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Discussion in 'Berserker' started by ARCHIVED-Regolas, Jul 29, 2012.

  1. ARCHIVED-Regolas Guest

    I started a thread on the ranger forums for my main, but I need even more opinions and assistance for my zerker than I do for my ranger, as I'm still relatively new to the class.
    What focus effects should I be getting and which are the most important? Some are common sense but others are not, especially as prior to the change I had none because I am not at cap yet.
    Please post what focus effects you have chosen and any reasons for them. It is not obvious to me (except a couple) which ones to take.
  2. ARCHIVED-Tekadeo Guest

    Rampage is the only good one. Mutilation is okay, we should get the full bonus from this effect like SKs get for Devour Vitae though.
    The rest are pretty much a joke.
  3. ARCHIVED-HantaRadish Guest

    I agree with Takedeo that Mutilation and Rampage are good. Here is my list for zerkers, not in any real order:

    1. Rampage - More damage
    2. Mutilate - More damage
    3. Destructive rage - More damage, although less important at the high end of raiding as people hit MA cap
    4. Wall of Rage - More mitigation, for when you are tanking
    5. Controlled Rage - More blocking, for when you go sword and board. Again, less important at high end when you're capped on block.
    6. Jeering Assault - More Damage for AoE snap agro
    7. Wall of Force - Faster reuse. Not really useful unless you are tanking raids or challange mode group zones.
    8. Blood Rage - Useful for non raid content. Only slightly useful for raid content.
    9. Cry of the Warrior - Faster reuse and no power cost for snap agro
    10. ? - Here it depends. For zerkers with low melee skills, maybe Focus: Berserk. Focus: Speed could be mildly useful for off tanking. Focus: Unrestricted would be mildly useful for both tanks and offtanks. Focus: Critical Damage - More damage. Focus: Potency - More Taunt. Focus: Stalwart is not useful because you can't count on the stun resists.

    Hope that helps,
  4. ARCHIVED-Tekadeo Guest

    Eh I was going to critique your choices, but I guess making a list of my own is more helpful
    1. Rampage (5 stars) At ten triggers I think Rampage is your highest parsing skill; adding four more is icing Suggestion: None
    2. Mutilation (3 stars) I'd rather have the dot ticking on an encounter like it should be. Decent enough though. Make the original skill affect the encounter, including the DoT
    3. Focus:Speed (3 stars) 5% isn't going to make a massive difference, but it helps some while off tanking adds and also has value for grouping/solo 10% in-combat would be more noticeable without exactly breaking the game.
    4. Jeering Onslaught (2 stars) Unless you are using Reckless Stance, you aren't casting this as a damage tool usually. You keep this for the snap aggro, thus adding 20% damage to it is a little unnecessary. Take away the target requirement (or triple the range) and make it cast instantly
    5. Controlled Rage (2 stars) This spell doesn't cost anything to use, so 5% more block on it is okay. However, I rarely use a shield this expansion, which makes the added block chance superfluous. Add 1% base avoid
    6. Destructive Rage (2 stars) Was much, much better before everyone in legendary gear could easily hit the soft cap on MA. Now it is just barely better than nothing. Add 2% Flurry
    7. Critical Damage (2 stars) 2% crit bonus is a drop in the hat when you are well over 200. But it helps some. Generic but fine
    8. Cry of the Warrior (2 stars) This skill is not very good, but the focus isn't bad. A full minute off the recast is nice, and now as an added bonus you can cast it even if you are out of power. Make AE? Too much probably. Maybe add a temp avoidance buff for 10 seconds
    9. Potency (2 stars) It's more damage, and I guess in Reckless it's equal to 4 potency. But our CA's hit for such low damage it doesn't add that much. Could double these generic values and still not make much difference
    10. Blood Rage (1 star) This skill is pretty much only good for solo play, and some heroic work. Focus makes it trigger at 43% on incoming physical attacks instead of 33%, so that's okay. Make proc off all damage
    11. Wall of Force (1 star) 20 seconds off the recast of this skill would be great, if only the skill were 100% better Add 10 seconds to the duration of the skill, or make it trigger stoneskins off ANY incoming damage >30% max HP.
    12. Wall of Rage (1 star) Only adds 15% more to the 1559 mit the temp buff adds. That's a grand total of 234 mit. Big whoop... Make instant cast would be nice.
    13. Berserk (0 stars) Adds 10 to skills, down from the 17 it gave before the change. Couldn't be more useless. Needs to make all forms of Berserk add 5-10% flurry so it's worth something. This skill should be gamebreaking for a Berserker
  5. ARCHIVED-Tekadeo Guest

    Other suggestions, no particular order
    Stunning Roar: Halves cast time and triples the Range to make it a 1 second cast time base, 15m range.
    Open Wounds: Affects groupmembers in range
    Intercept: On successful intercept, target loses 2 threat priority
    Dragoon's Reflexes: Will no longer dispel when target casts a combat art
    Rescue: Doubles range to 20m
    Maul: Debuffs target's strikethrough chance by 50%
    Mutilate: Debuffs targets' Multi-Attack and Flurry chance by 5%
    Executioner's Wrath: Adds 1% crit bonus to per rank to affect the next combat art used.
    Berserker Onslaught: affects all nearby enemies in 10m radius (no longer just a frontal)
    Abandoned Fury: Adds 5 crit bonus
    Recklessness: Adds 12 crit bonus
  6. ARCHIVED-HantaRadish Guest


    I call thread hijack on you.

    You have valid points, but please create another thread for discussing them. This thread is to make suggestions to help Regolas choose from the Berserker Class Focus options as they are now.
  7. ARCHIVED-Tekadeo Guest

    HantaRadish wrote:
    Didn't know eight messages made you a Mod. My apologies for even posting, didn't mean to insult you....
  8. ARCHIVED-HantaRadish Guest

    Like I said earlier Regolas, ignore the haters.
  9. ARCHIVED-Tekadeo Guest

    Who's the hater? A guy who posts ideas and tries to help the find solutions to in-game problems like the horrible focus effects, or the guy who thinks he's a mod and needlessly comments on a harmless "idea" post.
    I guess I can go make another post that about five people will read just for you big guy...
  10. ARCHIVED-HantaRadish Guest

    Tekadeo wrote:
    No worries, Tekadeo. For raiders such as yourself, I understand it can be frustrating playing a class when you don't get to raid on that toon.
    In any case, I think you'll get a more positive attention posting your suggestions to its own thread instead of hijackiing someone else's.
  11. ARCHIVED-Regolas Guest

    Thanks guys, some good info.

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