Do any Intel based castar get Call to Hero ?

Discussion in 'Mages' started by Aran Anar, Oct 23, 2013.

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    My self i never call veterans they are confererate warthogs. Live of eq2 maps ( A THIRD PARTY PROGRAM, should put maps back in game for everyzone in game ) and Beer cups, useless really for all things good in life.

    In the game of EQ2 when i make a Wizard, warlock, necromancer or Summoner (like the old eq1 mage) question is ?

    Do we get a spell that we can use to summon our char to group or raid members?

    Do we get a spell that can summon or bring a raid or group member to our charactar?

    Old Call of hero made the old Mage (summonar) class important for raids it really helped them.

    Wizard could port entire raids to zones so could druids.

    I think call of vetran aftar 7 years of playing is kinda Vagrant?

    What think you?