EverQuest II is Getting New Forums!

Discussion in 'Community News' started by ARCHIVED-Dexella, Nov 2, 2012.

  1. ARCHIVED-Dexella Guest

    Hi everyone,
    As you may have heard through the grapevine, EverQuest II is getting new forums. We are excited to announce that we have an official date for our transition to this awesome new forum system that will run smoother, faster, and have great new features included.
    Our forum transition date is Friday, November 9th, 2012!
    As a result of this transition, users of our current forums will need to create a new account once the new forums go live.
    To help you understand this transition, here are answers to a few commonly asked questions (shamelessly stolen from Piestro who stole them from Brasse...):
    1. We will be archiving the old forums as read-only for a period of at least several months (several being more than two). This should allow everyone plenty of time to retreive what they want and need from the old forums. We are NOT going to keep them forever, but we'll provide 30 days notice before we do take them offline. For EverQuest II, the only part of the old forums that will remain open will be the Chains of Eternity Beta forums. You will be able to continue to post your feedback in the Beta forums through expansion launch. At that time, they will transition to read-only like the rest of the old forums.
    2. For those of you who want to copy the ENTIRE old forums content for perpetuity, feel free to do so. (Some of you have started doing this already!) While we technically "own" the content, it is already publicly available and contains no private information.
    3. Forumites will need to register for the new forums. Sorry guys, there is no way around this as we cannot manually transfer your data. Yes, this means you will have to request your "handle" again; these forum names will necessarily be issued on a first-come, first-served basis, as we have no way for folks to reserve names in advance.
    4. For the first two weeks, if someone "steals" your handle, and especially if this is done with the intent to impersonate you, contact forum-admin@soe.sony.com. Our Forum Admin will be able to look up old forum data and make a call on an individual basis on the request. There is only one Forum Admin, so please be patient with your request if an issue does arise.
    We look forward to seeing you on the new forums!
  2. ARCHIVED-Calthine Guest

  3. ARCHIVED-Finora Guest

    I must say, despite losing posts I am very much looking forward to new forums. These have become a bit decrepit.
  4. ARCHIVED-Xianthia Guest

    Finora@Everfrost wrote:
    I couldn't agree more. They go from being "ok" for a couple of days to weeks where I just don't even bother trying to get on.
  5. ARCHIVED-feldon30 Guest

    Just FYI, EQ2Wire started backing up the EQ2 Forums approximately one month ago and I'm happy to report that the backup is approximately 40% complete at this point. I stopped the backup just before SOE Live to free up server resources, and will be resuming the crawler in the next day or two. As has been announced above, we have several months to make a full backup, although I don't expect it to take nearly that long.
    In the coming weeks, I will post the address where this public archive will reside. I can tell you it's sure nice to be able to search 790,000 posts (thus far) and get accurate results in just a couple of seconds.
  6. ARCHIVED-Calthine Guest

    Finora@Everfrost wrote:
    I've been through this once before, although the old posts for that change were archived. Ultimately it turned out that 98% of it was conversation that was never referenced again.
  7. ARCHIVED-feldon30 Guest

    Homeshow and Lore are probably the two forums that are the least impacted by the passage of time. It's funny to go back and read Class Balance threads from 2004.
  8. ARCHIVED-swedago Guest

    I hope they go back to having server seperate forums as they did before the last update =P
  9. ARCHIVED-Mysstie Guest

    As long as these new forums do things that free forum scripts can do.. like actually remember what posts you've read and so on. :) Looking forward to it.
  10. ARCHIVED-Cyliena Guest

    feldon30 wrote:
    Those are the only two forums I'm concerned about losing info from! The rest it'll be nice to see a purge and get forum software that, ummm... functions. :)
  11. ARCHIVED-Iad Guest

    Thank goodness, these forum are awful. Half of the time I come here the forum doesn't even load for me.
  12. ARCHIVED-Juravael Guest

    Great news, yay!
  13. ARCHIVED-sheila717 Guest

    Even with losing posts and potentially forum handles, MUCH needed change, these forums have been awful from the moment we were first switched to them. Thanks.
  14. ARCHIVED-Rosebelle Guest

    Anyone know what time this will go live today?
  15. ARCHIVED-Warpig Guest

    ^^ What she said
  16. ARCHIVED-Thalador Dufosnee Guest

    And is there a new url or will these go down and new ones pop up in their place?
  17. ARCHIVED-Cyliena Guest

    Thalzokal@Antonia Bayle wrote:
    If it works like EQ's and VG's, they'll pop up here, and these old forums will be at a different url.
  18. ARCHIVED-Solaria Guest

    Thanks! that is just the question I was going to ask, hehe. I am at work, so trying to check anytime I have a free moment so I do not miss anything :)
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