Desert of Flames.. it's been years and I'm still waiting

Discussion in 'Expansions and Adventure Packs' started by ARCHIVED-griffon_lady, Sep 11, 2012.

  1. ARCHIVED-griffon_lady Guest

    Every time I petition about the Maj'Dul pet arena not keeping score (making the vendor outside useless since all but a few of his wares require so many kills and/or so many wins), the GM tells me to keep an eye on patch notes.... It's been years now... does any one have an ETA on when they will fix that? or if?
    GMs said due to the bug that can't even flag some one to buy the items. :\
  2. ARCHIVED-Amuli Guest

    I was told the same thing, I don't know how long ago now even. It's freaking ridiculous they may as well just take the arena out since you can't get credit for anything anyway.
  3. ARCHIVED-Belzeebub2 Guest

    No one uses it so why would they make fixing it a priority?
  4. ARCHIVED-EsohEMO Guest

    Belzeebub2 wrote:
    That's the same attitude that brought us the Dungeon Finder, Dungeon Maker et al and has them in the current state they are in. Clearly someone uses it, because the poster has tried. If 6 years ago something had been done about it maybe someone would be using it.
  5. ARCHIVED-Valgrave Guest

    I would use it if it was fixed.
  6. ARCHIVED-griffon_lady Guest

    I've asked every one i can think of asking and I'm still getting the run around. I don't think they're ever going to fix it. :\
    Any one else who is interested in the items from the vendor could send a petition and suggest the kills/wins be reduced to 0 if they don't feel like spending the time on fixing the arena it's self. The more of us that ask, the more likelt they'll do something. They assumed it was working because no one had said any thing except me... and i don't matter. =(
  7. ARCHIVED-LordPazuzu Guest

    Personally, I'd like to see the arena revamped, the dungeon maker added too and made only Maj'Dul accessible. Make Maj'Dul a hub for all of the fluff features and add every standard merc accessible there. I've advocated adding scaling instances and mini raids with city specific token armors to both Qeynos and Freeport. Add them to Maj'Dul as well with DoF themed scaling instances with end-game DoF themed armor sets.

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