Dirge Stats. What do you build?

Discussion in 'Dirge' started by ARCHIVED-Wesmoor, Dec 15, 2004.

  1. ARCHIVED-Wesmoor Guest


    This question should be simple, but is it?

    I have a Ratonga Dirge (Narm, AB Server) and have been pushing my AGI up by questing and buying gear with high AGI.

    Lately I also began to concern myself with AC and AGI, because I noticed much of my gear, while having good AGI ups, wasn't that high in AC at all.

    I noticed my AGI went down with the quested armor (only two so far).

    I'll probably quest the rest of it, but I began to wonder about STR.

    All this time I ignroed STR mostly becuase I was under the impression that my AGI was my primary concern for Melee DD, Song DD and Debuff.

    Was I wrong? Would I notice a better all around ability to do my job with a little more STR and a little less AGI?

    Or was I right? Does STR give us nothing?
  2. ARCHIVED-TWValkyrie Guest

    well im not sure the effects of agility, but i have been focusing all my items in health. although it may change in the future, i know
    that living depends on health, and more health = longer lifespan. dont get me wrong, i have a good agility, but i noticed that all the quests realted to scouts/ bards/ and dirges give agility items. as a kerra i have a very nice ag and con. that seems the best combo to me.
  3. ARCHIVED-Donte Guest

    Strength will affect your attack power, higher strength, harder hits. Agility will affect you chance to dodge as well as sucessfully hit, higher Agility, more chance the mob will miss and the more you will him him. Agility also affects our power pool total. Stamina directly affecs your health pool. Take a piece of armor or jewelry off that has a nice STA bonus and watch you health pool drop.

    IMO I would go Agility, Strength, then Stamina in order of importance. The less they hit you, then more you hit them and the harder you do, the less total HP you will need.
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  4. ARCHIVED-LincolnLogs Guest

    As a barbarian dirge my agility was on the low side so any level trait bonuses I've been adding to agility, and also looking for any gear I buy to have bonuses to agility on it. I guess it depends on what race you are to some extent though.
  5. ARCHIVED-Avocet Guest

    I'm playing a Dark Elf Dirge. I go all AGI when I can with STR and STA as secondary considerations. I don't worry about INT too much as I'm a provisioner, and never run out of power anyway.
  6. ARCHIVED-Myxx Guest

    I play a DE Dirge, and really do my best to focus on AGI, but still place a heavy priority on AC and Health. One thing I've noticed is our ability to get agro, sometimes at the worst possible times. Granted, having a healthy AGI number will help you avoid getting whacked, but at some points all it takes is one shot to make the healer have to switch from the MA to keep you from dying. Their heals being on timers, it may not work if they have to shift back to the MA to heal... so, I guess what I'm saying is that I place priority on what makes me most effective at what I do: songs and fast attacking. But a close second is on whatever keeps me alive longest when I get agro. A focus on AC is really noticable and realistic when you hit 20 and can move to Medium armor.

  7. ARCHIVED-MiscreantPyro Guest

    Focus on agi, int, and str, if you need sta or ac your not playing your character right.

    Agi to hit mobs better
    Str to hit mobs for more consistant dmg
    Int for higher dmg wails (used as opening move in a fight only)
  8. ARCHIVED-Tsoe Guest

    Is there some reason that agility doesn't increase your attack rating if it increases your ability to hit your target? I guess I'm not following...
  9. ARCHIVED-Jziad Guest

    I thought agi helped your ability not to get hit by mobs.

    It should be easy to tell buy casting performers talent and looking at atk and defense ratings, then using the likes of rousing tune and seeing which stats (apart from the obvious str, agi, stam) then rise.
    Rousing tune certainly has an effect on both hp and ac, i thought it adjusted the atk through the stats a little also, so need to determine wether this is due to agi or str.

    For the record i concentrate on power/ac/hp while looking for agi as they main stat. Other stats I take as they come but would choose stam/int/str next, then wisdom is just a bonus.

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  10. ARCHIVED-prisoner17 Guest

    I'm pushing 101 agility at 21 with songs and some orange gear, but I still get hit plenty :( I even took the halfling racial trait to increase avoidance. Increase avoidance my [expletive ninja'd by Faarbot]. Maybe I'm doing something wrong. I agree that avoidance is the best thing to try to go for, but it just seems that the things that should add to it just aren't doing much. I unno.
  11. ARCHIVED-Kcloud Guest

    For me, i aim for STR as primary stats because it count as melee damage. Then I would aim for INT as it is for my power pool and some song damage (Lanet, Piercing Shriek series). Thirdly would be my STA for my HP. The reason I choose STA is dirge easily get argo when puller pulled while you sing buff songs, I usually got hit in this case and so HP is important to give time for a healer to land a heal to you before you die. I don't choose AGI becuase my self buff (Death's scent series) and the Harl's series have give me a decent amount of AGI already. I am a 29 gnome dirge with stats(self buff harl's song, death's scent and the haste song):
    STR 89
    AGI 101
    STA 81
    INT 74
    other stats is not important.....I think.
  12. ARCHIVED-Glemo Guest

    Strangely enough dirges power pool is mainly based on AGI.

    As first statboost i took int for power, i received 4 int whish resulted in 3 power.
    as 2nd statboost i took agi as int was dissapointing, i received 5 agi which resulted in 10 power.

    If you boost your agi with songs and death scent your power pool rises aswell.

    So for me its AGI all the way as it gives better melee avoidance, makes you hit more and gives you more power.

    2nd i would go to strength, 3rd to HP/sta.
  13. ARCHIVED-Nobolis Guest

    If I could have done it all over again, I would have picked a race with the highest int/wis or vise versa.

    Have almost a full set of Fulgrinate, less the BP and Boots, stats are something like this.

    STR 110
    STA 120
    AGI 153
    INT 71
    WIS 58


    I have yet to see added STR do much if anything, added AGI helps in aviodance, and more importantly when my INT is buffed I see my songs hit for way more. With WIS dunno if I can tell the resist differation.
  14. ARCHIVED-Tsoe Guest

    Can one of the people who's posted in this thread suggesting that agi makes you "hit more" explain where they got that idea? I have lots of agi so it would be great if you proved me wrong, but I don't believe it has anything to do with your offensive melee capability.
  15. ARCHIVED-MiscreantPyro Guest

    I could hit mobs 9-10 levels above me fairly consistently and I beleive its due to agi, not that it matters anymore cause nothing red anymore.

    Also with our buffs and a warden I've hit over 300 agi and tanked mobs that killed the tank without getting hit more than like once.
  16. ARCHIVED-Glemo Guest

    it is explained in the manual what the stats do. under agility i read that it improves yuor chance on hitting and decreases the chance on getting hit.
  17. ARCHIVED-Tsoe Guest

    Well, now that I've actually looked at the manual I feel pretty dumb..
  18. ARCHIVED-Xanusus Guest

    I'm a lvl 50 dirge and I'm not gonna spill the beans here but if you really want to know what stat is the most important for a Dirge you can message me on neriak server. My name is Giana.
  19. ARCHIVED-rivethead23 Guest

    *looks at the dangling carrot*

    No thanks
  20. ARCHIVED-cult22 Guest

    Well, i'm just a lev 15 bard, but planning on going Dirge. Just wanted to add a little experience i had last night.
    Was soloing in BB....green^^. Np, at all, but as often happens when fighting in thight places, you get an add.

    And so i did, another green^^.......well, i'm pretty fooked was my first thought, as 2 x green^^ looked way out of hand. Especially when i just had started the encounter when the add came. I was close to the entrance, so i think to myself, lets try and see how long i can manage these 2 before i need to run.

    I'm fully buffed (as always :)) and to my amazement i dont get any hits........well, a few, but they do almost no dmg. so, i solo on and in a few both mobs are down, lost a small amount of healt and used over half of my power.

    I also have a lev 27 Pally, and to be honest, 2 x green^^ would tear right through. I know it gets thougher and thougher the higher lev you get, but i cant think of anything else that kept me from getting hit, than my high AGI.
    Well, just my little story ;)

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