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Discussion in 'Look and Feel' started by ARCHIVED-Khorve, Sep 26, 2007.

  1. ARCHIVED-Khorve Guest

    Kinda a weird question, but does anyone have a big picture of the 4 types of coin in EQ2? The best I can do is the "bigger" version when you're moving the coins. The higher-res, the better.
  2. ARCHIVED-Littles Guest

    The ones that came with the retail boxes? I collect those and have them all I can take a picture of them and post it if you like.
  3. ARCHIVED-Khorve Guest

    I'm not sure, actually. I would like a bigger picture of the in-game coins, but if the rl ones look the same, that'd work, and I would appreciate it. The designs are extremely hard to make out on the coins in game, and it's almost impossible to see the detail.
  4. ARCHIVED-TheOrder20 Guest

    If you mail coin, copper, silver, gold, or platinum, the person who receives the mail, it will show a detailed version of each coin in there. Guess you could use that somehow.
  5. ARCHIVED-EQAditu Guest

    It seems like you can find the coins in the file:
    EverQuest 2\UI\Default\images\icons\icon_is61.dds

    You just need a program to open DDS files. You can get some here.

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