appearance items that may not be usable due to this. So now I'm putting a hold on this toon until I can see whether or not I can enjoy him the way I want to because SOE shouldn't create things and make us have to pay for something extra if we want it for it to only work a certain way, that's just not right. Some people may not mind the way their Freeblood characters fight, but I do. I paid to unlock the race and it should function just like any other race does in this game. If that character has whatever weapon equipped on it, it should be visible and using the proper animations. I can see the new animations working well for Monks and Brusiers, but not anything else.
  2. redwoodtreesprite Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I can't stand the way it looks myself. Check on your character screen under Appearance, and remove that hand thing you see equipped. And you will be able to see your normal choice for what shows. BTW, that hand cosmetic thing? If you ever change race, and are a mage or priest type? It lets you do cast and attack animations without a visible weapon. Won't get the goofy slash stuff, just a neat casting-with-hands look. :)
  3. Dexella Content & Social Media Manager

    I just rolled a Freeblood myself, and I personally thought the hand movements-as-weapons were kind of cool. It also fit my style for that particular character, though, and I understand why you'd prefer other appearance options.

    As redwoodtreesprite has said, the hands are equipped in the appearance weapon slot(s). If you unequip them, you'll see your normal weapons again, and will be able to add on different appearance weapons should you so choose. :)
  4. Mystfit Well-Known Member

    That's kind of neat :)
    I am not actively playing a FB, but I enjoyed the handless aniamtion when I was. SInce it's not forced upon as as there is a work around, don't change a thing!
  5. Vulkus New Member

    Ok cool, I wasn't aware of that. Thank you all for the responses, you've certainly made my day. May all your mugs of alcohol be bountiful, if you drink that is. :)

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