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Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by samuncho62, Mar 14, 2015.

  1. samuncho62 New Member

    Why is the ever growing mac community gamers being left out in the cold? You definitely need to provide a native mac version of this game to the increasing number of players who use mac, or are moving to mac. For years i have used windows only to play everquest but no more.
    You need to consider all the players out here, not just gamers who wish to use windows. I know what some are saying, run bootcamps and play on windows in that. Well, i prefer not to do this anymore. I want a native port of the game to play on my mac and i am definitely sure there are a lot more out there that would prefer this.
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  2. Bashem Well-Known Member

    Why Daybreak would surely love to have a native mac version for the sales from them I dont think there is anyone who can write the mac programming needed. Daybreak having hard enough time with there very limited resources to get the Windows version as bug free as possible. If you can mac code the game for them why not ask for a job doing it?
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  3. Nick_Stern Member

    This would be why it will never happen ..... Increasing Numbers of Mac users Umm Ok....

    As far as rivals are concerned, Mac OS X is installed on 7.20 percent of computers

    There simply is not a large enough pool of potential users to justify the cost of a native platform for Mac.
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  4. Bashem Well-Known Member

    That 7.20 percent still accounts for millions of available mac desktops that could run EQ2.
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  5. Mermut Well-Known Member

    With Bootcamp, they already can, actually. I'm running EQ2 on a Mac via bootcamp right now...
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  6. Nick_Stern Member

    Anyone that buys a Mac with the intent of Gaming wasted their money a Mac is geared more to graphic design, school work (collage), and high end business applications.

    There may be millions of Mac desktops I doubt any more then 1% of that total is in the hands of gamers.
    As I stated even if every one of them were a gamer the pool is to small to Justify the Millions it would cost to develope a Mac Native client. They are cutting costs as is on the well established PC platform you really think they could justify the cost on a Mac Native Platform with such a limited pool.
    Sounds like you folks want development on EQ2 to come to a halt when they lose the money invested in a Mac native client.

    There are plenty of ways that those that want to game on a mac can that costs the dev team nothing make use of them.
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  7. Nick_Stern Member

    No one was refering to the use of Boot Camp the Op asked for a native client.
    The low market share and the low pool of potential customers is the reason there will never be a Mac NATIVE client the cost is to high for such a minor return.
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  8. Bashem Well-Known Member

    Bootcamp I agree use that to play game with your MAC.
    My answers in bold and I am no way desire to see Daybreak working on a Mac version as that would be a waste of time imho at least until they can get the Windows version working properly and I would use boot camp if I owned a mac and wanted to play EQ2 FYI.
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  9. Mermut Well-Known Member

    I realize that. I was referencing the comment that mac users are 'left out' of EQ2, when they are not.
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  10. Luciar Active Member

    I flawlessly run EQ2 on my Macbook Pro using Parallels. It would be nice to have a native mac client, though.
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  11. Occam Well-Known Member

    I play on a MacBook Pro using Bootcamp. Sure, in a perfect world it'd be nice to have a native client. However, I'd MUCH rather they work on improving the game instead of spending valuable time and resources on re-coding the entire game for Mac.
    You do know you can get banned from using Parallels, yes? Not because you're doing anything wrong, but because the game servers read Parallels as a 3rd party program and will ban your account if they notice. Bootcamp or Crossover are the way to go if you're playing on a Mac.
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  12. Luciar Active Member

    Hrm, I wasn't aware of that, I've been doing it for several years now.
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  13. Luciar Active Member

    To follow up, I'm almost certain you will not be banned for using Parallels. You will not be able to receive support, but it isn't against the EULA.
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  14. Griff Well-Known Member

    If you do a search on Google it has several topics related to SoE and VMware indicating an account *can* be banned for the use of VMware. Not really worth the risk when one can use Bootcamp.
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  15. Occam Well-Known Member

    EQ2 has a program to detect 3rd party programs since they're used by people looking to illegally bot, dupe, or exploit.
    Unfortunately Parallels and VMware fall into this catagory as far as the game servers are concerned, even if all you are doing is playing the game normally without doing anything wrong.

    Yes, you MIGHT play for years and never get detected. You also might get your account banned with no warning.
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  16. Snuke New Member

    This is an old thread, but I am playing now, in 2020 using Crossover 15. Works great
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  17. Occam Well-Known Member

    Holy necro-post, Batman! o_O
  18. Semperfifofum Well-Known Member

    I'm playing on a Mac right now, on Bootcamp. One of the problems I have is that the screen refresh is stuck on 59 MHz. The hardware is hardwired on many things in Mac. I can't wait to go back to a Wintel once I have gathered up the money for an upgrade. It was a failed experiment for me, just like Linux was too. Great platforms for devices, just not full computers with full graphics. That's my opinion on it. I'm not a fan of having to run PQs in Extreme Performance mode.

    Oops, necro, sorry, can't seen to find an option to delete my post.

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