EQ2 on new macbook pro?

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by EQ_Jack, Dec 14, 2016.

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    Anyone having success running EQ2 on a Macbook?

    if yes, how are you doing it? VM?, reboot to a windows partition? other?
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    Stay away from running EQ2 in a VM.

    I believe it is considered a bannable offense, as it circumvents things they rely on for tracking cheaters (IIRC).
  5. EQ_Jack Active Member

    cool thx folks for the shares
  6. Snuke New Member

    I'm using Crossover 15 and it works great
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  7. Occam Well-Known Member

    I have been running EQ2 on a MacBook Pro for years. I've spent countless hours reading and researching the topic, and have personally experimented with just about every option available. Here's my advice:

    1. Parallels and VMWare: Stay away from either of these. Because of the way these both work, EQ2 detects them as 3rd party software and will permanently ban your account if they realize you're using them. That said, I used both for awhile at different times and know other people who used them and none of us ever got hit with the ban stick. I appears that EQ2's method for detecting 3rd party programs sucks, which is probably why botting has been such an ongoing issue. Use at your own risk.

    2. CrossOver from Codeweavers: I have an install of this for when I want to log in but don't want to reboot my MacBook Pro. Between CrossOver, Parallels, and VMWare, CrossOver used to have the worst performance in running EQ2. EQ2 wasn't very well supported and the game dragged a lot and would crash from time to time. Apparently someone at Codeweavers took the feedback to heart and it's now a solid option. You'll probably have to turn your graphics settings down a bit, but that's true of any virtual machine. Overall, this is a viable option, and best of all is not considered a 3rd party program. This was verified by DBG, though I don't have screenshots to prove it.

    3. Bootcamp: Do this. You'll get FAR better performance with a Windows Bootcamp partition than you ever will with a virtual machine. Also, I have wasted more hours than I care to admit trying to get ACT and the EQ2Maps updater to work on a virtual machine. If you plan to use either of those, you'll need to use Bootcamp (disclaimer: I'm not saying it's not possible. There must be a way to get ACT and EQ2Maps updater to work in CrossOver, but if so it's beyond my skillset). Bootcamp is by FAR your best option for playing EQ2 on a MacBook Pro. :)
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