Ethereal Tracker catch-up mechanic, please

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  1. Berserkerkitten Well-Known Member

    I've recently come back to EQ2 after several years of absence, I've enjoyed playing the signature quest lines of some of the expansions I've missed, and I've mostly been enjoying what I've played of the RoR signature stuff outside of a few harsh bumps in difficulty, which had to be evened out since launch.

    One thing, which is really starting to get to me, is ethereal trackers and the AA upgrades you need to buy with them. I'm sitting on around 800 trackers right now, apparently I need somewhere around 4000 in order to obtain all the upgrades I can get with them, and frankly, it's starting to get rather tedious. Yes, the VoV dungeons I need to run for these were fun the first, second, maybe third time around, but at this point in the game, they're incredibly trivial and just not very fun to play anymore. Having to run Fabled Kurn's Tower twice every week isn't all that great, either.

    Yes, I know. People had to work hard to earn these trackers when they were new. I don't want to take anything away from anyone. But right now I'm required to grind obsolete content just to catch up on these. It's not very fun. I didn't even know this was a thing until fairly recently, because the game doesn't exactly explain any of it. As a returning player, you simply do not know about this stuff. It's also weird how Tishan's box tries to help you catch up on everything else. You get a mount, mercenary and familiar, as well as the latest buffs for them, gear, adorns, just about everything, but then it draws the line at the AA upgrades. Why?

    I don't want to sound greedy, unreasonable or ungrateful. Perhaps I'm just missing some of the things I can do as a solo player to get ethereal trackers faster. I'm playing stuff such as Dreamwalk Empire and Black Market Murders. That was fun for a while, now it's really dragging on. Am I missing something here? If we're not straight-up sticking these trackers in the box, can we maybe at least raise the amount of trackers received for this older content a little? Or put the tracker lady in one of the RoR zones and give us a way to earn that stuff there?

    EDIT: After posting this, I have continued through the RoR signature quest line some more, which feels a lot more enjoyable to play after recent balancing changes. I noticed that the shadowed ethereals are now also being awarded for RoR weeklies, which means there's an additional source for them, and I'm not just limited to older content in order to progress with this stuff. And in all fairness, the solo/signature part of RoR does feel balanced in such a way that it's perfectly doable without these AA upgrades. I just wish the overall progress was a little bit faster. Right now it feels designed to encourage running these weeklies with multiple characters, which is great for people with the time to do so. Unfortunately, I'm not much of an altoholic, but perhaps I'm in the minority here.
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  2. FuRiouSOne Well-Known Member

    I complained about this trash I mean trackers last expansion too. They don't care.... Best you can do is run RoS, VoV and RoR weeklies on multiple toons to get them faster. What's funny if they give out the infusion books for free but not the trackers. All 4200 trackers should be handed out with completion of the RoR sig line or at least first weekly completion and the ethereal merchant put next to all RoS+ tisha boxes or a mail/quest sending you to the ethereal merchant to buy the AA upgrades.
  3. Nunja Well-Known Member

    Achievements will be your best bet in getting them. ROS, VOV and ROR should be more than enough
  4. Berserkerkitten Well-Known Member

    That's a thing? Achievements, which grant ethereal trackers and/or these AA upgrades? Anywhere I can read up on that and learn what those achievements are or where to go after them?
  5. Benj Well-Known Member

    Shadowed Ethereal Trackers do not and never have come from achievements. They have only come from weekly missions. Nunja is likely thinking of Shadows Prestige Points, which only come from achievements.
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  6. Berserkerkitten Well-Known Member

    Ah, that's a shame. Oh well, back to grinding out those weeklies.
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  7. Sadoc Member

    Why do you spend the Shadowed Ethereal Trackers? I have some but I am confused as to where to spend them?
  8. Berserkerkitten Well-Known Member

    There's a lady in Savage Weald, who sells some incredibly powerful upgrades to certain AAs, when you have the required amount of this currency.
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  9. Sadoc Member

    Ah okay. I will look for her. Thank you!
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  10. Solid11 Member

    TBO, I'm sure even the devs have started to feel lost on what content they even created. To be able to make a catch-up tutorial for every expansion is probably impossible at this point. I kinda feel they are winging it now.
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  11. Sepulchrum New Member

    bumping this thread. I feel like this really hinders any account trying to come back after more than a couple years away from the game and is a major barrier to being able to actually play in current content.
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  12. Andric Member

    why not just auto upgrade the aa abilities on getting level 125 or finishing RoR on a character? Also been back a while and only just heard you MUST have the flawless buff from old content that needs a group to go back and do old stuff? How much more is there I still haven't heard I wonder?
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  13. Argent Active Member

    Oh wow, you still have to earn those? I had assumed the AAs that got modified were just that way for everyone at this point. Without these "new" (sic) modified AAs, that's a legit deficit to stats. So grind grind, then can you even get to that merchant without flight? So add in a sigline ... aww man.

    The OP mentions that people had to work hard to get these originally --- uhh, so what. I enjoy this game and to keep enjoying it the game needs people. Anything that is a barrier to someone getting to the fun parts (meaning current content without being miles behind in stats) has got to go.
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  14. Kurei Hitaka Well-Known Member

    It is honestly getting to a point, as someone who managed to partially catch up during VoV on a single character, that I wonder why they just don't nuke it all down and build something new.

    At least catching up in EQ1 up to a certain point is relatively quick and painless.