Free Heroic Character on EQ1 until March 31.

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Benito, Mar 16, 2017.

  1. Benito Member

    EQ1 is offering 1 Free Heroic Character (instant level 85 + gear/spells) until March 31, 2017.

  2. Meneltel Well-Known Member

    woohoo, I can make another toon I don't play much or know how to play! *giggles* But still nice to have, though. Its the thought that counts. They didn't have to give that, after all.
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  3. Adrihaen Member

    And I complete my three boxing set of high elves!
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  4. Mermut Well-Known Member

    Never having played eq1, I just couldn't get into it when I tried it back when they changed subs to 'All Access'.
  5. Meneltel Well-Known Member

    As difficult as EQ1 is now (compared to EQ2) it was harder in its heyday, so I'm told. However, its more of a raiding game (was the intention I was told) and EQ2 would be more for grouping and casual. Times have changed.
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  6. Mermut Well-Known Member

    It wasn't a difficulty issue so much as a UI issue.
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  7. Meneltel Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I learned playing WoW back in Classic time that a downloaded UI was broken after any patch and would take a day or two for the creator to update their UI and until then either play with a semi-broken one or a broken one (which meant turning it off and using the game one) that I just got used to using the game one.

    But that is me. And others are different and not every game is for everyone. At least you are having fun in EQ2 and that is important.
  8. Adrihaen Member

    EQ1 was extremely unforgiving. My first character was a wood elf ranger who fell off Kelethin and was never seen again. You died, your items and some of your experience stayed with the corpse. You could get your items back but never all the lost experience. Grouping was very rigid (and still is mostly). The holy trinity was born there I think. Best experience you could get was camping since there really weren't that many quests.

    And with quests, I had to write down information for them, make my own maps (until I found EQMaps) and become a rival of Sherlock Holmes to figure out what the quest giver was talking about. I have no idea how people figured some of that stuff out. You got some dialog (from the folks you just talk too because anyone could have a quest for you or now one) that was pretty vague at times. A yellow creature was group required. A dark blue would probably kill you without really good gear. I was even killed by some greys once that swarmed me.

    But camping was the one thing I really got to enjoy. Its killing the same thing over and over for whatever reason (just experience or a specific drop). That where you got to know people. Your rep was huge. Get a bad rep and word could spread fast. That toon could be so blackballed that no one would group and in a game where grouping was mandatory, that was harsh. But deserved, I think. I had played for hours just chatting killing our mobs every two or three minutes.

    Of course, that wasn't for everyone and they did ease up on the death penalty. Back then there would be no way I'd go of exploring on my own if I wanted to keep that character since a death in a bad spot could mean a start over for gear where you camped for hours hoping for the drop and that you won the roll. We didn't even have a method for ensuring the winner got the pick since it was possible for one group member to snatch it. But I never saw that happen personally since almost all players you could trust. But I heard that wasn't the case for everyone. A friend list was highly prized.

    The game isn't that way any longer. I like some improvements and still find its play interesting. Though you really do the same thing at level 100 you do at level 1 and you are more guaranteed the gear you need. I always thought it the most social game I ever played since now we all just seem to be a role in a group. Entitlement didn't mean anything since that game made you work for everything. I hope that's how the progressive servers work since I want to try the new one this summer but I've a feeling its not going to.
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  9. Meneltel Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I had fun camping also and such. My first toon fell off of Kelethin and rotted before I could find my body... darn mobs! Second toon died while running and I had to get a gnome necromancer to find my body before it rotted. So yeah, EQ1 was hard. But I had fun. Still have that ranger though I don't play on that server... too many sad memories when my guild fell apart after the OOW/GoD disaster. (well, for us it was)
  10. Benito Member

    Bump. 18th Anniversary quest gives a Charm which converts to 6 different teleport effects!
  11. Castles Active Member

    a worthless gift for most on EQ1. such a great game and it's managed to survive 18+ years and they can't do anything but hand out a free toon that is 20 levels below cap. most people are in the "last hurrah" phase there, reliving the good times on the TLP server phinny....

    then they announce a new TLP coming this summer lol.
  12. Benito Member

    Worthless gift? Instant level 85 is a godsend anywhere.

    EQ1 has had only 1 merge in the time EQ2 has had 2-3 merges in past 8 years. EQ1 has had 4 TLP servers (Phinmy, Lockjaw, Ragefire, Quarm-turned-Brekt) these past few years when EQ2 has to shut down their only other TLP (PVP rule set). EQ1's EoK expac has had rave reviews (near full expansion size). We, on EQ1, are alive and well my friend.
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  13. Adrihaen Member

    Yeah, EQ1 looks much better than EQ2 population wise. That's not to say EQ2 isn't great. It just doesn't attract as many players.
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  14. Benito Member

    I don't mean to antagonize EQ2 players in my last comment (reacting to OP's " last hurrah" statement). I want both games to succeed. (I made Heroic Characters when they were offered for EQ2). I played EQ2 when it first came out and even posted the idea of "Kingdom of Sky" expansion in the old Lore section. Overall, EQ2 just never fit for me (xping was arduous in classic, came back to be overwhelmed by features). The same could be said of EQ1 for others.
  15. Khama New Member

    Is it almost two decades already? Once upon a time my one and only charactor, a highelf paladin farmed countless greens and blues at the basement of Highhold Keep just for leveling. Back then we need 10 bubs of exp. per level in EQ. I play 8+ hours a day after work, getting half a bub of exp. per week! EQ was the only MMO besides UO and UO doesn't have leveling at all. Without comparison people were more tolerate with horrible grinding.
  16. Benito Member


    Can confirm that this free Heroic Character acts as a paid character unlike previous promotions on EQ1 and EQ2. You can delete this Heroic Character and the Heroic Character count resets for (1) unredeemed. Previously, free Heroic Characters were one-time only creation.

    Tell your friends or dust off those old accounts!
  17. Ruckus Well-Known Member

    Get your EQ1 toon now and get lured back into it once EQ2 gets sunsetted in the near future. Gotta blow all your EQ2 plat to buy kronos to then play EQ1 instead.
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  18. ShaggyBodom Well-Known Member

    Made a free heroic on my account a while back, but I always preferred to 2 box on EQ1 so he was just left alone. This time, I made a free heroic on my other 2 accounts. Tried 3 boxing.... Mage, Druid, Monk. 2 paid accounts, 1 free. Highest level I ever been on EQ1 is around 63 (been playing for 18 years, I have never played the game to level, but to explore and take my sweet time, haven't put in a huge amount of time in the game since 2004 or so though).

    So these 85s were completely new areas to me. 3 boxing is hard when you have zero advice on how to properly do so, no clue on how to play the classes at that level.... Was doing ok first few quests.... took on an even con spider.... wasn't doing bad.... another came along and aggroed.... wiped. Loved it :p As long as the mob conned as "weak" it was smooth sailing. But anything else, I had a good chance of dying.

    No idea if it should be this difficult, but it was a relief over how easy EQ2 is these days. Might have to go back to previous expansion to level up some before I attempt the zone where you start as a heroic. Plus learn the classes more to, so many AA abilities and such to figure out :eek:

    EQ1 will always get a big thumbs up from me.
  19. Finora Well-Known Member

    I am pretty sure that's wrong since I know my characters in EQ1 have been involved in at least 2 merges in the past few years. I haven't played actively in years, but I have kept up with where my characters went hehe. Maybe one of the merges was more than 8 years ago.

    Aw, where was your sense of adventure? ;) I took my ranger all sorts of places! (Overland)
    Not say that I didn't get REALLY good at marking landmarks and figuring out where I died so I could get my stuff back, but I was never one to sit on the wall.
  20. Filnydar Member

    Or all access members can just create a level 1 toon on one of the time locked progression servers!

    The most popular one is Phinigel : true box server (to box 2 toons, 2 computers are required) and instanced raiding. The waiting time for a cleric to find a pick-up group in my European playtime is less than 10 minutes.

    For those who know EQ1, the next expansion to launch is LDoN, in a month or so.
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