Fabulous Frostfell Forum Challenge Winners!

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  1. Dexella Associate Producer

    Frostfell has ended, but there are a number of fabulous Frostfell-themed homes still present throughout Norrath! From December 21 – January 7, players submitted their homes to be judged by a panel of SOE employees. The top six entrants have been chosen! Here are the winners of the Fabulous Frostfell Decorating Forum Challenge:
    “Hoppie’s Winter Carnival” by Hoppie on Permafrost
    “Gingerbread Wonderland Village” by Kurisutaru on Butcherblock
    “Amesite’s Cozy Frostfell Home” by Amesite on Crushbone
    “Santa Glug’s Candy Castle by Kat” by Lunshea/Katttara on Freeport
    “Frostfell Masquerade” by Flameshadow on Oasis
    “Frostfell on the Frigid Seas” by Tinkerbele on Crushbone
    Winners were awarded two (2) Mugs of Spiced Winter Lager, a Red Community Present, and their choice of a Robe of Glad Tidings or a Robe of Festive Tidings. All participants in the Fabulous Frostfell Decorating Forum Challenge were given a Blue Community Present. After all, it is Frostfell!

    To see many of the submissions or to find the housing addresses so you can visit them in person, visit this forum post. Stay tuned for additional holiday home decorating challenges!
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  2. Mystfit Well-Known Member

    Yay!!!! Grats to all the winners. I was so excited to see my server-buddy, Katt, won. Hers was fantastic!!!
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  3. ShyMidnight Active Member

    Very happy for the winners! I specially loved the pictures of the gingerbread constructions - amazed that they could do that. <3

  4. Mystfit Well-Known Member

    Will the winners go into dev picks? They aren't cross servers of course, but at least for their servers they would get a bit of *oomph*?
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  5. Cyliena Well-Known Member

    Congrats to the winners... great work!
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  6. Afista Well-Known Member

    Thank you for hosting forum challenges like this that get members involved with housing or dungeon making! It's a lot of fun to see everyone's creations :D
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