Emerald Flame armor set (Obol Plains)

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Jumbled, Aug 18, 2017.

  1. Jumbled Member

    Ok, most of this set drops during the quest line, except for the forearms and chest pieces, which is fine, albeit I grow tired after a while trying to farm the missing pieces for what's now little more than an appearance set for my level.

    I found out that Slizzera the Broodmother drops the chest pieces while Glomer the Surveyor drops forearms. So I've been trying to farm them to finish my sets for each of my toons, which includes all classes. By this time, I have everything except scouts.

    At one time I did find the forearms for scout classes on Glomer, but there is no chest piece dropping out of Slizzera. Where is it? And why do I have to suffer 50 gazillion mystic and monk items from each when I only got one or two scout "Emerald Flame" pieces out of Glomer after MONTHS of trying?

    Something tells me the loot tables are a little out of whack, and whoever programmed it forgot the scouts entirely. Back to the drawing board, guys. Scouts need a little love too.
  2. Stach Well-Known Member

    move along these are not the pieces you are looking for. Monk items do not drop more than anything else in the game.......


  3. Zeddicious Well-Known Member

    Did ya know you could use the wardrobe function to equip any class's gear on your toon (for appearance) ? If you're lucky - the appearance of the Emerald Flame (green glowy?) chest piece will most likely be similar between chain and plate wearers - maybe even leather... I think the cloth is a robe, if I recall... So... farm up a plate bp and stick in in the wardrobe tab of the scout... voila.. full app set .. maybe.

    I know what you're gettin at though, and I've searched high and low for what seems to be a missing piece of the Transcendent Combine armor (bp as well) - this seems to be a common issue too - wherein I'd find all the pieces but the chestpiece... kinda makes me the mad.

    Good luck in your hunt !
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  4. Merriel Well-Known Member

    In most cases this is true, but try to stick a piece of armor labeled for a specific class into a wardrobe for a different player class and it won't work, or at least not every time. I tried a while back to put a mage only robe item in my fury's wardrobe and it would not allow me to do so. Tonight I tried to put an item labeled specifically for mage class into my warden's wardrobe, and again, it would not allow me to do so. This makes me very sad because the item was absolutely perfect for my warden's appearance. I don't know if this is a 'glitch' or if this is how the wardrobe is intended to work, but it definitely does happen and is quite annoying. It's bad enough the wardrobe we were given doesn't even come close to meeting my expectations for a wardrobe, but this problem only adds to my disappointment in the new wardrobe system, and I hope they fix it.
  5. Zeddicious Well-Known Member

    Well dang, I should have known there'd be some hidden "features" in the wardrobe tab wherein some items just wont work in there... that's just... sad.
  6. Jumbled Member

    Actually, I seem to be getting mystic/defiler pieces more than anything else in this set, and I'm thinking whoever set it up put an extra priest chain in the loot table rather than the scout chain. Either way, its for appearance. My working armor is different, but I like appearance items for my wardrobe.

    This is likely true, the priest chain probably looks the same as the scout chain. Unfortunately, I don't have the latest expansion to enable the wardrobe feature, and I don't plan on buying it anytime soon as I haven't even finished the ethernere or vesspyr isles regions yet, let alone any of the stuff that came after that in the several expansions following. And since I like to follow the story lines, "jumping to the end of the book", as it might feel at this point, leaves me wondering what came before and why we're talking about "this" in the most recent chapter.

    It might sound strange, as I'm a long time veteran of the game, nearly from the beginning, but never actually made it all the way to the endgame parts even though I traditionally bought all the expansions for it. This last one is the exception since I don't see the point in buying stuff any more that I'm not actually using. I don't play it so hardcore that I push to the absolute end with max levels on everything. In fact, I have one character at level 99 and choose NOT to go to 100 out of spite for maxxing it. :eek:

    And yet, considering how far behind I am, I might have to skip ahead by several expansions just to catch up, but I still like to collect wardrobe items for my appearances, and this means going through everything just to experience the artwork they created for it. That's actually as important to me as finishing the quest lines.
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  7. Hexalobular Well-Known Member

    I don't think you need any expansions for the wardrobe. (?)
    Even my alt account that doesn't even have ToT has a wardrobe tab, I haven't actually tested it since I'm not interested in paying for the slots when I don't change appearance armor very often, but when I click on a slot the game seems to be offering to sell it to me.

    If you're not seeing the wardrobe tab maybe you're not using the standard U.I.?
  8. Mahare Member

    I understand your plight. I'm a fashionista in game myself, and spent a long time hunting Fitzpitzle (I think that's the name) for the blue glowy mage hood. My luck was that I kept getting cleric stuff. It eventually dropped but it took a while.

    Keep fighting the good fight! It will turn up eventually. I think the chest piece is one you might be able to find on the broker worst case scenario.
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  9. Jumbled Member

    I do have the wardrobe tab and slots I can buy even without the expansion, but at 45 DB per, I'm not as much interested in spending my DB this way. I'll stick to my old methods for now of storing everything in my bank until I can decide on the wardrobe thing.

    I feel like I may need to offer a "thank you" to the Gods of EQ as lately I've been seeing a few pieces of this armor dropping on a much more consistent basis relating to the distribution of classes represented in-game. In the last few days I picked up 2 chest pieces and another arm piece, whereas before these never showed up (or at least not the chest piece). So thanks to whoever apparently looked into this and corrected it, as I doubt this is simple coincidence. :)
  10. Bunji Developer

    Wardrobe should take any equipment unless it is:
    • No Zone
    • No Rent
    • No Destroy
    • Associated with a quest (has the quest name in it's examine)
    • Merc Only
    • Has no base appearance (unless specifically flagged Appearance Only)
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  11. Maudit New Member

    Would actually like to add one reason why an item wouldn't go in the wardrobe,

    • Item is currently adorned
    Check to see if the piece of gear has an adornment on it, if it does, you must remove it before the wardrobe accepts it. And if I am not mistaken, Obol plains might be one of those places where most gear dropping is adorned with a red adorn,
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  12. Cheallaigh Well-Known Member

    not all scout gear is the same either. just as an example, did one of the armour quests on my assassin and loved the stuff, all matchy matchy makes me happy of course. did the same quest for my BL, where the sinner's stuff was the qyenos blackhole black and dark grey chain(like tarnished silver), the BL is all bright new silver and shiny and more clunky looking with the skirt. thankfully I have a guildie on FG who made me some of the lavastorm app gear, so my beastie is all nice and matchy in black/red.

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