Episode 17 - Lots of EQ2 info in my interview with Jenn Chan

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  1. Fading Illusion Member

    Hello EQ2!

    Get ready for an EQ Show episode full of EQ AND EQ2 info!

    Lots of good stuff here:
    • Next EQ2 game update
    • EQ2 Swag store
    • TLE server info
    and more. For those that want a transcript without watching the video, I've provided one here.
    Thank you all for continuing to support the channel!
    OH, and I'd love to hear what YOU think the "big plans" are all about!
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  2. Ichoris Well-Known Member

    Thanks for providing a transcript of your video. Some very interesting info in there.

    I'm happy for the tech upgrades like 64 bit and the new version of Direct-X. I'm sure they are needed. I haven't noticed the game running any better for me since with the 64 bit upgrade.

    What I would really love to see is more fun content. The current expacs have been very small in content. A large GU would be very welcome. I too wonder what the big plans are. Thanks again for doing the interview!
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  3. Zewar New Member

    Wonder where and when we can sign up for Beta for the new servers or test servers for the experimental goodies

    Former Guide Tunare EQ1
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  4. Cusashorn Well-Known Member

    The 64-Bit update wasn't designed to just improve user-end game performance, but to basically fix the memory leak problem that has plagued the game since launch. Jenn says that it *can* help with lag, but given the multitude of sources of latency, doesn't mean that it will.
  5. KingDragon Active Member

    I love the part where "for those of you running those 4k monitors" I chuckled for 5 minutes!
  6. rutro Active Member

    Awesome Sauce!!