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Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by ARCHIVED-Toothless, Jun 30, 2010.

  1. ARCHIVED-Toothless Guest

    If I just use my Credit Card to purchase station cash this weekend will that amount be doubled?

    Or does it specifically HAVE to be free realms cash cards?
  2. ARCHIVED-JesDer Guest

    Has to be cards
    As someone said (I think Gaige?) it seems like they want to encourage you going through a retailers so they can justify shelf space. Which makes sense.
  3. ARCHIVED-Cyliena Guest

  4. ARCHIVED-Fyrion Guest

    Dear SoE marketing. That is really lame, and I mean really really lame. I would be interested in this if one of those retailers was within a reasonable distance. The closest are Target and Best Buy which are in the next major city which is over 40 miles away.
    If you're going to do the "retail" thing then you should do it everywhere - Walmart, supermarket chains, and every fricken where.
    In case you don't know offering and advertising a really good deal to a limited subset of customers tends to really irritate and irk the rest of us who get left out. Consider that the next time you offer a double cash deal.
    I play a couple games that have cash shops. The other company is offering me a summer "double deal" if I buy from them. SoE isn't. I'm going for the better deal.
  5. ARCHIVED-MonkeyBobNz Guest

    Not to mention your INTERNATIONAL customers who dont have access to any of these locations...
  6. ARCHIVED-Cyliena Guest

    Izass@Runnyeye wrote:
    Have someone you trust in the states pick up a card for you prehaps?
  7. ARCHIVED-praddles Guest

    Cyliena@Everfrost wrote:
    That seems a really poor solution to the problem, if one could even call it a solution as most people can't do that, let alone think it's justified to pay the overseas shipping for it.

    All station cash should be doubled this weekend, but points fromc ards should be like 2.5x or something. It's incredibly lame you have to buy the cards, despite them being the exact same thing.
  8. ARCHIVED-Emblazer Guest

    What's the name of the station cash card? I went to couple retailers other than the game time card they don't seem to have anything cards associated with EQ2, if it's free realm station card, it sounds weird to me that I need to buy other games station cash card to use on EQ2.......
  9. ARCHIVED-SmokeJumper Guest

    The Station Cash card has the "Free Realms" imagery branded on it, but it's good for all SOE games.

    So the Free Realms card without fear. It's the right thing.
  10. ARCHIVED-Brora Guest

    I seriously hope that it is not the case that International customers, like myself, are ONCE AGAIN not going to be able to access benifits recieved by players in the USA. Maybe Smokerunner doesn't realise the epic fiasco of the SF expansion worldwide distribution?? Is that even possible??
    If it is indeed the case that retail cards are the only way to access the double SC this weekend coming, and from retailers ONLY available in the USA, SOE are gonna hear the frustrated, angry and indignant international player base loud and clear...
    I can only hope they have no intention of repeating the marketting disaster of the SF release and have some way of ensuring their still loyal international player base is looked after in exactly the same way as they are in the US.
  11. ARCHIVED-Yaskel Guest

    You know we are gonna get screwed.
    They have no concept of electric and running water existing outside of US borders.
  12. ARCHIVED-Joeb Guest

    Don't know what the fuss is about. Only a 9,000 mile drive/swim to the nearest reatiler for me. Easy weekend trip. But then I have never bought anything from the store and probably never will so guess I'll stay home and get xp.
  13. ARCHIVED-cyrusviru Guest

    The issue of International customers has been there for ages. Even when trying to buy a card from the station shop, an error comes out saying that they do not ship outside the US.

    I guess its something that we just have to live with.
  14. ARCHIVED-Mustonen Guest

    Dear mr new senior producer.
    Now that you are new to the job you have a golden opportunity to makes things right with the international community. We are the community that SoE has screwed over and over during the years I have been in the game. That is quite a long time because I started the game on day 2. We always get the "blaah blaah we value all our players blaah blaah" from SoE and then next month there is again some new thing that international players can't take part of or have to pay a lot more to take part of.
    Few examples:
    1. Subscription fees. This was all ok in the early years of the game. The fee was same for everyone and everyone paid in dollars. Our credit card companies made the exhange and everyone was happy. Then somewhere around 2008 we were forced to pay in our own currency (for me euros). From that point forward I have payed from 10% up to 50% extra from the same (actually worse) service than our American friends. At the moment the fee is 13.49 euros per month. Even with current very low euro value that is 16.5 dollars.
    I have never understood why we can't just pay with dollars and let the credit card company do the exhange. Their rates are much cheaper than SoEs.
    2. Station cash. It used to be 10 euros equals 10 dollars. That was lowered to 8 euros some time ago but still, why can't we just use dollars and make it same for all.
    3. Promotions. Just like this double station cash weekend. No where in the details it says "Double cash weekend. Only for selected US players." when that is what is basically means. There is no reasonable way for me to get those cards. Making US guild player to order those is not a solution. It might be a work-a-round for someone but it's not a solution. I would have thought that you learned that these kind of promotions are very bad PR from the SF lauch fiasco but looks like you didn't learn anything.
    What I want (and I think most of international players want) is some action that proves international players are valuable for you. We have heard enough kind words. Now we want some proof.
  15. ARCHIVED-Trevalon Guest

    You would think Euro players would just get used to the idea that you are always going to get the short end - The simple fact is that this is not a player promotion, its a promotion for retailers and well you don't have those retailers.
    If your gonna play a Western MMO you have to just accept the fact that you are going to miss out on some things that Americans are going to get. THe same if I go play Aion I know that I will miss out on things that the Koreans get - Its just the facts of life and ya gotta get over it and move on with your life.

    Go play Age of Conan, Funcom is a Euro company and they cater to Euro's like crazy over the Americans...Theres your game :)
  16. ARCHIVED-niteowl53 Guest

    I understand the frustration you guys must feel not being able to get the Free Realm cards. This has been an ongoing problem that should have been dealt with. I have never bought one of these cards, but is it like the phone cards, where you scratch off the silver thing on the back, and there is a code? If so, maybe you can have a friend, or family member would could get the card for you, and they could scratch it off and just email you the code or call you with the code to put in. I had someo0ne buy a phone card for me one time and then email me the code to use. Can you buy the cards now, and just wait until the 2nd to put the code in? Or does it have to be purchased on or after the 2nd?
  17. ARCHIVED-Alienor Guest

    niteowl53 wrote:
    Yeah, maybe someone from SOE can buy a bunch of cards and we can pay them directly.. oh, wait. Let's hope we will be able to buy the next expansion outside of the US :)
  18. ARCHIVED-Pervis Guest

    SmokeJumper wrote:
    You should make station cash cards avalible on, tbh.
    If I can buy game time there, I should be able to buy station cash as well.
  19. ARCHIVED-Jaremai Guest

    What they should do is double the SC you buy from the in-game /marketplace, or via the website in addition to the Free Realms cards.
    It makes no sense whatsoever to shlep out to buy game cards for a game that has nothing to do with EverQuest2 in order to take advantage of this "offer".
    Is the goal to stimulate SOE's retailer relationship as another user suggested, or is the goal for SOE to make more money by getting people to buy SC that might otherwise not buy SC? Business-wise, I'd think the latter would make much more sense and hit the bottom-line a lot harder. The retailers have already bought those FR cards from SOE for dimes on the dollar, so there's no "new" money in this for SOE if we are forced to buy those cards.
  20. ARCHIVED-Ksaun Guest

    By not allowing credit card purchases for the bonus its their loss.

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