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    Hi. As a new ranger I can't find an up-to-date DPS rotation (or aa build) for maximum class damage.
    I am seeing old posts including Combat Arts that don't exist anymore & AA builds that include the INT line, but our bonus to Poisons using the INT mechanic I heard was removed.
    Is there a reliable (up to date) place where this information is available for people who want to learn/enjoy this class?
    I am aware of the many complaints (however justified), but I desire to continue playing my Ranger & just do the best I can as that class since it's so fun.
    A) what is our single target mob DPS rotation?
    B) what is our AOE dps rotation
    C) what is the optimal AA build for DPS

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    Travoh@Antonia Bayle wrote:
    still a little out-of-date (still talks INT line) but has some other great information that if you are seeking to understand DPS it is a good read.
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    where would you put points if not int line? yes, you don't get the 50ish spell crit anymore but with crit consolidation that really isn't an issue, it does make the poisons hit harder, and noxious enfeeblement is still really good, espically with points spent to enhance it