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    The End of the Child of Hate?
    Many of you know because you got caught up in it, some of you even lost one close to you, but it appears we may have seen the last of Lanys T'vyl. A huge battle erupted in middle of Rathe Mountains between those Teir'Dal still loyal to Lanys and Neriak itself. No one is sure, but one would have to assume that Thex had simply had enough of her games.

    The battle was fierce as the Dark Elves cut each other down by the dozens upon dozens. Reports say that it was only the intervention of Mayong Mistmoore himself that stopped the fighting. That is hardly all though. Our sources confirm that Innoruuk himself made an appearance after the struggle and this is the part we should all be wary of.

    None outside of the very Plane of Hate can be certain, but the evidence suggests that there is a successor to lanys' position at the right hand of the Prince of Hate. This is something that we will be watching closely. Let us all give a prayer to the Earth Mother that Firiona will be strong enough to face this new threat down as she did Lanys back in the battle for Kithicor.

    Beware "The Malevolent"
    Our spies have sent word that Neriak and their vile Innoruuk have seen fit to deliver the artifact Malevolence upon one of their ilk. It is unknown as of yet who it was that was given such a dubious gift, but one can be sure that we will hear more from this missionary of hate. It seems, most unfortunately, that the recent attempts of the Teir Dal to return Malevolence to its former function were successful or their Priests would no doubt have taken care to keep the wretched thing far from public scrutiny. Instead, we must bear the burden of keeping this malevolent chosen one from corrupting us.
    Beware the power of the artifact, children of Tunare.

    The legends say that it can do more than simply steal your soul from your waking body. It can keep from ever knowing eternal peace at the side of the Mother of All for, any sacrifice made to malevolence will be the property of Innoruuk himself. There is no worse fate that could befall you. Please, take heed.
    Source: Tinker’s News & World Report, Vols 4-6

    Dark Elven Civil War?
    We can be thankful that things are relatively calm and peaceful here in our home of Akanon, save the occasional explosion or homicidal clockwork beast of course. However trouble continues to brew in the Neriak, the home to the Teir'Dal.
    Their queen Cristanos Thex, offered a warning that was both sternly worded and foreboding.

    She declared that any of Neriak's citizens that were found assisting or helping Lanys T'Vyl in any way would face execution!
    As these rumbles from across the world roll in, we here at TNWR are happy that we live in a society that respects its citizens and allows us freedom of association!

    How the Mighty Fall!
    Lanys T'vyl, former sweetheart of the Teir'Dal, was slain by the people she once held in thrall! An epic battle took place in Rathe Mountains. Lanys's forces clashed against the mighty army of Neriak. After a bloody battle, the former chosen was subdued and captured.

    Reports indicated that after capture, she was taken back to Neriak where a terrible ritual sacrifice took place. Rumors say that Innoruuk himself appeared that day and removed the last of her life force personally.

    More Infighting In Neriak
    In what has now become a comical display of childish intolerance, those nasty Dark Elves decided they would fight over the body of their cold-as-stone-dead "chosen" Lanys T'Vyl. Apparently, those psychotic enough to remain loyal to a corpse wanted to keep the body of their revered and way-not-alive leader with them.

    At the same time, those back in Neriak also wanted the body of Lanys. So those crafty elves cooked up some story to tell this so-called "Baron" who was guarding the corpse in the ruins of Befallen of all places. Whether it worked or not, we are not sure but we do have it on very good authority that the body of Lanys T'Vyl is in the hands of Neriak now. At least it is for this week anyway.

    A schism still seems to exist within Teir'Dal society with many vowing to continue to follow Lanys, if only in memory. Reports are flooding in that already a large outpost is in the process of being constructed by these still rabid and devote followers of the dead woman. This reporter thinks they should just get over it and move on already!

    source: old eq2 forums Obzidian, Jul 24, 2009
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    Now About the ShadowKnight Epic Weapon on Everquest 2

    Start of the SK Epic:
    Kill two Teir'dal rogues (Nik U'ronu and Talon P'Radim) in the Academy of Arcane Science and retrieve a hiring contract.
    Item lore: It looks as though someone is offering quite a bit of money for information regarding something alled the Bloody Kithicor Orb.

    Quest Text:
    I killed two rogues trying to steal some information from the Academy of Arcane Science! The hiring contract that one of them carried leads me to believe they were looking for a very powerful item. Though it is vague, they were being paid an incredible sum of money. The item must be something of great importance, which means its time to find out what it is they are searching for and make it mine! A shadowknight will take any opportunity to gain power!

    Step 1 Text & Dialogue:
    The crest on the envelope for this hiring contract appears to be Teir'Dal.
    My first task is to follow this contract back to its source! The two rogues, having been Tier'Dal, lead me to believe that I should begin my search somewhere in or around Neriak. No one envies those who poke around in the affairs of the Tier'Dal.

    Task: Speak to Marla K'Stane in Hate's Envy/
    --Hail, Marla K'Stane
    Marla K'Stane says to you, "I am wiating for someone, did you need something? I would assume so since you are standing there staring at me with that vacant expression."
    --I happened to pick up a contract that you issued; I understand you are looking for someone to obtain a rare artifact?
    Marla K'Stane says to you, "You are not the one that I entrusted. You have some nerve showing up here."
    --Look, I am obviously more capable. Why don't you tellme what you are looking for?

    Marla K'Stane says to you, "Yes, well assuming you ahd to have taken that by force, I guess we can conclude that you are indeed more capable. Very well. I seek an orb, once owned by Laarthik K'Shin, mentor of Lanys T'Vyl. The orb was last used at the Battle of Bloody Kithicor and it is a very powerful artifact mined from the depths of Highkeep."
    --How do I find this "orb"?

    Marla K'Stane says to you, "I have done massive amounts of research; there is an item that could help locate the orb. Laarthik's bones were twisted by Lanys and turned into a powerful shield. It is in the possession of an extremely powerful and dangerous Lucanic Knight by the name of Sir Sayex Nevagon."

    --How do you propose I take an item so valuable from a Lucanic Knight?
    Marla K'Stane says to you, "Here is where things get interesting. There is a report I have been made aware of that contains confidential material concerning Sayex's first battle as a militia member. DUring a skirmish with the Rallosian Army in the Southern Deserts of Ro, Sayex displayed cowardice and was detrimental to his unit's combat strenght. Since that time Sayex has turned around and become an exemplary soldier and shadowknight. This mark of cowardice along with his dark elf race, though, should have kept Sayex from becoming a Lucanic Knight. If word got out about the mark on his record many people would raise the concern that Sayex shouldnt' be worthy of a Lucanic Knight and that the one reaso he is is because his family is very close to the Overlord."

    --So you want me to find this document and use the report to blackmail him into giving up the shield?
    Marla K'Stane says to you, "Would you expect anything less treacherous from a Teir'dal?"
    --And where is this report?

    Marla K'Stane says to you, "I am afraid that will be where you earn your money. I am unsure; I only know that it is in Freeport. I would imagine somewhere that they would keep reports."
    --What exactly are we supposed to do with the shield?

    Marla K'Stane says to you, "I alone have the means to divine the shield and speak to Laarthik's Spirit, he should be able to tell us what has become of the orb. Everything I need is on this scroll."
    --Well! If everything needed is on the scroll, then I do not see much more use for you. It is more money for me when I sell it off to the highest bidder.

    Marla K'Stane says to you, "You will regret this!"
    --Yes! I may well!
    Kill Marla K'Stane. Loot Mage's Divining Scroll.
    Item Lore: This is the scroll taken from Marla'Kstan. It has the steps and items needed listed on it to divine Laarthik K'Shin's spirit. Hopefully that will assist with finding the Kithicor Orb.
    Quest Complete Text: I found Marla K'Stane and extracted all the information I need to continue. Now to head to Freeport!
    Step 1 Complete: I spoke to Marla K'Stane, she was most helpful until she became useless.
    Step 2 Text & Dialogue:
    I need to search Freeport for a confidential record concerning Sir Sayex Nevagon!
    Start: I need to find the confidential report that Marla mentioned. Supposedly, it is somewhere in Freeport.

    In the West Freeport Fighter's Guild, there is a misplaced report near Viscount Gelvonius. It is a Confidential Report
    Item lore: This mark of cowardice should have kept Sayex Nevagon from becoming a Lucanic Knight!
    Complete: I have located the report, I now have what I need to confront Sayex Nevagon!
    Start: I need to show this file to Sayex Nevagon and try to coerce him out of The Bone Shield of Laarthik K'Shin.
    Go speak to Sir Sayex Nevagon behind the Inn in West Freeport.

    Sir Sayex Nevagon says to you, "You need to move along! I don't tolerate any sort of loitering."
    -- I think you may well tolerate it this time. We need to talk.
    Sir Sayex Nevagon says to you, "How dare you talk down to a Lucanic Knight!? I will have your head on a platter, fool!"
    -- What say we discuss this report I have! Something about cowardice in the line of duty? Southern Ro? Ring any bells?
    Sir Sayex Nevagon says to you, "You worm! I should rend you into a grease smear on the cobblestones!"
    -- If word got out about this, people may raise some questions. It may be hard to see you remaining in your position of honor for long . . .

    Sir Sayex Nevagon says to you, "Grrr! You obviously have me in a corner. What is it you desire from me?"
    -- You have an item, Laarthik's Bone Shield. I desire it. That is all and you can consider me and my information gone forever.
    Sir Sayex Nevagon says to you, "Never! You ask for a family heriloom, handed down to me by my father!"
    -- Very well, I can see that copies of this are plastered all ove rthe city. I already made copies, and who knows where those might be.

    Sir Sayex Nevagon says to you, "No need, no need. Here, take the shield and be gone. Give me the report! Be aware, should we ever meet outside this city, you will have no chance at escape. I will kill you."
    -- Hopefully you will never see me again to have that chance. Here you go, Sir Sayex. It's been a pleasure doing business with you.

    Complete: I have the shield and a new enemy for life! I should look at the scroll and see what I need to continue.
    Start: I need to look at the divining scroll and see what is needed to summon Laarthik!

    Read the scroll:
    In order to bring back a spirit lost violently, you must first gather some components. First- Gather the unmarred bones from powerful sentient beings! Next, you must seek out the skulls of both a Teir'dal and a Feir'dal Champion. While doing this, you must collect the blood from 10 Teir'dal and 10 Feir'dal warriors.

    Complete: I now have a list of items I need to gather in order to divine Laarthik's spirit and get the location of the orb.
    Step 2 Complete: I believe Sayex and I will be long time enemies now after what I have pulled.
    Step 3:
    Start: I need to gather the components in the list in order to divine the spirit of Laarthik K'Shin!
    Start: I must gather the unmarred bones from powerful sentient beings!
    - Kill any sentient mobs level 76+.
    Complete: I have collected the unmarred bones!
    Start: I need the skull of a Teir'Dal Champion!
    - Find the skull near the player housing by the palace in Neriak.
    Complete: I have the skull!
    Start: I need the blood of 10 Teir'Dal Warriors!
    -Kill 10 Teir'dal warriors that spawn and attack you around Neriak.
    Complete: I have the blood!
    Start: I need the skull of a Feir'Dal Champion!
    - Find the skull on the ground behind the back right tombstone in the Felwithe/New Tunaria Cemetary
    Complete: I have the skull!
    Start: I need the blood of 10 Feir'Dal Warriors!
    -Kill 10 Feir'dal warriors that spawn and attack you around Felwithe/New Tunaria.
    Complete: I have the blood!
    Step 3 Complete: I now have the components to divine Laarthik. Now I need to find the tomb!
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    Step 4
    Start: I need to find the resting place of Lanys T'Vyl's mortal remains! I should search where Hate's torrent chokes the air from Envy!

    Start: I must locate the Tomb of Lanys T'Vyl's mortal remains!
    -Swim under water in Neriak and find the tomb.
    Complete: I have found the tomb!

    Start: I need to collect a corpse wrapping from the remains! Seek that which binds her corpse and will now unbind his soul.
    - Harvest the skeleton near the tomb with hover text Lanys T'Vyl's mortal remains!
    Complete: I have the wrapping!

    Start: I now must follow the ceremony and summon Laarthik K'Shin! Place the shield on the tomb and speak the words aloud!
    -Place the Bone Shield of Larthik K'Shin on the altar!
    -Speak the words aloud!
    -Summon Spirit of Laarthik and talk to him.

    Spirit of Laarthik says to you, "Lanys, is that you? Why have you forsaken me?"
    --"It is not Lanys oh ghostly spirit. I require information!"
    Spirit of Laarthik says to you, "Why do you torment me? I have been punished for all time. I could only expect such cruelty from the living."

    --I seek an orb, you know of the orb I speak of Spirit? The one you used at the Battle of Bloody Kithicor! Tell me where it is!
    Spirit of Laarthik says to you, "Any item of that origin would be in the possession of the Primordial Malice. They are the keepers of all worldly possessions in life. They are the keepers of the flame of Lanys T'Vyl."

    --Tell me! Where do I find this Primordial Malice?
    Spirit of Laarthik says to you, "You must seek he who has slain his own brother in pursuit of love though undesired. Seek out he who is imprisoned in the mouth of the venomous fangs."

    --Well now, that is quite vague! You need to be much more specific!
    Spirit of Laarthik says to you, "I am afraid I can not. The divining fades! Farewell!"
    --Yes, farewell useless old ghost!

    Complete: I have spoken to Laarthik! He does not know the location of the Kithicor Orb!
    Step 4 Complete: I have spoken to Laarthik.
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    Step 5
    Start: I am now looking for a group called the Primordial Malice, and a brother who has slain his own brother in pursuit of love though undesired.

    Start:I am looking for someone who is imprisoned in the mouth of the venomous fangs.
    -- Travel to City of Mist at the Black Reaver spawn point and speak to Lharnc the Confined.
    --Hail, Lharnc the Confined

    Lharnc the Confined says to you, "Who are you? Another adventurer unwilling to pay the ultimate price?"
    --I seek those who call themselves the Primordial Malice. Tell me what you know!
    Lharnc the Confined says to you, "What payment are you able to give that I could possibly desire? Information does not come cheaply."

    --Well, maybe there is something else you desire, ghost?
    Lharnc the Confined says to you, "I desire Kyrenna for my own. I desire revenge. I desire the destruction of another spirit.
    --And for this you will tell me what I need to know?

    Lharnc the Confined says to you, "Find my brother. Find Glohnor in the place of his death. The city we would call home and others would call a sewer. Destroy him and bring me his sword. Then and only then shall I tell you what you need to know."
    --You had better, or I will find ways to cause you pain!
    Complete: I have spoken to Lharnc!

    Start: Find Glohnor in the place of his death
    -- Travel to the Edgewater Drains underneath Freeport and kill Glohner.
    Complete: I have slain the spirit of Glohnor and have his sword!
    Start: I should take this sword back to Lharnc! Time to play deal or no deal!

    -- Hail, Lharnc the Confined
    Lharnc the Confined says to you, "Kyrenna, oh my love, is that you?"
    -- You are obviously blind as well, ghost. Behold, your brother's sword. He has fallen.
    Lharnc the Confined says to you, "Give me the sword! Give it to me now!"

    --I want to know where I will find the Primordial Malice. Tell me where they are and I shall give you the sword.
    Lharnc the Confined says to you, "Long ago, the Primordial Malice fled to Kunark to save themselves from the Teir'Dal Empire. You seek the one who calls them self the Primordial Ritualist. Now give it to me! Finally Kyrenna will be mine!"
    --Wait! Exactly how do I know you aren't lying? Why should I trust you?

    Lharnc the Confined says to you, "My talisman, it can sense them. They are here in Kunark, all over Kunark. It can sense their envy! Please! Give me the sword so I may finally summon Kyrenna for my own! Sweet lost love is mine!"
    -- Thank you for the information! Unfortunately, I require your talisman. I am sure you will not just give something so valuable to me. So I must take it.

    Lharnc the Confined says to you, "You will not keep Kyrenna from me!"
    -- I am afraid I must!

    Lharnc the Envious says, "Glohner was weak, I will destroy you!"
    - Kill Lharnc and loot the Talisman of Envy.
    Item Lore: Effect Expose Envy: Applied Expose Envy when Activated.
    Complete: I have slain Lharnc and now have the Talisman of Envy!
    Step 5 Complete: I now have the Talisman of Envy! This should help me locate the Primordial Malice!
    Step 6:
    Start: I now know the Primordial Malice are here in Kunark. Now I need to locate and draw out one of their agents!

    Start: I need to find and draw out an agent of the Primordial Malice! Find he who is covetous!
    - Talk to Yeal Jouse in Teren's Grasp.
    -- Hail, Yeal Jouse
    Yeal Jouse says to you, "How long have I lived in this city? Labored here! And yet many others here have more wealth than me. Many others have better armor and a stronger horse. It should be mine as well!"
    -- Life isn't fair, what are you whining about?

    Yeal Jouse says to you, "I want to be rewarded for the time I have put in here! I want armor and horses like many others have here! I can not lie that I desire more from life! I desire what others have!"
    --Well do what I do, go out and take it.

    Complete: I believe this is the agent I am looking for!
    Start: I should think of a way to get more information from this Yeal Jouse!
    -- Use the Talisman of Envy on Yeal Jouse. He is revealed to be a dark elf named Iroah V'Enah. Talk to him.

    -- Hail Iroan V'Enah
    Iroah V'Enah says to you, "I know I am pitiful. It is rather hard trying to covet what others have rather then take it."
    -- Why do you do so? You are hiding something obviously!

    Iroah V'Enah says to you, "I am afraid I can not tell you that. Where did you get that amulet? I could use such an item to break illusions as you have done, will you sell it?"

    -- You are a member of the Primordial Malice, aren't you?
    Iroah V'Enah says to you, "I know nothing of which you speak. Sell me that fabulous amulet you have would you? I will pay you handsomely!"

    --Where is the Kithicor Orb? Tell me or I will make short your time here on this plane!
    Iroah V'Enah says to you, "You do not scare me fool! I am not some whelp to be ordered around! "
    --Sounds to me like only one of us is going to walk out of here alive then, my friend!

    Iroah V'Enah says to you, "Although... if I may gain something here, then I may be willing to give you some sort of ...direction."
    -- What exactly do you want? But I will tell you, I am about to just go for a beating here!

    Iroah V'Enah says to you, "Give me the amulet you used to break my disguise and I will tell you where you can find more information! Nothing more! Believe me when I say I am well trained and not afraid to fight you!"

    --I want to know where your leader is! No more games! I give you this amulet and you will tell me exactly where to find him!
    Iroah V'Enah says to you, "Her...you mean to find her. She is in one of the cities in Kunzar Jungle. I cannot tell you which because she and her Iksar bodyguard move around regularly for obvious reasons. You will know her bodyguard by his armor, no doubt. Either way, whatever city they are in at the time, most of those cities do not take kindly to strangers. I can tell you nothing more."

    --I guess that will have to be enough, here is the amulet! I hope you choke on it!
    Complete: I used the Talisman of Envy and now have the location of the leader of the Primordial Malice!
    I managed to draw out an agent of the Primordial Malice. For the exchange of the Talisman, he gave me some information so I can proceed!
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    Step 7
    Start: I should seek out the leader of the Primordial Malice in one of the cities within the Kunzar Jungle.

    Start: I am looking for an Iksar in one of the cities in Kunzar Jungle. That should be easy...
    - Go to Jinisk in KJ, talk to Sszot Skiks (the iks sk, oh ho!)
    -- Hail, Sszot Skiks.

    Sszot Skiks says to you in Sathirian, "As it seems you are looking for me, I can only assume that you seek the Primordial Ritualist. I assume you wouldn't dare waste my time otherwise."
    --I spoke to Iroah V'Enah. He sent me here to speak to the Ritualist. I seek information concerning an item and was told she would know where to find it.

    Sszot Skiks says to you in Sathirian, "I see. Well then you may proceed. I would highly recommend you waste even less of Atira's time."
    -- I will try my best not to waste her..."time".
    Complete: I have spoken to Sszot!

    Start: I should speak to Atira X'aphon, leader of the Primordial Malice!
    -- Hail, Atira X'aphon.
    Atira X'aphon says to you, "You have touched the tomb of Lanys T'Vyl! You have seen her mortal remains! I can sense her presence on you!"

    -- I have and I have also spoken to Laarthik! I search for an orb, can you help me?
    Atira X'aphon says to you, "The tomb still remains where we placed it? Hidden to all eyes except for the one who possesses the shield?"

    -- It is underwater in a tunnel. But yes, it still remains hidden. I do however need some questions answered.
    Atira X'aphon says to you, "Evil. I sense such powerful evil and...envy! You were sent to me for a reason!"
    -- I hope you will answer some questions. I am looking for an orb, once owned by Laarthik, used at the Battle of Bloody Kithicor. Tell me what you know of it!

    Atira X'aphon says to you, "Why would you seek such a thing? What use would that be to a dark champion such as your beautiful self? Mmmm?"

    -- I only know that it is a powerful and extremely valuable artifact. My hope is to gain its power! I am shadowknight and power is all I desire!
    Atira X'aphon says to you, "The orb you seek is lost friend. It has been for an age. But if its power you seek, then maybe you would listen to my story? Maybe we can help each other!"

    -- What? I have searched too far to leave with nothing! Do not play games with me Ritualist! Tell me your story, but it had better end in some form that I desire!

    Atira X'aphon says to you, "Mmm, where do I begin? We are the Primordial Malice, followers of Lanys T'Vyl, Child of Hate and Innoruuk's daughter! Due to this, we were branded outlaws by the forces of Neriak and we fled to this wonderful wilderness to evade their armies. Long ago, our goddess was forsaken, scorned, and abandoned for her failure at the Battle of Bloody Kithicor. For this Lanys sought to destroy her father and take his place as the God of Hate. She was almost successful..."
    -- continue to listen angrily

    Atira X'aphon says to you, "The new Child of Hate, Valizrae D'Tora, was rendered powerless and Lanys' quest for the ancient artifact of Hate, Malevolence, was nearly complete. If it was not for the intervention of the vampire lord, Mayong Mistmoore, Lanys would have likely undone all the plans of Innoruuk. Sadly, Lanys was killed on Norrath and her soul was sent back to her father and the Plane of Hate. Initially, Innoruuk imprisoned his failure of a creation, but decided to tap into her eternal hatred and jealousy of him, and transformed her prison into the Sphere of Envy. From here, Lanys, could influence Envy upon Norrath and in turn empower Innoruuk's own Plane of Hate. The thought of unwillingly helping her father gain power infuriated Lanys even more, which in turn only increased the benefit to Hate."
    -- continue to listen angrily

    Atira X'aphon says to you, "On Norrath, we remained devout in following Lanys. We toiled unceasingly to do her work even after her physical destruction! It would be the Primordial Malice that Lanys would seek out during the consolidation of the Planes. We were the chosen ones; we would place our mortal assault upon the Planes of Power! The primary planes of Nature and Influence needed to reabsorb the demi-planes and spheres they spawned in order to survive during the first part of the Age of War. "

    --Tell me of Sedition!
    Atira X'aphon says to you, "Innoruuk, with all the glee in his dark being began the process of reclaiming the Sphere of Envy. During this period of reclamation, a small rift revealed itself in Lanys' prison for only the briefest moment. A moment that seemed an eternity to her, she took this opportunity and imbued the dark blade Sedition with a portion of the Sphere of Envy and bestowed it onto her followers. A dark smile would be the last thing to cross her lips before her spiritual essence was absorbed by the Plane of Hate."

    -- continue to listen angrily
    Atira X'aphon says to you, "This great sword of Lanys, has remained hidden in our keeping. In hope that one day we would find a dark champion, a shadowknight of unprecedented power that would carry the blade and bring about the glory of Lanys T'Vyl! What say you dark one? Are you the champion we have searched an age for?"
    --I am that champion, tell me what I would do!

    Atira X'aphon says to you, "As much as I long for you to be that champion, or dare I say I need you to be that champion, you must first pass a test. Long ago four chosen Teir'Dal, known as the Crimson Teir were chosen by Innoruuk himself to wear four special armor pieces. Each piece secretly drained their life force into it. Lanys T'Vyl was sent on a quest by her father to kill each of them off and collect the armor pieces, granting her an incredibly powerful suit of armor. However, they were raised by Mayong Mistmoore and ordered to destroy us and thwart any plans Lanys may have had. You must find Tovin D'Rin, Jerak T'Shir, Mydraa K'Syk and Talik K'Syk and destroy them. Bring me their heads and I will consider the ultimate test passed. If you fall to them, then obviously this was not meant to be!"
    -- So where are these members of the Crimson Teir?

    Atira X'aphon says to you, "I can tell you very little about their whereabouts except this, they are in search of ancient knowledge for their master, any knowledge that would lead them to us. Recent intelligence has made us aware that they know that the Primordial Malice is in Kunark and that the Crimson Teir are indeed here. Tovin and Jerak are loners and very powerful, I highly doubt they would travel as companions.

    However, Mydraa and Talik are brother and sister and practically inseparable. So when you do find them, use great care, the Crimson Teir are not to be taken lightly."
    -- Consider them dead! I will return with their heads! Ready this Sedition for my return!
    Complete: I have spoken to Atira!
    Step 7 Complete: In my quest to find this orb, I have come across one who tells me there is far greater power to be had! Of course I am completely interested!
    Step 8
    Start: I have been promised a weapon of great power! I need only eliminate the Crimson Teir! My only clue is that they have come to Kunark and they seek knowledge of the Primordial Malice! Any knowledge they can get their hands on.
    Start: I must seek out and slay Tovin D'Rin in Kunark!
    -- Kill him in the Library in Karnor's Castle
    Complete: I have slain Tovin D'Rin and collected his head!

    Start: I must seek out and slay Jerak T'Shir in Kunark!
    -- Kill him in Teren's Grasp

    Complete: I have slain Jerak T'Shir and collected his head!
    Start: I must seek out and slay the K'Syk Twins in Kunark!
    -- Kill them in Chelsith on the platform with the final boss.

    Complete: I have slain the K'Syk twins and collected their heads!
    Step 8 Complete: The Crimson Teir are dead! Now to bring their heads back to the Primordial Ritualist!
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    Step 9
    Start: The Crimson Teir have been eliminated, I need to return their heads to the leader of the Primordial Malice!

    Start: I need to bring back the heads of the Crimson Teir to Atira X'aphon!
    -- Hail, Atira X'aphon.
    Atira X'aphon says to you, "The dark champion returns bearing gifts, I see?"
    --The Crimson Teir has been eliminated! I of course brought souvenirs!

    Atira X'aphon says to you, "Wonderful! Fabulous! You truly may be the dark champion we seek! I see now that you can be trusted with the most delicate of tasks! With the Crimson Teir gone, the Malice can breath so much more easily!"
    -- What task? When do I receive Sedition?

    Atira X'aphon says to you, "I realize I promised you Sedition, but now that I know you are truly the champion we seek we can take the measures we need to complete Sedition. I seek an item, called Malevolence. A great scepter of power! Set within its head lays the Bloodmoon Gem! When Sedition was created, the intent was to use the Bloodmoon Gem against Innoruuk himself. Sedition longs to have the Bloodmoon Gem seated in its cross-guard. Only then will Sedition become what it is meant to be, what it must be! Malevolence was used carelessly by the mortal it was entrusted to, and its wielder was killed while assaulting the enemy."

    -- continue to listen
    Atira X'aphon says to you, "The weapon was recovered by the agents of Dorvias N'Keth, Archpriest of Innoruuk. Sensing more recklessness in the future, and knowing the potential for the weapon, Mayong Mistmoore intervened. He convinced the Crimson Triad that the weapon must be placed in safekeeping until the three of them could agree on a perfect candidate for it. He took the weapon and sealed it in a chest of his own making. To the members of the Triad he gave each of them an emblem, that when used together, would allow them to open the chest once a suitable champion has been found."

    -- Who is the Crimson Triad?
    Atira X'aphon says to you, "The Crimson Triad was Dorvias N'Keth, King Naythox Thex and the prophet Ashteth T'Dral. As to the locations of the emblems, I know only this. King Naythox was killed and his emblem lost. Only his dragoons were present. Dorvias N'Keth still lives and is somewhere inside Neriak. Dorvias knows what the emblems are actually for and most likely feels that the other two emblems are lost. Since he does know what they do, I can assure you he will be very protective of it."
    -- contineu to lisen

    Atira X'aphon says to you, "And finally when Ashteth passed, having been extremely old, his emblem somehow fell into the hands of Xilania Nevagon. So I would assume that Xilania Nevagon would have it. Procure the three emblems and use them to open the chest which is in the very top of the tower of Darklight Palace. Bring back Malevolence to me and we shall make Sedition whole!"

    -- I will return with Malevolence! I will warn you, Sedition had better be here, Ritualist!
    Complete: I have spoken to Atira X'aphon!

    Step 9 Complete: I have returned the heads of the Crimson Teir and now I search for an item called Malevolence!
    Step 10
    Start: I need to seek out the three emblems once owned by the Crimson Triad! Then I must claim Malevolence!

    Start: I must find the person who has the King's Emblem and obtain it!
    - Find Dragoon K'Naae in Nektulos and talk to him. You must have completed the Shiny Brass Halberd first.
    -- Hail, Dragoon K'Naae
    Dragoon K'Naae\/a says to you, "You are indeed a friend of the Thexian cause. Though I owe you no debt, what brings you here?"
    -- I have come in search of something you may still carry. I present myself as a friend to the Thexians and state that I am an ally.

    Dragoon K'Naae\/a says to you, "You do intrigue me friend, what is it you are looking for?"
    -- I desire an emblem, which once belonged to your King. Though I will not pretend, I can not tell you why I want it. I am on a secret mission that involves many from the past.

    Dragoon K'Naae says to you, "That is honorable that you do not try and deceive me outright. I know of the item of which you speak, I picked up the emblem long ago, at Felwithe. It was the only dutiful thing I could think to do at the time of his falling. I will admit, it has been time out of mind and I really have no idea what significance the emblem has. The fact that you need it means it is important, long had I considered it a useless item, perhaps a broach of some type. You did save my life once, so I will afford you perhaps a trade for the emblem."

    -- Once you gave me this weapon for saving your life, I think it would be a fair trade. I know you would welcome its return! Would you take the Shiny Brass Halberd?

    Dragoon K'Naae says to you, "I can still feel the magic it possesses. Many an enemy has fallen to that weapon whether in my possession or that of another. You are wise to offer me a weapon above anything else. Here, take the emblem, friend of the Thexians. I know now that you have no ill intent."

    -- Thank you K'Naae! Until we meet again!
    - Recieve The King's Emblem!

    Item Lore: An emblem given to King Naythox Thex by Mayong Mistmoore! It is one of three emblems that are the keys to the impregnable chest that contains Malevolence and hopefully the Bloodmoon Gem!
    Complete: I now have the King's Emblem!

    Start: I must find the person who has the Archpriest's Emblem and obtain it!
    - Travel to the Spires of Innoruuk, click the skull by the altar to be teleported up to the second floor of the building.
    -- Hail, Dorvias N'Keth.

    Dorvias N'Keth\/a says to you, "Does it look like I am here for your entertainment? Leave my chamber before I become testy!"
    -- I am looking for an item you may posses. Do you have the Archpriest's Emblem?
    Dorvias N'Keth says to you, "What? How could you possibly know about that? You’ll never get Malevolence! Never! MINIONS! KILL HIM!"

    -- Have it your way! I guess we do this the hard way!
    - Kill Dorvias N'Keth and loot The Archpriest's Emblem
    Item Lore: An emblem given to Archpriest Dorvias N'Keth by Mayong Mistmoore! It is one of three emblems that are the keys to the impregnable chest that contains Malevolence and hopefully the Bloodmoon Gem!
    Complete: I have the Archpriest's Emblem!

    Start: I must find the person who has the Prophet's Emblem and obtain it!
    - Speak to Xilania Nevagon, Seraph of Hate
    -- Hail, Xilania Nevagon.

    Xilania Nevagon says to you, "And what do we have here, pray tell? If you are here to devote yourself to our malevolent god, then you need to speak to one of the priestesses. I am the voice of hate; I have no time for someone simply seeking advancement in our church. "

    -- Actually, I am here with business that directly involves you alone, Lady of Hate.
    Xilania Nevagon says to you, "So then you seek my sword to cleave your obviously empty skull?"
    -- I have no doubt that your sword would remove my head if that is what you desired Seraph. I am actually looking for something you may posses; I seek the Prophet's Emblem.

    Xilania Nevagon says to you, "The Prophet's Emblem? Such a dingy little knick knack, what ever do you want that for?"
    -- I will not lie to you Seraph...
    Xilania Nevagon says to you, "Wait! I really do not care. Perhaps we can help each other? What do you think? You do think, don't you?"

    --I try to. Help each other?
    Xilania Nevagon says to you, "Yes, help. You want the Prophet's Emblem, a silly little icon from a time long past and I require an assistant. Seems to work does it not?"
    --What would you have me do Seraph?

    Xilania Nevagon says to you, "Excellent question...Excellent tone...I think we understand each other. Perhaps you do know your place in the way things are shadowknight...I am searching for great relics, armor pieces from a time long past, armor that would be of no use to you. Find these items and bring them to me and I will give you your silly little emblem. I will even provide you with a list."

    -- Where should I search Seraph?
    Xilania Nevagon says to you, "Well now, that is part of the task isn't it? I can tell you where I might look, but I fear that I would be wrong. I would think perhaps somewhere that you would find artifacts? A tomb or a vault?"
    -- Very well Seraph, I will return when I have the items you desire!

    - The Seraph wants you to collect what is essentially Lanys' armor
    * The Blood Ember Gauntlets -- Shiverback Pyramid, Shard of Fear
    * The Blood Ember Shoulders -- Skeletal Master Tower, Shard of Fear
    * The Blood Ember Bracer -- Dracoliche area, Shard of Fear
    * The Darkforge Greaves -- Behind Skeletal Lord Tower, Shard of Fear
    * The Darkforge Breastplate -- Terror's Pyramid, Shard of Fear
    * The Blood Lord's Boots -- Drusella Sathir's Room, Charasis: Maiden's Chamber
    * The Umbral Helm -- Last room, Charasis: Vault of Eternal Sleep
    - Return to Neriak and talk to the Seraph
  7. Eles Well-Known Member


    -- Hail, Xilania Nevagon.
    Xilania Nevagon says to you, "Well shadowknight, I see you have returned…Mmm?"
    -- I have brought you the items you desired Seraph of Hate!
    Xilania Nevagon says to you, "I am at a loss for words. I believed you to be an incompetent fool, truth be told. Give me the items!"

    -- I require the Symbol first Seraph! Then I would be quite willing to give you these ancient armor pieces!
    Xilania Nevagon says to you, "How dare you...No, you are right. Very well, here take the dingy little knick knack you so healthfully desire!"

    -- Thank you Seraph! Here are the items you asked for!
    Xilania Nevagon says to you, "Ahh, well I think I got the better half of this deal! Because after my golem has killed you, I will take the symbol back from your cold and very dead hands! Good bye...shadowknight!"
    -- ...
    - Kill an Umbral Destroyer.
    - Recieve The Prophet's Emblem.

    Item Lore: An emblem given to the prophe Ashteth T'Dral by Mayong Mistmoore! It is one of three emblems that are the keys to the impregnable chest that contains Malevolence and hopefully the Bloodmoon Gem!
    - Speak to the Seraph
    -- Hail, Xilania Nevagon.
    Xilania Nevagon says to you, "RETURN THE EMBLEM, FOOL!"
    -- I am afraid I cannot do that.
    Xilania Nevagon says to you, "Mark my words fool! One day you will come to regret this . . . entirely."
    -- When we meet again Seraph!
    Complete: I have the Prophet's Emblem!

    Step 10 Complete: I need to find the chest in Darklight Palace and use the emblems to unlock it!

    Step 11
    Start: I must take the three emblems to Darklight Palace and claim Malevolence from the chest!
    Start: I must recover Malevolence and the Bloodmoon Gem!
    - Go to the Darklight Palace and look under the Queen's Bed. You'll find the Malevolent Chest there.
    - Use the emblems to unlock the chest!
    Complete: I have recovered the pieces of Malevolence! Sadly the Bloodmoon Gem was no where to be found!

    Step 11 Complete: I should return to the Primordial Malice Leader with the news!
    Stage 12
    Start: I need to go back and give the remaining pieces of Malevolence to Atira X'aphon! Either way, she better be ready to turn over Sedition as promised!

    Start: I need to speak to Atira X'aphon, leader of the Primordial Malice and tell her the situation with Malevolence and the Bloodmoon Gem.
    -- Hail, Atira X'aphon.
    Atira X'aphon says to you, "I sense completion of the task; however, I can see in your eyes that all is not well."
    -- I have recovered Malevolence, as you asked of me. This was no easy task. However, the Bloodmoon Gem was not with the remaining pieces.

    Atira X'aphon says to you, "You have accomplished amazing tasks, shadowknight. Although I cannot deny this is a disappointment, I did however make you a promise. Sedition is yours to wield in the name of Lanys T'Vyl and Envy! You are indeed our dark champion!"

    -- Thank you Ritualist! I will wield it without mercy!
    Atira X'aphon says to you, "However, our task is not complete. Sedition was created to carry the Bloodmoon in its cross-guard. Give me time to think; please...we must decide how to further proceed."
    Complete: The sword called Sedition is mine!

    Step 12 Complete: I now wield Sedition! The power I sought for so long is now mine!

    Quest Complete: The sword called Sedition is mine! Though the road was long and the trials hard, I never dreamed to have the opportunity to wield such power! The Primordial Ritualist claims that the Sword will not be complete till it has the Bloodmoon Gem in its Cross Guard. I should return later and speak to her more in depth about this. Obviously any opportunity to turn things in my direction, I will make no hesitation to seize!
  8. Eles Well-Known Member

    Mythical Quest Text Starter:

    -- Hail, Atira X'aphon
    Atira X'aphon says to you, "Long ago, the Malevolence was cursed by Marr, to wither Innoruuk's power with each kill that Malevolence made. Since then it has been cured of this, and now is an instrument for the benefit of Innoruuk. Take this scroll, upon it is the ritual to change exactly who reaps the power from the Bloodmoon Gem. We must change it to benefit Lanys T'Vyl and the power of Envy once you have retrieved the gem."

    -- My hope is that you have an idea of where the Bloodmoon Gem is located.
    Atira X'aphon says to you, "Mayong was the executor of Malevolence being locked away. The problem is you cannot just go and ask Mistmoore for the Gem. First you will need to find proof that he actually has it."
    -- Once I know he has the Bloodmoon I can approach him?
    Atira X'aphon says to you, "Approach him? You will need to take it forcefully. However, until you have solid proof he has it, it would be pointless to mount an attack. It would be a slaughter for no point other then senseless blood. Where you are going to find this proof I cannot tell you. Mayong is not the type to just leave a trail of information.When you do have it, I would go directly to his inner sanctum and confront him!"
    -- I will search all the lands for this proof, then I will take the Bloodmoon Gem from Mayong Mistmoore!

    A Bloodmoon Rising!
    Start: After recovering Malevolence I found that the Bloodmoon Gem, the true target, was no longer mounted in the scepter. I now wield Sedition, however, the sword was meant to have the Bloodmoon Gem in its cross-guard. This would make the weapon significantly more powerful! I must find the gem and use the ritual. The question is, why would I empower Lanys T'Vyl and not myself? The true wielder of Sedition!

    Step 1:
    Start: I need to find some shred of evidence that Mayong does in fact have the Bloodmoon Gem.
    Start: I must find some evidence that proves Mayong Mistmoore has the Bloodmoon Gem.
    Complete: I have found a note that may give me what I need!
    Start: I should look at the note more closely.
    Complete: I have found all the evidence I need. Time to confront Mayong in his Inner Sanctum!
    Apparently the Bloodmoon Gem was used recently as bait for a plot Mayong Mismoore was involved in. Perhaps he still has the gem.

    Stage 2
    I have found all the evidence I need. Time to confront Mayong in his Inner Sanctum.
    Start: Mayong Mistmoore has the Bloodmoon Gem. It is time to go into his Inner Sanctum and take it.
    Complete: I have defeated Mayong and I now have the Bloodmoon Gem!
    I have the Bloodmoon Gem. Now I should carefully inspect it.

    Stage 3
    According to the ritual scroll I need the heart of a Slave King. Well, at least I know it's a king...
    Start: Seek out the heart of a Slave King!
    Complete: I have defeated the Overking and taken his heart!
    I have defeated the Overking and taken his heart.

    Stage 4
    I must obtain the blood of a covetous brood mother!
    Start: I need to obtain the blood of a covetous brood mother!
    Complete: I have Phara Dar's blood!
    I have slain Phara Dar and taken her blood!

    Stage 5
    I should use the primordial scroll and perform the ritual.
    Start: I should use the primordial scroll and perform the ritual!
    Complete: I have focused the Bloodmoon Gem! It is now empowered to me!
    I have focused the Bloodmoon Gem to me instead of Lanys T'Vyl

    Stage 6
    I need to seek out the Primordial Ritualist, Atira X'aphon, and have her attach Bloodmoon to Sedition!
    Start: I need to return to the Primordial Ritualist and have her attach Bloodmoon to Sedition!
    Complete: I have spoken to Atira X'aphon!

    I have slain the Primordial Ritualist and have brought Sedition alive! I now wield Sedition, Sword of the Bloodmoon!
    I now wield the ultimate power, Bloodmoon Sedition is mine! I will reap the souls of those who stand in my way and gain their power for my own will!

    source: old eq2 forums Obzidian, Jul 24, 2009
  9. Meirril Well-Known Member

    That was an interesting read. In 2004 Lanys was still the Child of Hate with no contenders. Most of this is post split which means it isn't cannon for EQ2 (yet). Of course the information in the SK epic quest is cannon, and our best source of Layns information so far. We'll have to root around the new expansion to see what it says about Layns' history in EQ2.
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  10. Wirewhisker Well-Known Member

    Expac needs more Saryrn, less Lanys.
  11. Rivald New Member

    I remember her being thrown out of favor BEFORE the split with EQ2. Innoruuk had another child of hate, some Darkelf girl you could find in the Plane of Hate to replace Lanys, her name escapes me.. It might be in the history that was posted, I haven't had a chance to review it all yet. But I'm 95% sure that Lanys fell out of favor with Innoruuk and Neriak before the Planes of Power timeline split that created EQ2.

    Her return identifies several questions:
    How will the various factions of Neriak take her coming? Is she a threat to Cristanos? The exiled Thex son? (Who's name escapes me at the moment). She's Firiona Vie's old enemy, will they begin to clash once again? Firiona's skill in dying is pretty high, so I wouldn't recommend it on her part :p. Will Innoruuk be forced to play a direct role in these events since she is his fallen daughter?

    Also, note that the next EQ1 expac also involves Lanys.. so thats something..

    As for Luclin, the Ssra temple was taken over by the Akhevans BEFORE Luclin fell? Since Luclin has been restored due to the events of the Ages End X2, and the Shissar were masters of teleportation... maybe a way to return to Luclin will be found in the temple?
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  12. Meirril Well-Known Member

    I really hate the idea of Akhevans taking over a Shissar structure. The race was so xenophobic that they had a civil war that destroyed the race over the idea of talking to another race to find out what was going on. Moving into a building constructed by the loathed aliens is stretching credibility past the breaking point.

    Though once you get past the whole "they would never do that" stage of things the Akhevans surviving the trip is fully believable. Well, actually the Akhevans were probably dead when they entered the temple. After an Akhevan dies they return as a "shade". The shade form is very close to what they were like in life, and what the Akhevans refer to as immortality. The Akhevans themselves know how to weaken a shade to the point of virtual non-existence (they did this to the rebel faction). If the shade is killed it reforms in a short amount of time.

    So if a piece of Luclin slammed into Norrath with some Akheva on it the shades would "die" several times but ultimately end up on Norrath unscathed. Those little moonites though...they would be crispy critters.
  13. Avahlynn Well-Known Member

    Yeah. Well maybe if her armor actually covered all her vital parts she'd stop maxing her death roll toll. :p
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  14. Rainmare Well-Known Member

    if the Akheveans did it before luclin's fall, then it might have been prompted by Luclin herself she wasn't at the meeting of the gods (that we know of) and may have been quite resentful of Ro/Zek invading her moon and sent her Akheveans on a warpath to the nexus..and they simply conguered the temple to use as an HQ on the way...or the Shissar too offense to them corssing the 'boundary' started a fight and lost.

    we may hopefully find out more when the expansion hits why the Akheveans are there or why they are in Ssra temple.
  15. Kaitheel Developer

    The Isle of Erollisi is in the Ocean of Tears (between Faydwer and D'Lere). The Tranquil Sea and the Phantom Sea are both located between D'Lere (Commonlands) and Karan (Antonica), in the great body of water known collectively as the Shattered Seas.

    ~ Kaitheel
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  16. Avahlynn Well-Known Member

    Is there a huge map of all of our Norrath somewhere that's dev approved as correct? I'd love to have one to print out and look back at when I'm doing lore studies.

    Many thanks,
  17. Meirril Well-Known Member

    So there is an island of dinosaurs in an area where there were no dinosaurs in EQ1. The Rending was a real blessing for a few creatures apparently.
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  18. Kaitheel Developer

    You may find the following two maps useful in your lore studies, Avahlynn.


    Here is an early map of the Shattered Lands and Seas, drawn by an explorer in the Far Seas Trading Company. As with many early maps, the landmass shapes and distances are not very accurate to the world we know now, but the names and relative locations tend to be accurate, and is still a useful asset when exploring the world of Norrath.

    For this map I took the EQ2 in-game map and noted the known bodies of water, based upon their descriptions in an effort to better understand their locations and relations to one another.

    ~ Kaitheel
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  19. Lera Well-Known Member

    Are you suggesting that dinosaurs migrate?
  20. Avahlynn Well-Known Member

    Thank you so much, Kaitheel. You rock!