Forever Quest - Open Recruiting (Antonia Bayle)

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    Are you an OCD questing completionist, twitchy shiny collector, or do you think of Achievements like Pokemon and "gotta get them all"? Are you a veteran player looking to return to the game and start anew, reliving the classic content and throwbacks to EQ1? New player looking for patient folks to help explain the game? We may be the guild for you!
    We are a max level (350) guild that has a T3 Guild Hall at the Antonica Docks with all essential amenities (including those for Free2Play folks). We are a family friendly guild, with a casual playing style and players from any timezone are welcome. We have over 75 members and 25+ accounts, including a playerbase from all over the world.. We also have a Discord channel where we can post quest information, and utilize voice chat for grouping (if desired).

    Weekly Events (all optional!):
    Sunday 7pm EST - Nostalgia Grouping.
    Join us in EQ1 on Bristlebane server as we fully embrace the nostalgia of where it all began! Most of us are currently in the 50s and levelling through LDON dungeons. We will be hitting Naggy/Vox and Epic targets soon!
    Monday 7pm EST - Heroics Grouping (in development)
    Currently working on helping folks get their VoV sigline completed and tag-teaming solo instances. We'll be hitting VoV and M&M Heroics as soon as we have enough power to do so.
    Tuesday/Thursday 7pm EST - Progression Raiding with Rewind.
    We play well with others! Come join us as we work with our allied guild (Rewind) to tackle Altar of Malice (lv100) content. This is a level-locked event that uses DKP and expac-specific gear to keep things challenging!
    Friday 7pm EST - Completionist Grouping.
    No longer level-locked due to limited numbers, we are working through older expacs for missing quests/achievements/collections while Chrono'ed to the appropriate levels. Trophy hunting is fun!

    We will always be open for recruitment as we can never turn away someone that loves to quest and is a nice person. Seriously, no other requirements! Any interested players can reach out to myself or any of our many recruiters to inquire.
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    Make Forever Quest your new home today! Join us and have someone to talk to and ask for help! Need information on a quest? We more than likely can help! Need something crafted? We can definitely help with that as well! Need help learning some of the game's systems? We can help for sure! Don't go it alone! Come home and hang with us! Hit me or Evangel up or any of the other guild folk that can get you in!
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    *bump for visibility*

    Fully stocked depots, lots of crafters to upgrade your Master spells/skills, an active but optional Discord, and most importantly a strong support group for overwhelmed completionists!
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    Hello are you still recruiting? I played EQII a little bit about 10 years ago and am considering coming back as F2P only got a lvl 30 char, looking for a nice social guild. Happen to be on Antonia Bayle server too.
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    Sent you a PM Grishen!