Familiars Wild Issue Since This Week's Patch

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Orionza, Aug 3, 2018.

  1. Orionza Member

    We are experiencing an issue with the Familiars Wild quest since this Tuesday's patch.

    It used to work perfectly like clockwork every 24 hours you could go back to the quest giver and the feather would be up.

    Now, I could complete the quest, be gone two or three days, then when I loginand go to the quest giver, they say "Back already?" I have to go up to the quest giver on EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER, then talk to them to get them to say this. Then go away, then come back some time later and the quest feather is finally up.

    Can we please fix it so it's a real daily again? Not a "talk to them first, then wait around 15 mins, then come back and get your daily".
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  2. Zendi New Member

    Check your quest journal mission timers tab. It is on there. It is an 18 hour cycle.
  3. Cheallaigh Well-Known Member

    the timer is moot, it's been doing the come back in 10 mins for months on FG, even if you haven't done it in days.
  4. Orionza Member

    ~~Zendi thank you because I didn't know this was on the tab and I'll look at that!

    Well then. 18 hours is less than 24. I used to come back every single morning before the patch this week and have the feather ready and waiting. Every day without fail. My sister too confirmed this for her.

    After the patch we now always have to do the wait 10 minutes thing after talking. Why do we have to talk, wait, then logoff or change characters and then come later to do this quest? It doesn't make sense. It definitely worked nicely without me having to talk then wait, until this past Tuesday patch. The only time I had to wait 10 mins if I had to drop the boar quest (takes forever to find enough!)
  5. Orionza Member

    OK I went back today to check on this quest against my Mission Log as suggested.

    I was in front of the quest giver. The feather should have been up. The Reset Time said I had 15+ hours, and Completed was No.

    So I talked to the quest giver. Waited 10 mins. Went and did my quest. The Reset Time now says 14+ hours (good) and Completed Yes (good).

    The problem I see is that the Reset Time is incorrect at the first stage, when you go to talk with the giver.
  6. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    I kill the sick animals in Somborn Village, the cows and sheep count as bovid and the pigs count as boars, usually takes no more than 10 minutes to complete it.

    As to the issue, I only had to wait the 10 minutes the day of the patch, after that it seemed to be fine.
  7. Khieran Active Member

    I play on FG and I'm not seeing the feather either, but I can get the quest from him
  8. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    It's a low-level quest. Do you have the option checked that says not to display outleveled quest feathers?
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  9. Finora Well-Known Member

    This has happened to many of my characters since shortly after it was put into game. On my main account when I feel like doing familiars I start logging them all on one by one, hailing the quest giver, then cycling through. By the time I've gotten done the first one is ready to actually give the quest.

    It's mighty annoying, but it's been reported, and it doesn't seem to be a very high priority problem.
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  10. Khieran Active Member

    That's entirely possible, thanks :)
  11. Orionza Member

    Just FYI this quest seems to be working properly again. The timer is better. When I go in the morning I don't need to talk to the quest giver again then wait to get the quest. I did the quest late yesterday afternoon. When I came on this morning it was ready for me.

    Thank you to whomever fixed this!
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  12. elflover Well-Known Member

    Its not working properly again. I still get the wait ten min talk from the quest giver. Used to happen to only one character now its 5 of 8 do it's really a time sink when its been over 18 hrs since I've last ran the quest.
  13. AOE1 Member

    I found after this last big update, many settings were changed and not by me. So no telling where or why a feather isn't up. I checked my toons and it should be showing but since this last updater there is no feather but I still get the quest.

    Quit changing our game settings when you update. That is the simple solution to many problems.
  14. Orionza Member

    OK wow this is weird. After today's patch. I had no quest feather (even though I should have). I had to talk to the quest giver. Grr. I came here to say mine is broken again too. Then I turned back to the screen and the quest feather was up very very quickly after she said "Back already?"

    That was strange. At least the wait is like, 30 seconds instead of ten minutes. Aelin has learned to rifle through her papers faster so as to dig something up for us quickly.
  15. AOE1 Member

    Since that last patch several things have been messed up. Not just this quest and it is happening to pretty much everyone. If you are all of a sudden not getting xp, check your slider, mine and several others reset to apply it all to AA. Many of my settings had to be redone from the background to game windows to feathers.
  16. Rhodris Well-Known Member

    I've never had quest feathers for these NPCs, ever.
  17. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    Familiars Wild is a level 5 quest. If you are much higher level, and your options are set to hide feathers for outlevelled quests, you won't see a feather.
  18. AOE1 Member

    The point, imo, is that somehow during the patch it messed with our settings. My settings have always been to see all available quest, regardless of their level. AFTER the patch that setting had been changed, and not by me, on all my toons on my account. Also my AA to XP bar had been moved to put all xp into AA and I didn't do that either. I have been a paid member for over 14 years so that wasn't the problem.

    Something messed up in that patch that was NOT a player created problem.
  19. Fellon63 New Member

    I have ten characters, 3 almost always have the feather up daily. 4 never seem to have it. other 3 vary.

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