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  1. Raid New Member

    We are currently Recruiting Returning Players & New Players for heroic & Raid content!

    We Have a great community in our guild over on the TLE server Fallen Gate
    We currently need players to fill our raid positions!
    Whether you are a returning player or veteran I believe fallen gate is a nice server!!
    I started Rift a few weeks back, I made it due to the thought of lack of english players or EU players
    I was soon shocked when i realised there was alot of EU members joining my guild!
    So after just a few weeks my guild is nearly raid ready to even just go off and adventure which is great, However we still lack the tweeking and the remaining spots to make the x4 raid!
    We have a very strong player base and I can definetly say we are one of the most active Guilds on the server & We are a really close guild we try to have fun and enjoy the game!
    I hope to hear from some of you!

    We have a Discord

    We have a Website
    We use DKP System for X4 Raids
    Minimum AA Req for Raids :: 200
    Miniumum Level for SF Raid :: 90
    Minimum Level for WoE Raid :: 80
    Pre Req :: ER
    Fallen Gate Level Cap:: 90

    Fallen Gate AA Cap :: 250
    My name in Game is Raid just incase you want to send me a mail, However there is always a Recruiter online normally, so just have a look in your Guild tab by pressing "U" and searching for Rift!

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