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  1. Fyreflyte Developer

    After some preliminary feedback on the legendary and fabled class armor sets, I've made some revisions to them that will appear in the next hotfix:
    Legendary sets now receive their second set bonus at 5 pieces instead of 6.
    Fabled sets, previously 3/5/7 for bonuses are now 2/4/6.
    Reducing the required amount of gear will offer you the opportunity to mix and match a little more with other non-set pieces.

    Additionally, I've adjusted some of the stat bonuses in several sets. Wizards and brigands were receiving a disproportionately large amount of crit chance, while other mages and scouts received none. Bonuses across the scout and mage sets should now be slightly more even.
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  2. Gypsyi New Member

    2 set bonus for swashbucklers does not work should reduce the case time of Dashing Swathe IV by 20 seconds it still has a recast of 30 seconds tested it many many many times.
  3. Gypsyi New Member

    let me guess your counting the focus into it so basically the 2 set does nothing then?
  4. Fyreflyte Developer

    Many of the set effects were taken from AA effects (and vice versa), back in the day, and if one or the other causes a stat to hit its cap (this happens regularly on ability reuse effects, you won't see any additional bonus out of using the armor set and the AA in conjunction.
  5. Fistpower Active Member

    The legendary set shoulders have still not been discoed on fallen gate for anyone. Which is strange because a lot of the raiding guilds have multiple soulfire weapons already.

    I spent 8 hours farming in Mistmoore catacombs and according to ACT I killed

    Veingore: 3 times
    Head Butler Z'ral: 19 times
    Seneschal D'naraz: 9 times

    I've had a lot more kills on those named and that was just one sitting.

    Could you take a moment to check it out?
  6. Skadad New Member

    it was mentioned in discord that 2 of those did not have the shoulders in droplist but they were added or will be added afaik.
  7. Adoninilol Active Member

    Focus effects used to be on gear and they are now not, a better approach (in my opinion!) would be to remove all of the current bonuses that give any focus effects and just give across the board flat bonuses, like a two set gives ability mod, four set gives crit, and six gives potency.

    For example, the warlock six set gives 2.5% crit and in return warlocks get reduced resistability on poisons spells while as the other mages get bonus crit. Obviously the crit is better, yet warlocks are punished. This makes the warlock six set almost useless because of the fact that warlocks are losing so much crit by going for their six set, when you factor in vine wrapped boots and the fact that the chest and forearms don't have crit; it quickly becomes apparent that its a class that is just going for whatever they can wear.

    Tl;dr unless the bonuses will be balanced just make all classes in archtype the same.
  8. Mycanthus New Member

    It would also help if they took out the PH mobs. Most other PH mobs are outta the game. The aide for the Seneschal and the Sage PH for the guy in MMC really need to go. Especially if the Legendary Item drops won't be 100% of the time drops.
  9. Atan Well-Known Member

    Until patched, only Veingore can drop shoulders, and he only has a 25% chance to drop them. He's rarely up, so good damn luck.
  10. Fyreflyte Developer

    I'm doing a quick run through to assess the placeholder spawns. At very least I will improve the named spawn rates, and may just pull out placeholders altogether on some. If anyone has suggestions for other encounters I should review, please toss the full names of the mobs into this thread, and I'll check them out. Thanks!

    Edit: Wasn't able to find a "sage" mob in MMC - do you have a name for the named or his placeholder on that?
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  11. Neritti Member

  12. Neritti Member

    The one that apparently drops shoulders is in MMC That is Senechal and it's PH is "a Mistmoore aide". I think someone got sage from castle confused with "aide" from catacombs. http://eq2.wikia.com/wiki/Seneschal_D'naraz
  13. Neritti Member

    The pants in castle are dropping, they have been all disco'd afaik. It's the shoulders from Senechal in Catacombs that haven't yet been disco'd at all on the server. Simply no mob in the game is dropping the sleeves right now, it seems as though they're currently missing from the loot table.
  14. Mycanthus New Member

    The pants are dropping from the Ring event in the Castle, they drop 100% of the time, which is why they have been Disco'd. I'm curious though as to what has I've killed Sage V'Ncenzi (at least 7-10 times) and the "an Elder Mistmore Sage", also in the Mistmore Castle. While a little over half a dozen times is NOT enough kills to say that the Legs are NOT on the loot table, it might be worth a check, since the shoulders weren't dropping from the Senechal and Head Butler Z'ral.

    Thank you Fyreflyte and the rest of the staff for all you do.
  15. Neritti Member

    I think it is possible for the devs to actually go LOOK and see if they have absolutely been discovered or not yet. If they have never even dropped once out of all the people I have known to camp them, something is obviously wrong heh. ;)
  16. Fyreflyte Developer

    The pants are a 50% drop off Sage V'Ncenzi. If you've killed him 7+ times with no drop, you are extremely unlucky. Or extremely lucky, depending on which way you look at the coin flip. For more info on the shoulders, check today's patch notes (they've been dropping from Veingore but had accidentally been remove from Seneschal and Butler).
  17. Mycanthus New Member

    Thank you so much for checking that. I guess with my luck, I better stay away from Las Vegas =)

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